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Two Babies Dumped in a pit-latrine

Babies are said to be the greatest and precious gift ever given to motherhood. They are also said to be the source of happiness both to a man and a woman. But this wasn’t the case for two women who dumped their babies in a pit latrine

Yesterday two babies were retrieved naked from pit latrines in two separate incidents in the capital city of Zambia Lusaka. The two babies are believed to have been dumped by their own mothers. One of the mothers believed to have dumped the baby in a pit used as a toilet is not known while the other is known. The baby of unknown mother was removed by a generous man and died on the way to the clinic. The other baby was heard crying by the mother’s cousin who wanted to take a quick bath before going to school. The girl later informed her mother (Aunt to the baby’s mother) that she heard a baby crying in the pit, the mother immediately called the fire Bridget. The baby was removed from the pit already breathless. An Aunt to the mother of the baby was shocked to learn that her niece would do such a thing. The two babies were covered with human worst as the lay on the ground of two different residential areas. The reason for the act is still not known as the two women are in hiding.

While many woman suffer at the hand of been barren, others use the privilege as an obstacle in life. It is lack of sense and morals to carry a child for nine months and only to dump it when it has the right to live. Why not abstain or use protection if one has no means and desire to care and look after their own fresh and blood.


JaniceW's picture


Dando, thank you for bringing us this sad story. Did the second baby survive? I sympathize with the young girls who, for whatever reasons, felt it was better to abandon their baby and I do not think they took the step lightly but probably agonized over what this baby meant in their lives and what they should do. However, it is the choice to dump the baby in a latrine pit where they obviously will die that breaks my heart. I think that sometimes young girls/women feel that if they remove any trace of an event, in this case a baby, they can pretend it did not happen and carry on as before.

I feel sorry for the girls as they must not have felt that there was anyone to turn to for support and advice. That their only chance of a future was to abandon their babies in this way, knowing that the babies would probably not survive and thus their problem would cease to exist. Who knows the circumstances that led to these events but it is sad that the girls felt as if they had no other choice and that now they have been forced into hiding, instead of reaching out and getting the help they so desperately need.

Dando's picture


the second baby died in the pit. I agree with you that it is a choice these women made though it was not the right choice though. For sure there are certain circustance that can lead a person to act in such a manner. some times people lack information on where to find help and end up taking wrong information or picking a wrong alternative. And i will try to findout how many organisations we have that care for unwanted babies and how/ where they can be found, Also if they are any sensitization taking place on this.

thanks you!

love you

JaniceW's picture

House of Moses

Dearest Dando, there is an organization called House of Moses, a rescue home for abandoned infants and orphans in Lusaka. I could not find their contact information but you might want to see if you can find them using your local resources. The problem in Zambia, as in many African countries, is that there has been no safety net to receive a baby if the mother dies soon after birth. I would be interested if you find any information about the House of Moses, which has been recognized by the United Nations as a Best Practice Model for its effective work with high risk infants.

There is some information about them on the following website.

Thank you for sharing this powerful story. I would love to hear more about this issue from you. With love,

aliĝngix's picture


I bet we are all wondering what happened to these two woman that they did this? It is two different matters all together if they had to because they felt there was no other way to help their babies through life, or if like you said, just didn't want them.

That's how come protection should be more wide spread, I don't understand all of these people who prevent it from getting to people who need them. Abortion if need be should be considered as a final stop to prevent things like this from happening too.

I just hope that in some way, it was some desperate last resort. This is really sad, and says what needs to be done done to prevent something like this from happening in the future.
With hope and a hug for you Dando, thanks for posting.

Dando's picture

Hi Dear,

thanks for your comment.
It is just sad that this had to be their last resort.
But am sure they will live their lives regreting of their action.

with Love


Nusrat Ara's picture

disgusting is the only word i

disgusting is the only word i can think of right now.


Darcey's picture


Thank you for sharing this story. A former teacher of mine used to live in Zambia and is still closely associated with the country through Kids Alive, a charity that creates home for many, many AIDS orphans and otherwise in several countries. He has told us many stories of the time he & his family spent in Lusaka and other parts of Zambia. I know it is so close to his heart.
He has told us as well of his discovery of an infant in a small cardboard box (this was several years ago...) and that they were able to provide a home for this child among the loving families that are now parents to these abandoned children. It is still so clear, the effect of this experience on his heart. Your story brings to mind the questioning, the sadness, the rage at the cost of the actions on children.

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality."
— John Lennon

Dando's picture

Hi Dear,

Thanks for your comment.
Your former teacher and his family really did a great job of saving an innocent soul. I think many young girls who practice pre-marital sex luck information on contraceptive. From what I have learnt also, many young girls are forced into premarital sex by their male patners with a lie that they will marry them, yet when these young girls fall pregnant the men abandon them. As a result because they have no means of taking care of the born baby, they resort to such action.
I wasn't aware of Kids Alive, thanks for the information.

with Hugs and love.


Darcey's picture


Hi again!

I was reading through several posts yesterday, and in a way, your response has reminded me as well of the submission regarding the journalist in the Sudan that has been sentenced to flogging because of her clothing. The way these two are tied together is that there was a comment about how this is 2009....why don't women have information? why haven't we moved beyond beating women for what they are wearing? why do these women still lack resources and support in the world because there is a lack of funding and dedication on a wider basis; yet people spent millions on frivolous items that are going to be thrown away??
Thank you for keeping this real....there is no lack of issues facing girls. While it is terrible, it is so hard at the same time to judge these girls without knowing the whole story....even so, I can't imagine. Are there many programs to help young girls in Lusaka?

I have heard many, many wondeful things about your country from my teacher. He speaks so highly of the nationals that have given their lives to care for these children. I know that 2 or 3 of his own children were born in Zambia....and it means so much.

I would love to keep in touch!!

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality."
— John Lennon

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