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So where was I?


It has been a long time since I have visited World Pulse. You can interpret many reasons for my absence. But to be honest, I did not have anything interesting to write on. I am a dreamer and all I have is those dreams, which will take time to come true. Once I thought I could write about my dreams. But then it would sound like a silly girl’s stupid talking.

You must be wondering, why and how this girl has started writing?

Yesterday night, Sunita Basnet, (All of you must have known her) a very good friend of mine, who is also a selected correspondent for the Pulse Wire called me to come to her room. So sweet of her, she shared some of our cultural food she made for her teacher and classmates. She was talking to people from World Pulse and told me that they had suggested me to keep on writing. Sunita had also asked me several times to write. I did write, not for the Pulse Wire though but for my teachers (assignments) and my friends (emails).

So what I had been doing all these days except those writings?

I finished my last term for the foundation course. We had art history course, which though in the beginning I described it as “borinteresting” (an adjective I discovered myself) since it was boring a moment and interesting in other, I find the classes interesting these days. History was never my kind of thing, but lately I have been reading so many books about history that I can’t stop searching for books in the history section of the library.
I am doing a lot of reading these days. Why not? We don’t have nothing much to do.

Studies – done (Though an art history presentation- pending)
Gym classes –done
Final exams – done

Phew! With all things done, it’s so hard to kill time. Now you must be thinking, ‘why didn’t she write then.’ But what would I write. I was and still am leading the same mundane routine. The same morning bathroom sleeps to late night diary time. Yes, I write in my diaries some personal stuff. I wish it had been easier to write like in my diaries but it’s not.

But yesterday, as I was talking with one of my friends and sharing all my dreams with her, she suggested me to write down my dreams. And then YES! I got my subject to write. The one I had thought of earlier but then rejected one. I can talk about my dreams, which though may sound stupid, it still is my dream. May be sharing with determined people like here in World Pulse might be more helpful than shaping them in my mind.

So here I write...


Maria de Chirikof's picture

HI there!

Hi there, I was hoping you would get back soon! Wow, hope all the exams went well for you!

I think we all live mostly mundane lives and it is our imagination that keeps us going so do share your dreams with us! Is this picture new? Very pretty! It is nice that everyone is putting up pictures and newer ones of them too.

Here it is about 1am and the girls are all sleeping and I am enjoying some quiet computer time with no kids around to tell me they need to do their own stuff, so yeah!

Reading history can be fun I think, as long as it is not a textbook one since they seem to have the knack of turning everything boring and dull. At least to me. My favorite types of book though are mysteries and I enjoy most kinds of them so like that there is such a variety. the trend is changing though where mysteries used to have a much bigger shelf space but now (up here anyway) romances take the big spot and mysteries are moved to a few small shelves, sigh! It is funny since you never see anyone browsing the romance sections but they must sell...

Nice to see you back and I look forward to reading more posts!


JaniceW's picture

So happy you are back

Prabisha, Namakaskar. We have missed you! I am happy that you have now finished your exams. Will you be heading back to Nepal for the summer? I love the idea of you writing about your dreams. I look forward to reading them and hope you will be encouraged to come back more often, if only to say hello. All the best with your presentation and see you around.

prabisha's picture

Thank You

Hi Maria,

I am so happy to be back with you. All my exams went well. I hope you and your family are all good. Regarding the picture, it is old but newly posted.

Yes, I agree that reading history from text books are really boring but knowing how people incorporate history with literature and art is really fascinating to me. And same pinch to us, I too love mysteries.

I am really glad to be back with you all.

With love and regards,


prabisha's picture


Namaskar Janice,

I hope you are fine. I am so very glad that you greeted in our traditional way. I am done with my exams now and happy to be back home soon, after all we are going after 16 months. I will share my dreams in few days since I have my presentation and works for graduation are going on. Thank you so much for your wishes for the presentation.

I wish you happiness and smiles.

With warm regards,


Kizzie's picture

Hey there, I really liked

Hey there,

I really liked this post. It was truthful and it reflected your personality in a lot of ways , I believe. For me, when I start writing, I never think about a specific topic. I generally don't have a certain topic in mind. I just write and then let my writing shape my topic. Writing is a very self-exploratory process. You don't have to write stories or journalistic pieces, you can write a few lines about the coffee you had in the morning. I encourage you to write, it teaches you a lot about yourself and it helps you understand your actions, other people's actions and what's happening around you!
I love the way you like! It's fun , informal and you digress a lot (I do that too, high five!;) ) I love history. I took a few history courses and I love being history books. If you are interested in the ME, you should read a book by the Historian , William Cleveland and a good African history book is the fate of Africa by Martin Meredith. Do you suggest any good history books or good art history books? I find art history very interesting. I attended a lecture on forgery of paintings in my freshmen year and I was so interested in it!

best luck!
I'm happy you are done with your finals!

prabisha's picture

Gracios Amigo

Hey hi,

I am so glad that you liked my post. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and feelings about writing. This is what I like about World Pulse, we share our feelings and we even don't know when and how we have encouraged each other.

(High five) I am so happy to know that you too love history. I will surely read the books you named, if I can find them. I suggest you to read "The Looting of Badhdad Museum", which is not only a book but is a virtual museum of what Iraq museum lost. Though I read it for writing a synopsis, which was a assignment but the book was very interesting. If I happen to fine some other books, I will surely let you know.

Same pinch to us, I am also enjoying art history so much and today we have our final presentation for this term. Oh! I need to prepare for that too. Thank you so much for your wishes.

Wish you Smiles and Happinesses.

With warm regards,


JaniceW's picture


Prabi. Namaskar. Hardik Subhakamana for your final presentation. I am sure you will do great! And then finally, you can relax and have some fun before you head home for the summer. Sending you a big hug,

prabisha's picture

Dhanyabad (Thank you in Nepali)

Namaskar Janice,

Your subhakamana worked and we had a great evening yesterday. We did our best and every body said that it was "wonderful". We are having a busy schedule for this week with many programs and workshops lined up ending with our graduation program and soon we will be on our way home.

Thank you so much for encouraging and being supportive.

A huge and warm hug.


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