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Week 1 Assignment: Empowerment

Empowerment Defined
Empowerment is another way of expressing ones self-containment of power. It dictates how one perceived their circumstances in life, be they good, bad or indifferent. Whatever the life circumstances a power-filled person is able to take responsible for situations and own their part in creating life’s events.
Hence, an empowered woman is physically, emotionally and spiritually responsible for creating the life she wants without blame or shame for its outcomes.

Group Facilitation Task
As a facilitator of a sexually abused group, the first task I would undertake in my empowerment sessions, is to inform them that although they have suffered they have the power and choice to heal and overcome the effects of such abuse by owning their feelings and taking responsibility for their recovery.
The first step is to stop blaming herself and allow the self to be angry with the perpetrator. Secondly, visualize what they’d have done different to stop the abuse if they allowed themselves to have more power than their perpetrator. Third, I would ask them to write a letter to the injured part of themselves giving them permission to grieve, become angry and later to heal and see themselves in more positive sexual encounters. The third step would come after having spent much time, reflection and encouraging them to journal and read and share about positive sexual experiences.

Capabilities of Empowered Women
-I would enable them to have a power filled voice to express themselves freely.
_ I would enable them to forgive themselves and their perpetrators (at a much later step in the process or group).
-I would enable them to learn to nurture themselves and learn to enjoy pleasure, joy, harmony and contentment.
-I would enable them to learn how and when to fight back, walk away and to choose their battles wisely.
-I would enable them to feel good about themselves.
-I would enable them to experience the joy and pleasure of spiritual enlightenment.

I faced several challenges in the process of becoming an empowered. The first challenge was learning to speak and have a verbal voice, along with my silent inner voice. It was especially difficult to speak to a group of people versus one on one dialogue, and speaking in public was even more terrifying. The second challenge came after my first divorce, I had to pick up the shattered pieces of a dream and develop another one, while becoming more self-sufficient and interdependent.


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Dr. Edonna,

"Emotionally, spiritually, physically empowered to create the life one wants." - It sounds from your own experience that you have been walking your own road of empowerment. This line, "I had to pick up the shattered pieces of a dream and develop another one." relates so well the experience we have all had at one time or another. That picking up shattered pieces is part of the process isn't it. Your dedication and hard work are valuable beyond belief. Thank you for adding
your brilliance here.

Warm wishes,


dr edonna's picture

Thank you for reminding me

Thank you for reminding me that it is a part of the human experience of hope and redemption to move beyond shattered pieces and to take them to rebuild new dreams and hopes. I also appreciate your compliments and encouragement it means much to me. Last night I was reading through my journal from three years ago, and I can see that my prayers and aspirations then, are not my immediate task at hand to complete. A friend of mine said, nothing comes to a dreamer but a dream, but I always disagreed with him, that only happens if you don't revisit the dream and make it a reality.

So, to all my sisterfriends, dream and plan for the life you want and in time you will come to see how you participate in creating your own future, now that is real empowerment!!!!!!

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Dr Edonna, I have no doubt your words will speak to many members and help them take that first step towards self empowerment. But I was especially happy to see what you wrote about dreams for they can truly be a force for inspiration and motivation, that one flame that burns inside filled with hope. And without hope, we no longer have a positive and potent force to pull us through difficult times. Dreams fill us with optimism and bring forth a light of hope that can give us the courage to continue struggling against adversity, low self-image and in the absence of self-love.

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Dear Dr Edonna,
Your post has given me a push. It sounds like: Common, come out of it, you can make it, why remain in the mess. Its not over. I heard these sort of words sink down me as I read through your post. What a challenging post. Really great.
The voice of a woman who siezed her self from a total oppression and sailed her way through.
This post is more than a post, reading through it, I felt like being in a seminar room and listening to you talk. Plse, I guess, this program goes beyond this. Younger and oppressed women need such voices.
Congratulations for what you have been doing so far.
Indeed, my approach to self empowerment was abit like yours but you sound more challenging, pushfull and determined.
Once more, Congratulations.

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Great Minds Think Alike

As you thank me and cogratulate me, you know you are doing it to yourself, because you only read yourself in my words, as we heal we become like one voice, that is what I love about my sisterfriends like you, we reunite the universe!

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