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Frontline Journal - Thinking out loud...

First of all, let me just say now that I am kind of, sort of, getting the idea behind our next assignment, I am really looking forward to reading your frontline journals! It would be up-close and personal in a way that I've wished for media to be for so many years!

I'm a little relieved that our frontline journals will be in first person, yet I am worried that I may be too general with it. I'm trying to find one specific angle to work with. Here's an idea that came to mind:

What worries me a lot is that even among my friends, I see pure hatred around me of ''the other''. It is a very thin line between ''your rights''/''fighting for your rights'' versus ''accepting the other.'' In a land of injustice, how can you accept those whose houses have been destroyed not to hate the occupier? A lot of people ask me that question.

These are some thoughts in mind. Do you think it's worth delving into? Is this something you would want to read about? Or would I be circling around myself and should I think of something else?

Let me know...


Maria de Chirikof's picture

Great Idea

I love that idea, actually. I think a lot of people are feeling either the "hate" or the "worry" and this journal would be "timely", one of the goals we have.

It is funny since I have been trying to decide if mine is a good one or not and is very similar to yours. It follows that "in a land of injustice" theme, too.

I think it would be great to find a "solution" to the hate people feel since it destroys the person much more then the one they think of. It needs to be dealt with so think it is a very good one to explore more.


Nusrat Ara's picture

Dear Arda I think the idea is

Dear Arda

I think the idea is great . Just start writing and the rest will follow.



Arda's picture

Thanks Maria and Nusrat

Thanks to both of you! It's been helpful and such a pleasure to read your messages early this morning!

I think I was DREAMING about pulsewire tonight; I mean literally dreaming about this and my theme and if my idea is good and so on...haha I guess it's delving into my sub-consciousness!

Looking forward to receive more of your comments as we go along and to reading your frontline journals!!


Tina's picture

Delve away

Dear Arda,
I think this is a really important topic and definitely worth delving into. The subject of hatred and/or acceptance of those who've done us wrong will relate to so many people from conflict torn areas around the world as well as within people's personal lives.

Hatred and anger can motivate people to make a positive difference, but it can also perpetuate the problem and as Maria pointed out harm ourselves too. Is it possible to draw a line between the two?

I'm really interested in seeing where you take this subject. Oh and I'm worried about the first person aspect of our frontline journals too. But Nusrat has good advice, just start writing...

Arda's picture


Tina, I am seriously anticipating for your frontline journal. I think your subject is really interesting and I can't wait to read more.

Thanks for your encouragement! Right back at you!! :)


stella Ndugire- Mbugua's picture


Hi Tina,

I think your idea is great. cannot wait to see where you will take us....write on....


Stella Ndugire- Mbugua
ICS- Africa

Tanya's picture

Arda, I love your idea! While


I love your idea! While your theme seems general, I'm guessing your story will be focusing on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and take it from there? Your basic idea holds true for so many conflicts that exist in our world. Really looking forward to this one!

Much love,


Tanya's picture

ps: It's a great angle and

ps: It's a great angle and truly needs to be explored in detail!

Arda's picture

Tanya and all

Thanks again for your encouragement! I have been putting some ideas together for the past few weeks and now's the moment to start gently striking them into the computer. Thanks again for your feedback. Hopefully I will have enough time to send my draft by the deadline and see what you think!

Much love (back at ya!),

Maya Norton's picture


Hi Arda,

I just discovered World Pulse and found your journal and am moved by your words. We are neighbors - I live in Israel. Are you still around? How can I connect with you? If you get this, please be in touch.

~ Maya

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