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Defilement has become one of the news headlines in our local news to day. Almost everyday news of a girl defiled, as well as impregnated by her own blood relatives is becoming unbearable.

Yesterday as I was listening to the main news on our local broadcasting news, I was shocked to hear of a father who defiled his own daughter. After been defiled, the girl became paralyzed and is admitted in hospital. The father of the girl has not yet been arrested. Commenting on the same matter, Deputy Minister of community, youth and child development demanded that the father be brought to book.

Although this is not the first time for me to hear of a girl defiled, it was shocking because this girl’s future is undetermined. Assuming this beautiful girl never recovers from her paralysis, then the life of this girl is wasted and her dreams shattered. Few months ago, another young girl was raped and impregnated by her own father. This and many more defilement cases are hinting our nation. Although the government is playing an important role in ensuring that these people are arrested, the situation is alarming.

Fathers, brothers and uncles are now a threat to the young girls whom they are supposed to be protecting.

With sorrow,



LauraB's picture

Raising your voice


I believe you do something vital in the act of writing...expressing your horror for what is violent. Rather than becoming despondent, you bring this issue to a wider community.

Keep writing!


Dando's picture

Hi Laura

Thanks for your comment,

with Love

Sunny_sunshine_cloudy_Mina's picture


I'm glad you bring up an issue like that. It is horrible when someone we love turns against us because men can get a way with so many crimes. Rape isn't about pleasure, its about power. Many men must feel inadequacy if they resort to that.
Dando, as long as you never give in to their ways the world will change. Dando your cool and wonderful. Keep up that spirit and tell other women that they can fight back by giving names. You know, its good news that that was announced, that means people can't ignore it anymore, slowly men will be punished for those crimes. Bye for now.

"Fight fire with fire, you'll end up with ashes."
"A charming lady does not follow the crowd, she is herself."

Dando's picture

Hi Sunny-sunshine

You really are sunlight, you shine through the hearts of many,
I agree with you as long as we women never give in to men, we will surely change this world.

Thank you and Love you!


JaniceW's picture


Dando, it is so wonderful to see you again. We had missed you. I am so glad that you have brought this to our attention as although we often hear inspiring stories from strong women, we still have much to do in the fight for the rights of women and children. I hear the struggles of my generation but have great hope in women like you, young and idealistic, who are spreading the word and are a lot less accepting of abuse in any form. You are the ones to lead us into a hopeful future and I applaud your efforts, as I know that in countries such as Zambia, women are often intimidated into being silent. Thank you for your strength, courage and inspiration. You are a light for so many in Zambia.

Dando's picture

Hi Janice

thank you so much for your comment, You are right women are still intimited in my country, Although carrer women are speaking out, Most of the illiterate and rural women are still abused by their male companions.

I am so thankful of pulsewire because I am been empowered by all you women, and I know we will eradicate this intimidation as we continue to speak.

With Love,

JaniceW's picture


Dando, I am so glad you feel empowered on PulseWire and I know that your voice rings loud and clear throughout our community. Other members read your posts and I know they reflect upon what you write. The more educated we are about the issues facing women in Zambia, the more we can help them.

By the way, it is not very clear but when you are responding to a comment, it is best to hit the word "reply" at the bottom of their comment box as that way, they are notified by email when you post a reply. Best wishes to you,

Dando's picture

Hi Dear

Thank you so much for your correction

God bless,


Maria de Chirikof's picture

such a big issue

I am always surprised this is not talked about more since you hear how common it is everywhere. I think partly they want to focus on the more positive things and ways to create a better community so this gets slid into the background and gets hushed up.

I am always glad when it is brought out again though. Teaching the woman and girls is not enough to stop this and we must make it more widely talked about so the men can read about the devastating effects it can leave on a girl. It seems sometimes the world has been tossed upside down and it will be impossible to ever set things right again. It is why I love seeing this community grow stronger all the time. It is by working together and showing that yes we are all different, and proudly so, but reaching beyond that to make that our strength to show different views and having someone find the one they understand the best.

It is so sad for the little girl and I hope she can recover both physically and emotionally from this. Keep us posted about it,



Dando's picture

such a big issue

Hi Maria, thanks for your comment, I will keep you updated. Am yet to find an email address of the T.V station which gave us information over the issue of the girl.

Have a nice day,

nomzz's picture

Its horrible... I was surfing

Its horrible...
I was surfing through the net to get data related to web hosting but in the mean time i came here and read some artices but this one is just horrible...I dont know what to say about to whom one can believe?ARE we moving towards qyamat or doomsday?FATHER is doing that kind of CHEAP thing,,,mayb cheap is a very very small world for that kind of sin,,,y dont people arranged to think about that CORE issue?I dont think that it is enough to JUST arrest him...

Dando's picture

I don't think so either!

the government surely need to come up with other alternatives because no matter how these men are arrested, cases of defilement continue to raise. thanks for your contribution and I hope we are together in this fight.

with Love Dando

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