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While I was in Bangladesh, one of my Nepalese friends said me in yahoo chatting “Nepal has changed a lot after you left the country.” I asked her about the type of change and she said “Come back, you will see the change.” Therefore, I was very excited to see the change of New Nepal, but I found uncertain environment in Nepal especially about children. Mothers are scared about their daughter, whether their daughters will safely return home from the school or not. Fathers are unsecured about their children’s future. Brothers are worried about their sisters, whether their sisters might be the target of kidnapper. Therefore if daughters, sisters, children, and mother didn’t return back before the dusk, their family members start to call their love ones. Let me share with you, what I have seen in these days in Nepal.

On July 9th 2009, at about 2pm, I safely reached at Tribhuvan International Airport in Katmandu, Nepal. At the Airport, people were wearing mask to prevent from swine flue that has already seen in seven people in the country. I ask myself is that a change my friend was talking with me? After all the medical and airport process, I goodbye with my friends and started my journey hiring a taxi to my relatives home in Katmandu. When I was traveling from the airport to my relative’s home in Narayanthan, in the middle of my journey near the Golfutar, I saw a group of people and heard the voice of women “help me please, I am going to die. Help me please.” I thought she might be injured or was in the trouble. The road was blocked by the mass of people and I was stack in the taxi. I decided to go outside of the taxi and wanted to know about the situation of the woman so I went near the mass. It was out of my expectation. I was scared and nervous to see the miserable situation of women and people’s behavior towards her.

The cruelty of the group of people’s behavior touched my heart. I saw middle size of small bamboo sticks and stone in some people’s hand. Some men were kicking to her and others were spiting in her face. She was lying on the floor requesting the help. I start to talk with some of the people from the mass. They said that she was an abductor so she should be burnt. Some people were asking fire to burn her. I don’t know what to say but immediately a voice came out of my mouth and I said “Please stop. It’s not a way to punish a criminal. Let’s go through the legal process, if she is a kidnapper.” Then a man next to me said “Sister it’s better you to be quite otherwise you might be the victims of the mass. I have already phoned to the police, hopeful police will be here after a few minute.”

While I was talking with unknown man in the mass, I saw the police. The police clear the mass and take the woman for the legal process. I was said that she was taken to the Hanuman Dhoka to case the file. Again, I started my journey to my relatives' home. After reaching to my relative’s home, I talked with them about the accident that I saw in the way. I request my cousin to go to Golfutar to know about the situation, and he said I have a friend there, if you want to know about the situation, I will call him here.” Later at 6pm, Mr. Binod Shakya (name changed) came to my rative's home. He was the same man who phoned to the police. I was surprised to meet in my relative’s home. He states that, four days ago, a boy was lost from Chakrapath. The woman, which name is still unknown, took the boy to her house and buy new clothes for him. She also feed the boy properly. It is said that her son was died by diareheao, and she was mentally depressed. On July 9th 2009, at about 3pm, she came with the boy in Golfutar for shopping. The boy parents saw the woman with their son and started to hit by sticks and stones. Finally, other people came and support the boy’s parents. Mr. Shakya also said that no one listened to her. But she helped a boy who had lost his way instead became a victim. Parents are unsecured about their children so they didn’t want to listen anything.

On July 1o, 2009, I woke up early in the morning and traveled some of the places to buy plane ticket from Kathmandu to Biratnagar. After buying the ticket, I started my journey from Ratnapark to meet my friends in the micro bus. In the micro, people were talking about the same uncertain environment of their children. A man was saying to another man that about 40,000 kidnappers has entered to Kathmandu, so he has decided to send his children to foreign country for their study by talking loan from the man. I looked at the man face very carefully, he looked sad and worried. I questioned to myself, Am I in Nepal or dreaming? But it was the reality. I went to my friend’s room in kupondole, we talked for an hour and went to meet Anjana Luitel, World Pulse future correspondent from Nepal. She was busy with her project and wasn’t in the office. I talked with Dipesh, the founder of Yatra, and was impressed with his vision. After an hour, she came to her office, Yatra. We discuss what we are going to talk about the main meeting. We also talked about the question that might arise during our meeting. At about 6pm, I returned back to the home. Near my relatives’ home, there was a school name, Buddhanilkantha high school, a group of people tried to kidnapped two children but the children were able to run away. Hearing the situation, my relatives were worried about me. Finally when I reached home, everyone started to scold at me and asked where I was? We took our dinner together and start to watch the news at 8pm. There was a news about a “Teenager escapes abductors’ clutches.” Isha Bhattarai who was only 20 years old and was studying in ICom second year at Kanya Cmpus in Dilibazaar was kidnapped by a group of veil people. She was staying with her maternal uncle and aunt after her higher education at Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu.

When she was returning home after collecting the second year exam admit card from the campus, she was asked the way to Maitidevi by a white car driver. Another man in the car showed her a picture and asked whether she knew him or not. When Isha tried to pore over the photo, she was pushed into the vehicles. Immediately she was unconscious. She was threaded by three veil man with glasses. She said this to Nigarh Area Police Office, Bara. Furthermore, she says that the three veil men threatned to chop me and my family into the pieces if I say anyone that I was kidnapped. Isha did whatever was requested to do by the kidnapper. Immediately she waited the chance, turned on the mobile, and informed the alert Armed Police Force with the help of her brother-in –law. Isha was crying when she recounted the incident to the police. “Inspector Uttam Karki said that a probe was underway.” According to the Nepal newspaper about …… people has been kidnapped for various purpose.

On July 11, 2009, I was preparing about the meeting and was busy with the schedule. I will be posting about that later because of too late internet facility in the city.

On July 12, 2009, I reached my home safely from domestic airport. On the way , I talked with my father about the uncertain environment. My father said that children are safe in our area with a proud voice. But the last night our neighbour brother Pankaj Karki is missing from his home. This morning they searched everywhere in their relatives home but he sin't there.

This is a change, I found after returning back in 16 months. I was very curious to know the change but the change was negatives which frustrate me and I believe the Nepalese. Please suggest me the possibilities that we can do to make our sisters, mothers and children secure? I am waiting to hear from all of you.


JaniceW's picture

Malai pir lagyo

Hajur la kasto cha? Malai sancho cha tapailai pani sanchai hola bhanne asha cha.

I am very concerned about the situation and pray that you will continue to be safe. It is a very different Nepal from when you left, as you said and the stories you and Khushbu have been telling worry me. It seems that the violence has increased dramatically over the last few years and even the US Department of State has now issued a warning about travel to Nepal (see below).

I understand your concern about the woman being beaten but please take caution when confronting a large crowd as it is very easy for them to turn on you if you are protesting what they are doing. Being young and alone, it might be better to call the police in those situations rather than placing yourself in danger. Please do not go out at night alone and always let your Aunt know where you are. We all cherish your voice here on PulseWire and I would be devastated if something happened to you, bahini. Plus, you are a role model for all the girls in Mirgouliya so you must stay safe so that you can continue to be an example for them!

Thank you for your email and I had a wonderful letter from Sara, your faculty which I will respond to today and copy you on. I can't wait to hear about the meeting. ramro sanga januhos and say hi to your family for me. Hardik Subhakamana,
Safety in Nepal
A Travel Warning remains in effect because the Department of State continues to be concerned about the security situation in Nepal. Despite the April 2008 elections, various groups aiming to advance political agendas continue to commit extortions, abductions and killings. Demonstrators have stopped and in some cases attacked vehicles, including those of the U.S. Embassy. In the southern Terai plains, more than 40 armed groups, some in pursuit of independence or autonomy and others composed mainly of opportunistic criminal elements, piggybacked on a popular uprising in 2007. Since 2008, competing factions in the Terai clashed with the Maoists, hill-origin Nepalese, police, and each other, exacerbating unrest in the southern Terai plains since 2008. These clashes instigated numerous strikes, demonstrations, and Indo-Nepal border closures, and have threatened Kathmandu-based personnel of a U.S. non-governmental organization active in the region.

The U.S. Embassy strongly recommends against non-essential travel to the Terai, the southern region bordering India. Maoist splinter groups in the Terai as well as other violent Terai-based groups continue to kidnap and murder Nepalese citizens. Additionally, ongoing political agitation and civil unrest in the Terai, including violent clashes between various political groups and Maoist splinter groups, as well as inter-communal violence and criminality, have increased. The random, indiscriminate, and unpredictable nature of these attacks creates the risk of U.S. citizens in Nepal being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Americans traveling to Nepal should be aware of the potential for large or violent demonstrations. Frequently, demonstrators burn vehicles, throw rocks at passing motorists, and burn tires to block traffic. Given the frequency, nature, intensity and unpredictability of disturbances, American citizens are urged to exercise particular caution when demonstrations are announced or reported, avoid areas where demonstrations are occurring or crowds are forming, avoid road travel during these periods and maintain a low profile.

sunita.basnet's picture

Dearest janice, Namaskar,

Dearest janice,

Malai sanchai chha hajur lai ni? Mero pir nagarnuhos malai sanchai chha. As you, I am also so concern about the security in Nepal. You know another brother name Sabin katwal, age 12 is missing from our village. No one knows where he is? Now sabin's parents are searching in their relatives home, lets pray for me.

Sure, from next time I will not do so, As I have already learnt from the mass. I will try to contact with the police to help the victims.
I am having the problem with internet, as soon as I hear from Jennifer, I will be in contact everyday. I am waiting to hear from her for my stipend.

To get connection with internet, today I waiting for 3 hours and Now I am here.

I hope everyone is concern about the security of Nepal as you have mentioned that tha US embassy has also announced the security warning for their citizens.
I will try to submit about our meeting today.
let's see
With regards

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

JaniceW's picture

suba kamana

Namaskar bahini. Malai sancho cha tapailai pani sanchai hola bhanne asha cha. I am so sad to read that Sabin is missing and I will pray for his safe return. I will follow up with Jennifer about your stipend and ask her to contact you. Please stay safe and know that we are all thinking of you. You are in my prayers, dear Sunita.

Maele tapai lai samji raheko chhu... j

sunita.basnet's picture

Thank you

Dearest Janice,
I am happy to hear from you immediately. I wanted to talk with you in skype but We donot have skype here. I will write about the update later. Thanks for praying me. I wilsend an email.
I am missing all of you. Maele pani haur lai samji raheko 6u. Missing you.

with regards

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

jadefrank's picture

Safety for youth in Nepal

Hi Sunita,

Thank you for sharing your personal insight to the changed and dangerous situation in Nepal. It must be difficult and heart breaking to see this negative change in your homeland where families fear daily for the safety of their loved one. And as you are our beloved friend and sister... we fear for you. From your account and from what we recently heard from Khushbu, safety is a major concern at the moment in Nepal. As Janice advised, please exercise caution! And please also continue to update us on the situation in your country. We are listening and eager to know what can be done to lessen the dangerous climate.


Dearest Jade,
I miss all of you because of the internet problem.
I am safe and hope all of our sisters and brothers will be safe very soon. Ofcourse I will. I will try my best to be safe and will take the help of police if anything happened please do not worry about me. I will bein Nepal for a month.
I am also waiting to hear from Jennifer about our stipend. Till today I didn't hear from her.
It is hard to continue my program without internet facility in my home
With regards

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

giftypearl.abenaab's picture

thnaks for sharing this

Hello Sunita,
i have missed you and i tried several times to reach you. i have been worried as well but thnak God we heard your voice.

I feel sad about the situation in Nepal right now. Do you have a ministry of Children and Women's affairs in your country? Is the Government doing something about this ?

i am thinking that if there are women's activist group, you could come together and think of possible ways to educate people about Child tracfficking and safety measure.
In Ghana, sometimes there are posters about "Protect Children", "Say no to Child Labour", "Say no to Child Trafficking". These posters are placed in major places.

Again, there some radio and TV discussions on how to curb these problems.

Also some women wear T-Shirts about "Stop Domestic Violence" and march peacefully in major streets with the aim of sentizing people on these issues and has worked!

We pray Nepal would be a safe haven for all children , youth, men and women very soon.

Wishing you well.
Love Gifty

Gifty Pearl Abenaab
Greight Foundation

sunita.basnet's picture

We do have but

Dear Gifty,
Thank you so much for your valuable suggestion. we do have such types of discussion and march but it doesn't work at all. Now we need the work. Isn't it important.
We need to think alternative way to bring peace. People are poor. Poster and pamplat will not feed them so in order to survive they involve in crime. So we need to fight against poverty.
Thank you for your comment.
With regards

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

busayo's picture

Hi Sunita

Hi Sunita,
Like Gifty has said if there is the Minstry of Children and Women Affairs,We all your friends here could bombard them with letters to do something about the safety of children and women in nepal. If there is none, we can direct our appeals to the government. Get the address and post it here and we start taking actions. I really miss you dear, hope you are fine.

Love you

Busayo Obisakin
Women inspiration Development center
Ile-Ife, Nigeria

sunita.basnet's picture

HI there

Hi Busayo,
Ofcourse I will find out the mailing address of women and children welfare and send email. I think this is an effective way to force the government. Thank you so much for your comment. I will be thinking about that.
All types of violence should be stopped.
With regards

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

Greta's picture

Hello Sunita.

I am writing to express my concern for you and the situation you have described in Nepal. I will be watching closely for any correspondence that you may post here on PulseWire.


sunita.basnet's picture

I will be writing about it

Dearest Greta,
thanks for your comment. I will be writing about it in the future.
Thank you so much. I am glad that you like it.
With regards

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

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