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Currently, the main topic of our studies in the Access Academy is “Globalization and Religion”. We, all students have been talking lots of things about various religions. As there are students from different religions in our university, we have got the chance to know multifarious opinions about religions. I did not realize before that “Religion” is a hard topic to discuss; it is so complicated, isn’t it?

How does the globalization affect religions? In my opinion, the new generation (we) have good understanding about religions with the contribution of globalization; we do not have blind beliefs as some of people from old generations. This understanding creates peace in the world.

In our class discussions, we also discussed about “Secularization”, and it was interesting to know each other’s opinion about this topic. Therefore, I would love to know opinions of my friend’s from PulsWire regarding this theme. What will happen if all the people in this world do not follow a religion? What would happen if there were only one religion in the world?

Looking forward to know your opinions!!!!!!!


JaniceW's picture


Anu, what an interesting topic. We have women of many different religions and without a religious background here on PulseWire so I am sure you will receive some interesting feedback. I recently attended a lecture by Sir Desmond Tutu, the
South African Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town, who was a strong opponent of apartheid. He advocates peaceful human relationships through forgiveness and understanding. What struck me during his speech was the reiteration that all religions have a common foundation based on compassion, strong moral values and kindness towards your fellow man. These values serve to guide the faithful but as in any movement, there will always be fundamentalists who interpret the religious laws with an extreme viewpoint, leaving little room for a contextual or contemporary framework.

Whether from a religious background or not, we all believe in the same universal moral law of not doing harm to one another, of being decent human beings. The differences in moral ideas differs so little from one religion to another, from one country to another, from a pious person to an atheist or agnostic. If we all adhered as closely as possible to the principles of those moral laws, then I believe we would get along so much better and live in a world that is more egalitarian, embracing our commonalities rather than focussing on our differences.

Fatima Waziri's picture

As always Anu, religion is

As always Anu, religion is always a controversial topic. For me as a Nigerian, religion is a topic most people aint comfortable talking about because religion is the reason why Nigeria has experienced so many internal religious crises between the Muslims and Christians the two major religions in Nigeria. For me personally, i believe religion somewhat puts people in check because i believe most religion base there authorities on divine laws which also bothers on morality. I dont want to imagine the world where people do not believe in some kind of super natural being, it would be chaotic. As for a one world religion, i personally believe that religion is a personal thing, everyone should be allowed to believe in what ever they want to believe it. It should not be imposed or forced. People should be encouraged to investigate for themselves and draw their own conclusions.

It is important for us all to have religious tolerance, we all come from one source regardless of our beliefs, race or nationality. Like i always say, people can believe in stones if they want to as long as they don't throw their stones at me.


Maria de Chirikof's picture


I wonder at this idea of 'globalization' since it makes me worry a bit actually. I do not like the idea of becoming one people in a "secular' way as opposed to a spiritual one. While I don't call it moral law, I agree with Janice's view that there are some sort of guiding ideas no matter what you believe. And with Fatima that we do need more tolerance as a whole.

I think one reason it is hard to talk of one's religion is that many can not separate it out from their whole world view and that can lead to many misunderstandings. One thing I know is when the American missionaries came here they always asked 'how big is your village' and never seemed to understand that the idea was everything from the stars, moon, the oceans were all a part of our "village". It would be like asking 'how deep is the ocean?' or some such question and how can you answer it since it depends on which part you measure. Near the shore is less deep then other parts so it varies and they always want some "limited" answer so trying to explain about the depths of the ocean to them or how the whole world/universe is our village would not make sense to them just as their question seems just as ignorant to us. It is easy to have misunderstandings and harder to find out how to communicate with each other, so if that is what 'globalization' means in this context I am all for it.

Live and let live is a great idea that I wish was more widely embraced and it is lovely to see it happening on here and other places!


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