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Violence against men

Our press nowadays is full of stories of men purporting to have been battered by women, am not saying that its ok for a man to be battered what am trying to drive home is that this is an insult to the women folks. Why am saying this is that there are so many women being battered but this is not talked about its a way of life in Africa so to speak. In my own perspective cases of men being battered is one out of a hundred. Women suffer in silence men beat their wives and no one speaks about it as if its ok for women to be beaten am sick and tired of hearing this stories. One case of a man being battered is drawn out of proportion and they want to make us believe that its happening more than on women. Its a sensitive issue that needs to be spoken and taken care of with lots of caution.
One thing I know for sure is that most men who suffer violence are the lazy ones who do not want to take responsibility and they want things to go on as usual. It is not possible to treat a man with dignity when he is just lazying around. A woman gives birth, takes care of kids and family and to crown it all works for the family to make ends meet. Such a woman is frustrated and sees herself as a slave and in such a case what does the man do. wake up late, roams around with friends, idles around without fending for his family and when the wife asks for an explanation he says that she is violating his right. I have seen it happen and it offends me to see that such men make their wives life unbearable and yet they want to have sex at night as if nothing is wrong shame on them.
Can someone convince me that this is not happening in other places and that there are minority cases.


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Silence is deadly. But you have spoken as do many, many members here and people across the globe. I can't t convince you this is not happening in other places. I am sure it is. But, I think your anger can be a catalyst for change. In my own life and many lives around me, I see men participating in the family life. Not always, but I do see lots of power sharing and kindness between fathers, mothers and children.

I hope that you find empowerment by raising your voice here.

In peace,

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Our neighbors are like that.

Our neighbors are like that. I joke around by telling my friends that this is gender equality (since he beats her and she beats him back) , but it's just sad. It's really painful to hear the screams of their kids. It happens a few times a week!
I agree with you both, it happens in many places.

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