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Army Corp of Engineers issuing permits to pollute Alaska

I really do not believe this! So, we Alaskans are losing say over how our environment is protected and the Governor is applauding this decision instead of up in arms. Well, it lets her off the hook, I suppose, but it is outrageous.

Who exactly are the Army Corp of Engineers anyway? I do not remember voting for giving them power over issues in my state! This article has me steaming mad:

And what is up with the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, agreeing that it was ok for them to give a permit anyway? Excuse me, but I do believe that we Alaskans should have a say in things.

This is why we need to put Indigenous people in charge of agencies that decide such important environmental issues! The reason people came in droves and murdered and stole the lands in America was because the indigenous peoples respected the land and cared about future generations. It is painfully obvious that this is not so with the current system who seems to think it does not matter if we dump waste products into our waters!

The Republicans up here are the worst since they cheer this decision and say it will be good for the economy and create jobs for Alaskans. Yeah, perhaps, but I would prefer my daughters major in art and sciences then in pollution clean up!

Please help us do something about this! My government up here does not care about the land or people, which they make painfully clear all the time, but surely someone, somewhere does...



Sunny_sunshine_cloudy_Mina's picture

Too true

I didn't get a chance to vote.... What is it up with them? They are going to pollute AK? Who did they bribe? The court is all about form, thats all... Present it right and they win the case... Phooie....

"Fight fire with fire, you'll end up with ashes."
"A charming lady does not follow the crowd, she is herself."

Maria de Chirikof's picture


The first ones I read said that they rejected this proposal because there is already a strong provision in place that prevents the dumping in the first place but later reports seem to say it means that they can go ahead and dump the waste into our waters anyway since this Army Corp of Engineers say so. Senator Lisa Murkowski (the one whose dad put her into his old spot) said it would be good because it will allow jobs and resource development. Too bad she does not think of bigger issues then money but that is typical of our politicians up here.

I wrote the Alaska Federation of Natives to ask them what they were doing to block this type of waste dumping but have not heard back yet. I said they have political power and need to wield it to protect the land and it's people.

I am going to email both Murkowski and Begich to say I want them to do something to block this sort of back-door politics that is way too common up here. We are not a military dictatorship but when the Army corp of Engineers gets to decide what happens up here then maybe we are and just fooling ourselves that it is a democracy... But we know what they are willing to do for gold as history shows us!

Thanks for commenting!


Nusrat Ara's picture

it is the same everywhere.

it is the same everywhere. money rules others things like environment, heritage are secondary.


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