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My encounter with a thief

A very unpleasant incident happened today. A thief entered my aunt’s house in Chhetrapati, Kathmandu (the place where I stay) at around 7:00 PM, when everybody was wide awake, busy with their chores. My aunt was in the kitchen, meditating, and offering her prayers to her god. I was in my aunt’s room taking a break from my studies and watching television to freshen up for another session of studies, and my aunt’s mother-in-law was in her room, just opposite the main entrance and chopping vegetables. We were the ladies in the house. The males of the house had not returned from work. My aunt, while offering her prayers saw that an unknown guy was carrying my laptop, and was very calm in his behavior. She thought he must be a friend of mine and I must have lent him my laptop. She, for a moment, disregarded him. But she immediately came to her room and asked me if I have lent my laptop to anybody. I was like WHAT! I will never do that. She got hysterical and asked me to run behind the thief. I don’t know where I got the energy and the courage. I reached the ground floor in glimpse of a second, jumping 8 steps at a time, followed the thief (a very young guy, probably younger than me), nabbed him, and took back my laptop. I tried to get hold of me, but he ran in a building opposite the road. I followed him there, grabbed him again, hit him and dragged him to the road again. My aunt had gathered all our neighbors, he got petrified, pushed me, and ran away, everybody ran behind him, but nobody could get hold of him. I got back my laptop, but he took away my mobile phone, a gift from my father. I had completely forgotten about my mobile phone, or else I would have got that back as well. I realized its loss only after I came back to my room, full of fear. I have lost everybody’s contact number, and I don’t know when I will get back my number. It was a dual-sim phone, with more than 500 contact numbers in both the sims, and with its loss, I feel like I have lost touch with the world.

However, more than the loss of my mobile phone, I am scared, I can’t believe it actually happened. The country is getting so unsafe. The absence of a rule of law has resulted in this situation—people can get away with anything and everything. Even if I lodge a complaint, I know that the thief will never get caught, it will just increase my burden of going to the police station for nth time, and get nothing done. Look at his guts—he entered the house, came to the second floor, got into my room in the presence of 3 of us, and took away my belongings. He was walking like he owns everything. If my aunt had not asked me, I had lost my world—I say that because I got this laptop after a lot of persuasion. I waited for 4 years to get one. I have everything in this little box. Now, when I am rattling on its keys, I cant believe that it is the same laptop which was nearly gone…My aunt fears that if I was in the room, he could have hurt me. She is happy that I wasn’t there but I feel that if I was there, I would not let him do this. I can’t sleep, I will now have to worry about getting a new set, and getting back everybody’s contact number. More than that, I will always live with the fear that this might happen again…Give me some words of encouragement guys.I need it to reassure myself.


I just want to say that we love you and are sending you lots of protective energy. We are here for you.

Jennifer Ruwart
Chief Collaborator
JR Collaborations

Khushbu's picture

Thank you

Hi Jennifer

Thank you for all the protective energy...i feel much better at the moment!Just that night was difficult to pass...but it did, and we have a brand new day, full of hope and positivity...

love you


Khushbu Agrawal

jadefrank's picture

You are so brave

Hi Khushbu,

Wow, I am so sorry to hear of this terrifying experience. You are so brave and I am in awe of your strength, quick reaction and bravery to chase down the thief and take back your laptop. I hope that I could have the same reaction if something like this happened to me.

Though I did want to tell you that someone stole my bicycle a few months ago. It was a brand new bike that I had saved up for and was my pride and joy. I don't have a car and used my bicycle to get everywhere. It was in my boyfriend's backyard which has a locked fence around it and while we were cooking lunch, someone climbed over the fence and hauled the bike back over the fence. I was devastated. And sure that I would never see my bike again. However 10 days later, we spotted someone on my bicycle. I confronted him and told him to give it back, but he was drunk and took off on the bike. So we followed him and called the police and luckily I was able to identify the bike as mine. I got it back!

I'm sorry that this happened to you, and that you now feel unsafe in your own home. But it sounds like you have an amazing support network there - your aunt and other family members are looking out for you. You are a strong woman and while he did get away with your cell phone, you were brave enough to physically take your laptop back and this is amazing! I am so proud of you.

And as Jennifer mentioned, we are all sending you positive and protective energy.


Khushbu's picture

I tried my best

Dear Jade

I just reacted. As i mentioned it in my journal, i do not know where i got the strength from....i reached ground floor from 2nd floor in split of a second..jumping the stairs...i cant normally do that...but yesterday i did.

I completely believe in God..and i know it was god who saved my had cost a fortune...they are expensive in this part of the world...and above all, it has all my information...everything, literally! My aunt was praying, and just when she had started her hymn, she saw the thief sneaking out of the house....if it was not for god, i dont think i would have got it back...i am still depressed about my mobile phone...but i think compared to what i got back,it is nothing....

I am so glad you got back your bike....i know how it feels to own a vehicle...i have a scooter myself..and cant imagine anybody taking it away....Congratulations to you guys were brave as well...

Thank you for the great message...really sweet of you...

Lots of love

Khushbu Agrawal

jap21's picture

Dear Khushbu

I know the feeling. I lost my mobile phone when someone broke into my car when I parked for... 10 minutes. And my life was never the same, as my phone had all my life dates and activities and numbers and.... oh! Everything!

I think you were amazing by getting your laptop back, and I hope it never happens to you again. Lock the entrance doors, please. I am glad none of you got hurt. The phone will be replaced, you will see. Also. remember to use the IMEI code of your phone (there was an article a few days ago about the uses of mobile phones), to contact your dealer and render your telephone off. This way this guy will not be able to use the phone. It is not much, but it helps all society, as thieves who find out the phones they steal are useless, will not steal them anymore, hopefully.

Receive a big hug from your friend.


Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

Khushbu's picture

Hi Jackie

I now understand how does it feel to be robbed...i have lost my belongings many a times, but it was first time, somebody took it away....i dont know how am i going to get back all my contact information....

We do close our entrance doors..we have a very traditional system at home. There's a key tied to a rope which we throw down when anybody comes. Yesterday, after the milkman came, somebody forgot to pull back the rope...and the thief took the full advantage of it....

I regret so much for not noting down my IMEI code after reading Auma's post...i was postponing the task, and see i lost my mobile and the thief is using it...fearlessly..

I will see if i can trace the dealer...but i am not too hopeful....

Next time onwards, we will be extra precautionary...

Thank you for your encouraging words...


Khushbu Agrawal

yuko's picture

You are so brave and courageous.

Khushbu, I'm so sorry to hear about this. You are so brave. I always knew you were but to get the laptop back is very courageous. I applaud you for that and I'm relieved that nothing happened to you and your relatives. I cannot imagine how it's like to have an intruder in the house, but I can feel your pain when you say that you can't sleep and don't feel safe anymore. What is happening to this country? When a thief can enter your house in broad daylight in the presence of dwellers, it only shows how people here have become oblivious to how their behavior may affect others. I remember when I was in Nepal in the summers and we could go out at night without fear of being mobbed or nabbed. Now, I'm afraid to go out at night or even walk alone in the day time. You are one of the most courageous and bravest person I know. You give so much to the world, to Nepal, to this universe and I'm grateful for you. Keep doing what you do. I'll pray for the guy who took your belongings. He is in need of much help. We have to safe this country from lawlessness and more chaos. You're doing your part in so many ways. When many youths are leaving this country for a better future, you're here creating a better future for the country. I admire you so much, Khushbu. My love and god's light with you always. Love, Yuko

Founder/Managing Editor
V.E.N.T! Magazine |
Sattya Media Arts Collective |

Khushbu's picture

You are right Yuko

Hi Yuko

People here have certainly become oblivious of the effect their behavior and acts can have on others. When i came to Kathmandu 6 years back, it was much better...we would go to college parties and were not scared of returning home late. But these days, after 9, i am scared to come out..and if i have to, i ask a male friend to drop me back...cant imagine coming back in a cab as well...everything is so unsafe...Thank you for all the lovely words.....I hope me staying back in the country will pay off ultimately because incidents like these make me question my decision, but i know this is transitory...our country is beautiful...just that some people are getting nasty...

I would also like to mention here that you coming back to Nepal is a huge inspiration..for a person who has stayed abroad all her life, it was a very brave decision to come back, and you are doing a wonderful thing of bringing the change, certainly are great!.


Khushbu Agrawal

Nusrat Ara's picture

U know khushbu after a lot of

U know khushbu after a lot of saving and thinking I brought a cell phone for 350 US dollars. I had been longing for it for years and brought it against the consel of my family. I dropped it in an army canteen and they never returned it.

What pained me most was I knew where I dropped it and could do nothing about it. I realised my loss when i reached home because on the way we saw an accident and I couldn't forget the face of the boy, his lifeless body and blood dripping from his feet. I got too disturbed. I completely forgot my phone. Next day my parents went to the camp who denied any knowledge. I can understand ur frustation as I too lost all numbers.

A friend gave me his phone an ordinary phone and I am carrying that still . Got to get a new one. Can't afford an expensive one. :)


Khushbu's picture

Sorry to hear that Nusrat

Hi Nusrat...

I can completely understand! 350 US dollars is a lot of money...and losing it in an army canteen is even more saddening. I mean they were supposed to get it back to you...

But i believe, these are all lessons learnt, and god's way of reminding us to be careful...i plan to get a plain set...after all, phones are just for conversation, right?

Khushbu Agrawal

Emily Miller's picture

Yes, Protective Energy

Dear Khushbu, Bravo for your courage! I am tremendously sorry for your encounter with a thief, and I have total empathy for you - I too have faced a thief in my home - I can picture your relief in capturing your computer, your frustration in losing your phone, and your fear for the safety of your home, family and community. Please know that you have our spirited support. With heart, Emily

Khushbu's picture

Thanks a lot!

Hi Emily...

The protective energy and the spirited support seems to be working..i am gradually getting over the incident but i think it will take me a little more time....

I am so glad i have you guys to share my fear...i feel so much stronger now.

Thank you so much


Khushbu Agrawal

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