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I woke up this morning to hear about the death of the pop icon Michael Jackson. I am not the greatest of Michael Jackson's fan or anything (i will leave that postion to my elder sister) but i connected to him somewhat. I saw a person who had a wish to be loved. He had a weird way of trying to achieve that objective but it doesn't make his wanting less relevant. How many of us women get involved in situations and actions just to get approval.In his disjointed mind, Michael felt that he had to be someone else to become acccepted. He changed his appearance. We do that often.We do that when we strighten our hair, we do that when we use a product that claims to tone our colour and not bleach it, we do that when we have cosmetic surgery, we do that when we change our hairstyle or personalities to satisfy our partners.

Michael could not deal with the reality of being an adult. He needed to cling to childish fantasies even if it meant playing childish sex games with children(that has never been proven in any court of law). He didn't trust adults and i dont blame him.He was sorrounded by false friends and companions . Inspite of the accusations Micheal still had an innocence that was so appealing.

We have lost the only person i know that combined music, singing, dancing and song-writing so effortlessly and exceptionally.


jap21's picture

I agree with you

All his fans in the world could not do anything for him, which is very sad. He wouldn't let them anyway. As you said, he did not trust adults, but kids could not help him. It would have been great if he could face his fears and grow up, but he could not find the right track to do it. I am very sad about his death too. I grew up with his music and loved it. At the time he began to act strange, I was very surprised and thought his weirdness would go away soon, but it took him to his grave.

With him losing his desire to work in music, we all lost, because we have been deprived from his great talent for so many years because of his own weirdness, and just when life was forcing him into coming back, he died. It is such a pity. His talent and uncomparable voice needed a better ending.

May he rest in peace, finally.

Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

efe's picture

true words

While we keep on enjoying his music that will last for a long time,let us learn from his experience and try not to live up to any body's expectations but ourselves.

Jennifer Ruwart's picture

Our MJ Dance Party

I have the fondest memories of Michael Jackson from elementary school. My sister and her best friend did a dance routine to "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough" for our talent show. I did a gymnastic routine to one of his other songs.

Last night, my husband , 18-month old and I had an MJ dance party. I must share that we frequently have MJ dance parties, but this one was extra special.

Jennifer Ruwart
Chief Collaborator
JR Collaborations

efe's picture

steadfast love

I am impressed that you kept his memory alive even while he was living. Now that he is no more, your parties will even be more significant.

Kizzie's picture

Ladies, It's great to engage


It's great to engage in this conversation. His death touched me on so many levels. I loved his music, even if he wasn't my favorite artist, he was a legend. He made good music, it's hard to argue with that (sorry for being subjective:D). I just can't seem to understand him. Did he or did he not molest children? You never understand the lives of celebrities, the media makes things up and sometimes they are innocent, you can never tell. The thing is there is something innocent about him. I guess he couldn't deal with adulthood because he never had a childhood. He started working at an early age and he faced a lot of abuse as a kid. I feel bad for him, he did receive a lot of bad publicity,

Anyways, Rest In Peace.


efe's picture

confused as you are

i am confused about certain aspects of his life.Nobody really knows what goes on behind closed doors but one thing i know for sure is that Micheal Jackson would have been a less confused person if he had more people who geniunely cared about him around him and if he had had a regular child-hood. I hope he has found peace away from the troubles and vanity of the world.

Kizzie's picture

Efe, I totally agree with

I totally agree with you! He know he faced a lot of pressure as a child and molestation. I hope he rests in peace!

malayapinas's picture

I'm thinking to write an

I'm thinking to write an article about MJ but as I scan the PulseWire I saw your post. Thank you so much for posting ! I grew up with Michael's music and as I heard the news that he passed away, sadness engulfed all of my senses. I started to surf the web, different voices all over the world are filled with admiration and honors for him. I did'nt realize i'm already in tears and the more I read, the more I admired him and realized Michael is such an exceptional gift to the world. Everyday , I listened to Michael's music on line and on radio in public places,he is the topic of the day and his music is the music of the day since his passing away. I always cried watching and reading news about him, This afternoon , i watched his video and sung along together with my daughter before going to school. My daughter asked me why Michael is so popular, I explain to her the love of Michael to the world, - environment, children, human rights, Just today, I watched the latenight news and I'm in tears again, Whew! it seems part of me died with Michael- the world owes him so much. My sister who is a fan of Michael is the one who keep me updated of news about Michael and my husband who have collections of Michael's album since elementary feels so sad for his loss.

On the other side of my grief , i feel dignified to be in this generation which enjoyed Michel's gifts and been a part of Michael's life celebration. My heart goes with him and may he find happiness in his final resting place. Thank you Michael for sharing us your life , for giving up your childhood for us , for giving us your music that will lingers on forever in every corners of the world!

efe's picture

i feel lucky too

i feel lucky to have been a part of the great gift of music. Of sharing in his world through interviews and the television. I hope he is happier now.

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