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Self empowerment

Ii want to find people for my group of meditation starting with intoduction:
Self-empowerment is not simply the feeling of a power-trip. It is

a true step forward in your personal development. It should be

used for the sole purpose of becoming better at everything you

do and you will enhance your human experience altogether.
Before every competition, every match, every event, every show or

presentation, athletes, performers and business people take the

time to concentrate and visualize their routine; they relax, breathe

deeply and tell themselves that everything will be fine. Mental

training is naturally used as a reflex each time we are expecting to

give all that we have, to perform, to go beyond our limits. Because this technique of mental training also includes nine ways

to place the hands, it was named after the only apparent aspect of

the “Nine Hand Seals”, which is only the tip of the iceberg.

Although the “Nine Hand Seals” technique traveled through the

ages in the cultural baggage of the various populations using it, it

was transmitted as a meditation or religious practice, even a medical

energy therapy dance. But once stripped of all dogma and

belief, the original mental training method rises again and becomes

applicable to people from every culture, in most disciplines.
The Technique

Although the only apparent features would be the commonly seated

posture holding some kind of hand position, this Nine Hand

Seals method actually combines five main tools:

- a hand position

- a spoken expression

- a focus point in the body

- a mental visualization

- a philosophical concept to ponder

All or a few of these tools are used while breathing in a relaxed

posture. The beauty of this technique is that it can be done by

combining only two of the five tools, helping in the assimilation

of the technique, yet it reaches its full potential when all the tools

are applied at once. This way, it becomes much easier to assimilate

each step one by one.The spoken expressions we will use always represent a reference

to the philosophy that we keep in mind, yet it is spoken to accelerate

the effect of the technique. It is known in auto-suggestions

and neural programming that even though we keep a thought in

mind, the concept integrates the mental process much faster if it

is spoken aloud, since it uses more parts of the brain to speak than

if the concept is only mentally contemplated. The words can be

spoken in any language, since the important thing is to involve the

brain in physical speech. While many practitioners of Japan’s kujiin

appreciate speaking the Japanese words, a great deal of people

also like to speak them in common language.
All interested people can contact me.

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