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VOF: Feedback request for Interview ideas

Dear all,
Here are my first ideas for interview subjects for the second part of this VOF writing assignment. My first part is to interview Arda and I am very much looking forward to learning more about her.

Here are my ideas for female activists in my community. Please share your thoughts...

1. My first choice is to interview a wonderful African American Muslim woman I met at a conference last year. She runs a program in Los Angeles that works with Latino and African American Youths in her community to eliminate gang related violence by teaching them about their shared heritage. I took her details last year in the hopes that I would one day have an opportunity to contact her again and learn some more about her great work. I emailed her to see if she would be interested in being interviewed by me for this program and she has already replied. She agreed!!!

However, she is in Los Angeles and not in the Bronx. Do you think this is a problem? Should I concentrate on people in my own immediate community? Or perhaps I could find a way to connect her work and the solutions it potentially poses to the gang violence and other cultural conflict in the Bronx?

2. There is an organization here called New Yorkers against gun violence. Many of the women involved with the organization had children or other relatives who have been shot. Some due to gang violence, others by stray bullets fired in the streets and playgrounds. However, there is not a specific woman I can find that I could approach for interview. The organization was founded by a group of people in response to a teacher getting shot in Brooklyn some years ago. There is however a chapter in the Bronx that may be able to point me in the direction of someone. Perhaps a mother who joined because of the gun violence in her own community?

3. Another possibility is Marjora Carter who founded Sustainable South Bronx, an organization dedicated to the environmental health and sustainability of the South Bronx. She has done great work but has been written about very frequently. It would be difficult, I think, to come up with an original angle on her as well as to find time for an interview. She appears to have many speaking engagements.

So what do you think? Looking forward to hearing your subject ideas.


I also can't wait to start my interview and the other assignment. However, I cant write the . I'm waiting for my interviewee to respond to my email. I have send an email and I still haven't heard from her. How best can i contact her. Please help. !!


Tina's picture


Hi Gertrude, I hope you have got in contact. I am finding it hard to connect across continents too. All of us log on at different times of day and different times of week.
All the best

JaniceW's picture

Great topics

Tina, these are all interesting topics and I wonder if you could interview the woman in L.A. but then tie the interview back to the New Yorkers against gun violence. Perhaps look at ways that the group against gang violence have been successful in deterring youth from joining gangs and then consider how those solutions may work for the New York organization. So, not only do you get a strong interview from L.A. but also you can recommend a solution that empowers youth in other parts of the country. What do you think? I'm not sure if this falls within the parameters of interviewing a female activist in "your community" but perhaps Cristi/Jennifer can shed light on that.

Tina's picture

Thanks Janice

Yes, I am thinking it would be good to have both of them in one story now too. I wonder if we will be able to do that or whether we are to focus on the profile of one female activist. I look forward to receiving more information. In the meantime I think I shall set up an interview with the woman in LA anyway.

Temple's picture

I vote for LA and NY too

Dear Tina,

Your interview as Janice draws it would be a blast. I agree with Janice. But in case you cannot do both, I suggest you do the one in NY, as it is easier for you to reach te people there. Start working on the angle, and focus on small objectives, as you will have a better opportunity to reach your objective if it is not too big.

Hope to help with my little sand grain to your purpose.

Warm regards,


A Temple is a place where you are welcome to come in peace, always.

Tina's picture

Thanks Temple!

Yes It is looking like that might end up being a good story. Perhaps I should contact them both anyway just in case and then we shall wait and see what the full assignment directions will be next week.
Thanks so much for your input

busayo's picture

I will go for LA and NY too

Hi Tina,
It will be very interesting if you can have the two. I am working on my own too.


Busayo Obisakin
Women inspiration Development center
Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Tina's picture


Hello Busayo,
Thanks for your input. I agree. What is your story going to be on? I'd love to know your ideas.
All the best

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