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Digital Empowerment Toolkit Now Available!

At World Pulse, we recognize the need for ongoing learning—for you and for your community! Our toolkits aim to provide the resources you need to advance your social change work.

We are excited to introduce our Digital Empowerment Trainers’ Toolkit, a dynamic resource to help you bring the benefits of connecting online to women in your community. Check it out today! »

A Roadmap

How to Organize Your Story

Tell us who this person is, using quotes and narrative details. The introduction should make us want to read more and give us a bit of insight into why this activist is important.

Briefly describe the issue that your activist is working for/against. Please use statistics and gather other facts to paint a clear picture of the issue. For example, if your activist is an environmental activist working to bring clean water to your community, briefly tell us about the problem of dirty water, how many people it effects and what damages occur because of this problem.

The body of your story should include all of the details about the work your activist does - how her program works, what her greatest challenges are, what goals does she have, what goals has she achieved and what solutions has she found to combat the problem, i.e. international partnerships, community outreach projects, awareness campaigns, etc. Please use quotes from your interview throughout this section.

The conclusion of your piece should wrap up the issue and give 1 or 2 outside perspectives on this activists work. I suggest also asking one or two questions to her colleagues or people who her programs have helped so that you can demonstrate the impact she is having on her community.


Month One Assignments

I. Interview a female activist in your community and tell her story

Who is this person? What makes her unique as a person and as a professional? What are you trying to tell us about her? What issue is she addressing and how does that issues impact your community? (For example, if your activist works to eliminate human trafficking, briefly tell us how that issue confronts your community.) What solutions has she brought to her community to address those issues? What could you take from this activist that could be replicated elsewhere? What colorful details can you add to make your story come to life?


Each Correspondent will interview a female activist in her community. In preparation for this assignment:

    1. List all the women you would like to interview.
    2. Use the The Journalistic Heuristic from Chapter One to help form your angle.
    3. Post your story angles to the Classroom Group for feedback and input from your network.
    4. Narrow your list to two-three women to interview. It's important to have a back up plan in case your top choice is busy, does not want to be interviewed, or something unforeseen happens.
    5. Interview your subject.
    6. Write your story!
  • Your article should be less than 1,000 words.
  • Post your article in your personal journal on PulseWire by Sunday, July 5, 2009 at 11:59pm HCT.
  • Your title must be labeled as, "VOF Month 1: (your title)." You will place your own title in the parentheses (brackets)..
Ia.Solutions Sidebar

Share the solutions that you learned from your activist on Sharing Solutions.

When reading through a magazine or newspaper, you might notice that some articles are accompanied by a sidebar. A sidebar is a short companion piece that functions as a supplement to an article. It usually provides additional information that readers can take away from the article, or a different angle on the feature that can be quickly digested without reading the whole piece.

In addition to creating and posting a final draft of your article, your assignment is to create a sidebar for your piece. However this isn’t just any sidebar! Focus your sidebar on solutions derived from your activist’s life work and structure it to be posted on PulseWire’s Sharing Solutions.

One key factor that sets World Pulse apart from other news outlets is our emphasis on solutions-driven reporting. Throughout your process for choosing an activist, compiling interview questions and crafting your story, keep in mind the solutions learned from your activist. How can her story inspire, equip and drive your readers to take those solutions, learned and apply them to their own lives and issues?

Sharing Solutions is a space for you to contribute ideas, expertise, training manuals and best practices to the solutions library, or discover innovative solutions to daily challenges. It is a marketplace for new ideas, new strategies, new partnerships and innovative solutions. We encourage you to make use of this forum!

For your sidebar in Sharing Solutions, ask yourself these questions in relation to your activist:

Does she have an idea, process, product or expertise that will benefit others?

Does she have a process that improves or significantly reduces the cost of an existing solution?

Has she improved an existing approach that empowers those who need help to leverage their work and sustain their own benefits?

Does she have an innovative solution that offers the most potential for broad impact?

Has your activist and/or her organization created a model for success than can be shared with other communities?

Your post should be thoughtful and provocative, provide thorough coverage of the topic, and inspire readers by highlighting forces that are working for solutions. And while you can link to your article within Sharing Solutions, it should read independently as a complete post/sidebar.

How to Post in Sharing Solutions

    1. Go to Sharing Solutions
    2. Click on “Make a Post”
    3. Enter a title that briefly describes the solution you are sharing
    4. Tags: Enter words that are associated with the solution to help people find your posts
    5. Tell us about your activist's experiences. What was the problem, or what wasn't working in her community? How did she make changes? What have been the results? Does she have ideas for furthering her successes? This statement is what will bring together a new network of people!


  • Your article should be less than 500 words.
  • Electronic best practices, manuals, and presentations that your activist has created and/or uses that can be shared are encouraged.
  • Post your solution in Sharing Solutions on PulseWire by Sunday, July 5, 2009 at 11:59pm HCT.
  • Your title must be labeled as, "VOF Month 1: (your title)." You will place your own title in the parentheses (brackets)..
II. Mini-Writing Assignment

The Basic Bio

Based on the pairings below, you will interview each other via email, Skype, google chat, PulseWire, or other means. Then, you will write a short bio about your interview subject based on the interview. This writing assignment will prepare you for your more in-depth interview, which we will touch on this week and post full instructions next week.

Auma and Arda and Tina
Ayobami Olusola and CristinaQuisbert
busayo and Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman
cad_communication and Ivaldete
Dando and jap21
dr edonna and Khushbu
giftypearl.abenaab and lanjana
LIBA and ma.chona lasaca
mamaAfrica and malayapinas
Martha and Manori
olutosin and Maria de Chirikof
stella Ndugire- Mbugua and Nusrat Ara
Victoria Vorosciuc and sunita.basnet
Xthina-Avila and Tanya


  • Your short bio about your interview subject should be less than 250 words.
  • Post your article in your personal journal on PulseWire by the end of day next Tuesday June 16, 2009.
  • Choose a title that will draw the community into your story!
  • Use images if your interviewee will share.

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