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Love Letter to Self

I was going through an old journal of mine that was written 5 years ago, and was surprise to see a love letter I'd written to myself. So, I wanted to challenge all my worldpulse family to write a love letter to yourself, for you to review periodically, especially for those times you feel, ugly, stressed, and lonely.
Let us not only encourage each other and all the other people we share so much of ourselves with, but also let us find, peace and solace in self-love as well.
So, here we go...
This is a love letter to me, not as a child, but as a woman. When I look at you I see such a person of inner beauty. I love your eyes and the slenderness of your neck. I love the curves of your shoulders and the delicateness of your breast. I love the rounds of your hips and the length of your legs. I love the hardness of your hands and the slenderness of your fingers. I love evenness of your toes and the beauty they possess. I love your strength, courage and perseverance that no matter what has happened, you keep going and never stop. Although you have moments of despair, you always have a faith in the future, visions, dreams and faith. Your intelligence is genius.

You have a sense of thoroughness in all that you do. What ever you put your mind to you eventually accomplish it. Just don't stop learning to love you more. Hone on to your divinity and truth. Practice the art of self-love and nurturance, then you will be loving the Creator and honoring her in you.

Would love to hear your love letter to self.


JaniceW's picture

A powerful and inspiring exercise

Dr. Edonna, how I love this! I am filled with joy to know that you recognize how beautiful you are. As women, we are all taught that we should love and nurture others, yet rarely are taught to love ourselves first. Buddha wrote that "You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection." How is it that so few women know this?

dr edonna's picture

The Self

First, the way Budda said, it. I guess that is why a young woman I have been mentoring asked me, if I was a Buddist, but I didn't know where she was coming from with that comment, and now I can see, so thanks for shedding light on that insight. What I am finding out about the self, is that we often are more critical, and abusive to ourselves more so than others are to us, if we are really honest. We act more like our own inner-me (enemy) than anyone else, because we fail to recognize the inner me who is constantly crying out for our attention, and when we ignore it, then it shows up in another person, that we label as the enemy!!, That is why we are all mirrors for each others, growth, because what we fail to face on the inside manifest itself on the outside, and hence we have the manifestation of Karma.
Second, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Really!

JaniceW's picture


dearest Dr. Edonna, I received your wonderful photo for your press pass and love your smile. It lights up your face and matches your joyous spirit. I could not help smiling myself when I saw it. What you wrote about the inner me crying out for attention is so true. I wanted to share some thoughts from a noted Buddhist teacher, Shinjo Ito. He says:

"Know that others serve as mirrors that reflect ourselves. When we feel that others 'don't understand' or 'give us a hard time', we are actually the ones causing ourselves grief. Such moments provide us with opportunities to reflect on our attitude and state of mind, and where we fall short in interacting with others."

You have a great sense of self, and I know that your inner peace and beauty will touch many lives as you share your knowledge and empowerment skills with the people you met. Best wishes to you,

dr edonna's picture

Thanks for the Enlightenment

Yes!!!! Janice, thanks for that word of confirmation. I truly appreciate all your words of encouragement, they bring more light to my day, and shed extra sunshine one my soul!!

Anna Lag's picture

love, love, love

Dr. Edonna,
I love your courage and beauty to love yourself. I firmly belief that one cannot fully love others if we cannot love ourselves. Not just once in awhile but nurturing ourselves dailly. I am going to try and take you up on your challenge. Stay turned...

Thanks again for sharing your wonderfulness with me and worldpulse,

anna lag

dr edonna's picture

Looking Forward

Yes, thank you for replying, I became a little self conscious after posting it, so thank for the confirmation, that we women really do need to practice the art of self-love!!

Nusrat Ara's picture

I think it is really a good

I think it is really a good idea.


Edonna - you are such a luminary in this world. Your love letter reminds me of a beautiful poem my friend Joyce wrote....

A Woman's Primary Lover is Herself

I am going to write a seduction manual for myself
For the times I am most alone and unavailable
who better knows the ways I can be enticed out of my cage?
who better knows the tender underbelly of my desire?

I am going to write a seduction manual for myself
a "how-to" for when I am most exasperated with my own traces of
reaction to betrayals that happened long ago
a reminder that my sweet interior wants me always no matter what
I am the woman of my dreams - who else?

I am going to write a seduction manual for myself
to remind
to remember
to re-decide
that I choose
this wild life
and I am worth waiting for

dr edonna's picture

I love it

I could not get over the "I'm going to write a seduction manual for myself", something about that phrase, causes me to want to meditate on it for the rest of the day, yes, especially as wombed man, we are constantly faced with seduction, especially the words of men, wow, got to break that down, into tangible action. Thanks for the sharing.

giftypearl.abenaab's picture

I am in love

I wish to call you Dr. Love instead of Dr. Edonna. You wrote such a beautiful love story for yourself i wish it is mine!!!!! i am in love with it Doc. its touching and inspiring.

I am glad you shared it. I have felt wet in my eyes since yesterday. I feel frail, lonely and somehow lost that i refused to see the beauty in my eyes in the mirror.

Right now, i am grabbing my journal to write the most beautiful love letter just for ME.


Gifty Pearl Abenaab
Greight Foundation

Marianne's picture

thank you

Thank you for being a mirror and for encouraging us.
i love myself for my adventurousness, my ability to "kick ass", my long hair, my intuition, my love of nature and my deep, sweet trueness.

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