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Rafiki Programm


Dear friend in the Rafiki Programm

I’m Elizabete, I'm also participating in this great initiative, and at the moment I’m giving Lin a hand with the logistics involved. So I hope you don’t mind receiving this message from me.

A lot of the Rafikis haven’t received a reply to their letter yet, and I’m sure they are eagerly awaiting news from their Rafikis abroad, this can be due to a number of reasons:

- Their letters never reached you
- Your answer never reached them
- You can’t find the time to reply

I’m myself am still waiting for my Rafiki’s letter, after I replied to her letter, so to be on the safe side, after a month without any reply, I sent another letter. This way if the first letter never arrived, I’m trying again. I would suggest that:
- If you are in the same situation, i.e., never received a reply, send another letter or card, and check with Lin so she can check with people on the ground if your letter was received.
- If you have been paired with a Rafiki, and still haven’t received a letter, check with Lin, so she can check with people on the ground when the letter was sent.

Please CC me, so I can keep an updated list of who has/hasn’t received letters form their Rafiki.

- If you haven’t found time yet to reply, that’s ok, we all lead extremely busy lives, trying to balance, in most cases, being a mum, having a job, running a house, etc. It’s not easy. When you're really short of time, maybe you could choose to send a card, with a small message saying you'll write a longer letter, as soon as you have more time, for instance.

Also if you have more than one Rafiki, and are finding it difficult to keep “up to date”, so to speak, why not pass one of your Rafikis to a friend, or a family member.

And this brings me to the other thing I wanted to talk to you about, we all have friends, relatives, acquaintances, that I’m sure would love to be involved in this wonderful initiative, so why not talk to them, and get them involved!!! The number of Rafikis in Africa is growing by the day, and we need more women interested abroad.

I want to thank you all, in Lin’s name, for your dedication to this worthy cause. Together we can be strong, and make a difference.

Asante Sana



JaniceW's picture

Asanteni Sana

Liz, it's so wonderful to have you helping Lin who has been doing a fantastic job to date, in spite of juggling so many things on her plate. This is great advice and I know that some members are anxious over not receiving their letters yet because of their great interest and enthusiasm for the program. Please let me know if there is anything I can help with from the PulseWire end and again, asanteni sana. Best wishes,
PulseWire Community Director

LauraB's picture

Glad for the suggestions


I realize now that I am not the only one who hasn't received letters and of course, it makes sense to simply write another letter. Great for you to post updates and inform Rafikis of goings ons.

So happy that you are doing this meaningful work with Lin that has meant a great deal to many, many women.


Maria de Chirikof's picture

Hi there

I have 4 and sent off my first letters and have heard back from 1 so far so wondering if they got my first ones or not. I sent Philustus a blog Magazine too so hope she enjoyed it and a pen and ink set of the kind I love. I figure it will take time to get it all working smoothly so am not worried but do hope they got my first ones back to them! For the 2 I asked them what would be a more age appropiate hi there gift since both are much younger then me and closer to my daughters age so know their tastes are probably much different then mine.

Is there a way to check and see? I think the pot office said it could take up to 10 days to reach them so they should definately have received mine by now since it has been about 3 weeks or so. I will send a new hello one if they did not receive my first replies, that is not a problem. I would only worry if they think I did not write back at all!

I enjoy the program and so want it to spread more since it is a very fun thing to send and receive letters and I think a lot of the younger generation have never experienced this for themselves.


mamaAfrica's picture

Working together


Thank you Liz for helping out. It is a brilliant Idea and I welcome all your assistance and even from other rafiki club members. I am checking again with the teams on the ground and will see to it that all letters are replied. I know Lungalunga and Godo have been most active, shianda, ilesi and amalemba still having logistics and coordinational difficulties but will catch up as wellk. We have received international volunteers on the ground and i hope they can help to make rafiki a success. About age as Maria has mentioned, rafiki who fill the rafiki form found on Project Africa website always have a chance to give their age. Will request that others do the same so that we can match women of the same age group together that way we have more in common and more to share.


LizWilk's picture


Dear all

I've received a lot of feedback, after my first post. New projects are always like this at first, so now worries, I'm sure this program will eventually run very smoothly.
I think it is very important in this initial phase to keep a list as updated as possible with the specific date letters are sent and received, not only from the Rafikis in Africa, but also from the Rafikis abroad. This way it will be easier to spot if a letter might have got lost in the post, and not wait endlessly "not knowing".
Some of you have already mentioned some dates when your replies were sent, or that your are still waiting to receive your first letter. I will start a list, that I will relay to Lin, so she can send it to the people on the ground, and they can monitor if the letters have arrived, in turn they will update this list with the dates the Rafikis in Africa sent their letters.

Naturally, you only send this information if you want/feel comfortable doing it.

If you have more ideas to make things run as smoothly as possible, please share them here!

Stay safe


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