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Dear Lemon Lima move review


I received this on the Aleut_L list and wanted to share it. I have not seen the movie yet myself but it sounds like it will be good. Why does it sound familiar tough, did someone on here mention it before? Here is the review from an Aleut Dancer.

Here is the link to the official site:

Aang my dear friends...
The movie,Dear Lemon Lima, that our dance group,Sngagim Axasniikangin, danced in has finally premiered and the most favorable review is below!!I will try and send out our short little scene very 10soon!Alaska Natives acting in the movie are Savannah Wiltfong who is Yupik and Dusty Sager and Emily Oleyer are Unangax!! My dance group played the part of an Unangax dance group who the principal introduces as Athabascan because she is a dweeb and can't identify different Alaska Natives!!

What would LAFF be without a film that you can’t help but fall in love with. This year, that film is DEAR LEMON LIMA, my #1 Must See Festival Film in the Narrative Competition. I can’t be effusive enough in my praise about this film.

DEAR LEMON LIMA is the most charming, genuine, cute, sweet and utterly adorable film!!!!!! Cotton candy colored joy. As soon as the film ended, I wanted to see it again. The film makes your heart smile.
DEAR LEMON LIMA is the story of Vanessa Lemor, a lonely 13 year old living in Alaska. Her father is from the Yup’ik Eskimo tribe and her mother a plain old Caucasian, making Vanessa somewhat of a halfbreed and the brunt of jokes by the kids at school. Her Eskimo heritage is also something that she chooses to ignore. A girly girl, My Little Pony, rainbows, pinks, purples, beads, hearts, flowers, and a 14 year old boy named Philip (complete with pages and pages of the requisite “I love Philip” doodles) fill her life. Every day she writes in her diary to her imaginary friend, DEAR LEMON LIMA. In the summer, she runs an ice cream store in the middle of a park. Intelligent but unathletic, she is always the last person picked for any team in sports but the first one people may go to for homework help. But despite this, Vanessa is her own woman. She stands up for her beliefs and for her true love, at least until she gets dumped because a “man” of Philip’s experience can’t be bothered with a childhood friend and must move on to more adult relationships.
Determined to win back her true love, Vanessa spends the summer plotting and planning. Luckily, she is awarded a minority scholarship at the private academy Philip attends. Unfortunately, however, she is relegated to classification as a “FUBAR” which makes her lower than dirt in the eyes of her schoolmates. And even worse, Philip is anything less than kind to her. But, an opportunity presents itself that just may be Vanessa’s ticket to love - the Snowstorm Survivor Championship, an event inspired by Native events in the World Eskimo Indian Olympics. Unfortunately, or not, despite her lack of athletic skills, Vanessa is not only appointed a team captain but is the only freshman team captain.
Believing that winning the Championship will win back her true love, Vanessa assembles the most unlikely of teammates - the adorable little weakling and socially inept Hercules Howard , pathological liar Samantha who insists that her father is rapper Puff Daddy, Madeline Amigone aka Nothing, a slightly overweight intellectual whose parents own the local funeral parlor, and Emmeline and Lynne Chin. As training begins, friendships develop, allegiances and loyalties are tested, and 13 year old Vanessa gets some valuable lessons in life, love and knowing yourself.
With the opening frame, your heart just jumps for joy. Writer/director Suzi Yoonessi captivates and captures with bright, vivid girly animation, setting the color palette of the film and tenor of the characters in one fell swoop. You immediately have to go “awww, how adorable.” And you are hooked. Shot in Alaska, key to the success of this film and its characters is the incorporation and authenticity of Alaskan Native elements for which assistance was given by the 13 tribal councils in Alaska, and particularly as to native Yup’ik dances and customs which are an integral part of the film.
The story itself is enchanting. Every girl and female out there should be flocking to see this film. I don’t think there isn’t one of us that can relate to that puppy love crush with the doodling and flowery writing and the blend of teenage angst. Perfectly priceless.
As for casting…impeccable, starting with Savanah Wiltfong as Vanessa. Half Yuk’ip, Samantha came into this production after she posted an audition of herself on YouTube which made its way onto the computer screens of Yoonessi. With only a few small local junior high school productions to her credit, Samantha wowed Yoonessi and one look at her on screen and you can see why. She is luminous. At this early age, she has dead pan delivery and comedic timing and a sincerity and warmth that is infectious. Further complimenting her performance here is the fact that she was familiar not only with Yuk’ip dances but the WEOI games and the events which are detailed and extremely specific. Zane Huett will steal your heart as little Hercules. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Zane’s work, pop in a DVD of “Desperate Housewives” where Zane plays Parker Scavo.
As for the adults, DEAR LEMON LIMA is a pantheon of talent starting with Elaine Hendrix as gym Coach Roach. Absolutely HYSTERICAL!!!!!! Looking as unglamorous as I have ever seen her, Hendrix puts a brusk, brutish, gung-ho take on Coach Roach and nevermoreso then when demonstrating a two man carry, Eskimo style. You won’t stop laughing each time she comes on screen. And how about Independent Spirit Award winner and Best Actress Oscar nominee, Melissa Leo. As Hercules’ mother, “Mrs. Howard,” she is the embodiment of dowdy, old, frustrated, annoying and always obedient wife and mother. Again, the minute she appears on screen, you have to laugh. Not to be outdone, Beth Grant steps in as by the book Principal Applebomb who just happens to be the faculty sponsor of Vanessa’s team in competition. Of the adult actors, Grant is the one with an almost complete 180 degree character evolution filled with comedy and heart that is a joy to watch.
Technically, DEAR LEMON LIMA is so above par not only for most fest films, but films as a whole. Solid production values. Impeccable blend of animation and live action. Colors are rich, vibrant and just pop - like being in a candy store. Balancing that look are the pastels of valentine heart candies which is used in walls and clothing. A lot of thought went into creating this beautiful palette.
Make DEAR LEMON LIMA your film friend and #1 Must See Narrative Feature. It will make your heart smile. Screenings are Saturday, June 20 at 7:15 p.m. at Mann Festival Theatre and Tuesday, June 23, at 4:30 p.m. at The Landmark.

Sngagim Axasniikangin, (Dream Dancers), ..... Dance Troupe bringing Unangax back!!!


WaDawn's picture

A must see....

This film is great!!

I had the honor of being a part of the production when they filmed in Washingon. I was a bunny wrangler, and the shots and layout of the filming was amazing!! I cant wait to see this in theaters or on DVD!!

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