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Gratitude for another day.

When I had gone to a WORLD seminar in November, I did not know what quite to expect. I am a recovering heroin addict of 20 years whose life involved homelessness, domestic violence, and a lot of anger. In spite of the fact that I was living in a self-imposed prison, in my heart I knew that there was hope. It took a lot of acceptance to realize the core beliefs that I ruled my world by, but after some counseling and a path of Spirituality. I realized once I entered the rooms of where this particular seminar took place, that I was going to be enlightend to a whole new level. At first I felt totally out of my element, but I learned later that I was right were I needed to be. I have seen the dregs of drug abuse, and it doesn't neccessarily need to be intravenious to place anyone at risk for HIV or HEP C, it is more the awareness of the individual at the time of contraction, and the high risk situation. I have had a couple of friends who I have watched deteriorate into hoplessness, helplessness, and eventually death. I remember how my heart felt, and the determination and drive I acquired to do something, in some fashion to play a part to save lives, even if it is only one life I help save. I admit, I am new to this cause, and all I ask is for a chance to be enlightened and a door to be open so that I may be an active advocate. Even if it's to say, yes, I am hear, and I am listening.


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out of my element

You reminded me of how much I gain by being "out of my element". Sometimes even the act of being reminded that I have more to learn from places I don't feel comfortable in helps!

Goldie Davich, PulseWire Online Intern

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Out of my element.

Thank you so much for responding. Yes I often remind myself that when I began school, I was out of my element. So I know that in order not to feel that way I must become familuar. I do apologize for making this short, but the library here only allows for one hour use on their computer. I will try to use one of my friends if she is around. I have so much I want to share. It nice to know that I am not alone.

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Glad to know you survived the addiction and are able to get on with living. Drugs are a strange part of society. I personally am very tired of watching our youth be drowned in them before they are old enough to fully comprehend the impact. Such a painful struggle in which society can find no other resolution than to blame their children for falling into the deadly trap of addiction. I once thought that I would love to get people to stop blaming the youth for an adult society's lack of control, and get the youth to appreciate their physical and spiritual bodies to the point where they DO care and DONT want to hurt themselves. Abusive and/or unstable family environment is a huge burden on this front. Wish you the best...

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Thank you so much for your reply. Yes it isn't easy to break down destructive beliefs that for me, had kept me in the dark of life. I reacted to life from insecurity, fear and shame. I believe what the majority said I was at a very early age, and unfortunatly, my inner circle of family were some of that "majority". I had isolated myself into a non-existant state which kept me from reaching out to others for help. I did not think anyone would understand or care. I believed to be doomed and accepted this false belief. I was dying in my addiction, and I adopted the acceptance of, "I can't wait to die", as my daily affirmation. Fortunatly someone took it upon themselve to see me more as a human instead of a statistic. It was then that I began to "hope". I believe if doors aren't presented, how can we choose to walk through them as people. I see on a daily basis the young who are on the streets. The conditions in which they dwell. and for a child, how can a child; even at the age of sixteen be responsible for the core beliefs that they live by. I don't hope to save the world, but I hope to assist the world to save itself. Currently I am looking for work. I will be going to the WORLD office tomarrow for my first appearance at the site. Thank you so much. I hope that you are doing well.

Greetings to all. I hope that everyone was blessed with a great holiday. I am doing well and have finally found work. It is a blessing to have hope.

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