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Introducing myself and my journal: Women for Life

About Me:
Women in my 60 years+ life feature so strongly that I often forget the remarkable existence of the men in my life......May be because I am one of eight sisters and two brothers with eight aunts and one uncle....Or may be because of the two strong women I had as grandmothers...or..the so many or stories of remarkable women: poor and rich, young and old, illiterate and highly educated, Sudanese and beyond........There was always a woman that makes a legendary story..
As one of those women I grew up travelling around the western Sudan: Kordofan and Darfur with my teacher then headmaster and Inspector of education father, house bound mother and troops of sisters. We enjoyed life immensely as we were the lucky folks whose fathers sudanized the jobs held by the British and Egyptian colonizers of Sudan. We lived in big stone mansions with gardens and house farmlets and were attended by house maids and full service staff whom my mother insisted were part of the family so we never enjoyed (breakfast in bed) kind of service...we visited them in their homes and became the link between them and the single coeducational school run by my father.
Not surprizingly, I contiued my life dedicated to girls' education ..Intermediate, secondary , teacher training and university level, and I was blessed with teaching in other countries to add to my files the interesting comparison between women here and there and further....I retired this year to the conclusive fact that a woman is a woman regardless of all identities....There is just one identity we all fall into: WOMAN......And I am proud to be one of the clan.....asha

My Passions:
Human Affairs

My Challenges:
Make the best of what you are

My Vision for the Future:
Could still be better

My Areas of Expertise:
Teaching English - Translation - Teacher Training


Fatima Waziri's picture

Hey there! Welcome to

Hey there! Welcome to PulseWire!

Its so exciting having you with us, I am sure you will have a fun time with your new online friends. I know that you will find this to be a positive experience and I encourage you to take advantage of the numerous resources and features available through our vibrant online community.

Welcome again to our global community and I look forward to hearing more from you here on PulseWire!


asha's picture


Thank you for the warm welcome....I am sure it is the type of world where I feel at home...Global....I grew up with this greed to know other women lives and experiences......As a teacher one of my favourite questions which used to surprize my students was: what is your mother's name. According to their ethnic backgrounds I think, some answered and volunteered more information about their moms and others looked and smiled, or bestranged, and ignored the question!
I do intend to make the best of this resourceful community.


fatma's picture

BIG welcome

hi asha,
nice to have you in this truly proud that more sudanese women are speaking out through the pulsewire...and im sure you will be one of the voices rising for a better sudan and better future for women in our country
we look forward to reading about your experiences and about women from your area
good luck

asha's picture

Lubna , the Journalist

Sudanese media and social community is alerted with a most unusual invitation card! A young jounalist, Lubna, was arrested with a group of 12 young women by the Public Order Force in Khartoum during a social gathering under the pretext that they were 'immodestly' dressed! The girls were all wearing trousers and were of mixed ethnic and relegious backgrounds. They were convicted and the verdict was whipping (10 to 40 slashes each). Ten were whipped instantly and others delayed and Lubna was one of them....She is inviting the media and Human Rights activists and family and friends and all interested to come and see her punished and say what they think.
I do not want to comment on that , I just wonder what happens to men in shorts and sleeveless shirts?
The brave Lubna is not fighting for a refute of her punishment; she is sending her cry out for the already whipped girls while we all stood watching.
Personally, I would rather my daughter wears trousers for I know how she moves ..I just hope the slashing doesn't reach her.


JaniceW's picture

Report on Lubna

Asha, one of our members, Halima, has reported on this story the link of which you can find below. You might like to connect with this powerful writer who is training to be one of our global correspondents.

asha's picture

The small world!

Thank you Janice is a well written reporter's account Halima has written on this worrying issue. Actually I felt even prouder, as I am already proud to be one of the women of this community, to read Halima who was my student one day in Sudan; I pumped into her accidentally in Riyadh after so many years and now again on your pages...Such a small 'Big' World!
Pleased to be with you.


JaniceW's picture

How wonderful!

Ah, so you are one of the women who helped guide Halima towards us. I thank you for playing a part in giving her the wisdom and tools to be the writer she is today and for nurturing her in her journey to become a voice for the silent. It's a pleasure to know you and to meet one of the women behind dear Halima, who helped on her path. You must be so proud and we are honoured to have your voice here on PusleWire too.

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