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Nurturing New Mothers

Yesterday I was saddened and encouraged by the sight of a new mother and here one week old baby. It was obvious that the mother was still recovering from having given labor by the way she walked. I offered to help her because I could see that she was struggling. Imagine my sisters in the West who have given birth, riding a motorcycle after only one week of birth.

I assisted her up the hill where we both live, and realized she still had far to go carrying a baby and a bag. I asked here to get further transportation up the hill only to realize, she didn't have the money to pay for it. I'd already felt helpless to assist another human being, who laid only a 100 yards away stretched out on a mattress with the spirit having left his body to begin is ascension towards the inevitable decay, as it waited for the wife to come and claim here husband who'd decided to take his life. His body was beiing displayed for all the immediate community and drive bys to see, what happens when we lose hope and the strength to go on.

So, when I saw this mother, I felt it was my opportunity to assist someone who needed help before they lose hope. I was struck by the strength of this mother and all mothers who continue to endure despite the challenges. Seeing the contrast of the young man who'd given up hope and the mother struggling to hold on to hope, the hope of her child and the love she would impart to it. What is so ironic is the the young man took his life while his wife was at a women's group for economic development. She was seeking out help and hope beyond her husband, but wallowed in self pity and lost all hope.

And it struck me, how powerfilled we women truly are and become more so the encouragement of each other. It also made me realize how we need to spend more time nurturing new mothers and giving them hope and courage at a time when they are called on to give so much of themselves. Giving to others gives us the strength to keep going even in the face of challenges.

So, I challenge you my sisterfriends around the world to reach out to a new mother today, and any person who can use an encouraging word to keep going and know that a better day is coming. Transform challenging energy into positive energy and then the power of love begins to flow into infinity, do stop keeping on!!! Keep nurturing the world with love!


Jocelynbrazil's picture

Transforming Energy!!!

Dr. Edonna,
YES!!! I really appreciate this idea of transforming challenging energy into positive energy and I am so moved by your description of the new mother you met. I, too, believe that new mother's need tremendous support and nurturing from other women and men in their community since their primary job in that moment and for the past nine months has been the nurturing of another to grow. It is such a tremendous and unique gift women give to the planet as we continue the human species. Thank you for your insights.
Much love for the journey,

Maria de Chirikof's picture


I loved your article, it was touching and also inspired us to get more involved too. I thought it was beautiful that you helped the woman up the hill.

I had an experience like that once when I had the girls, the oldest was 4, the twins 3 and the youngest a baby and going to the store was a nightmare! I lived on the third floor of a security building and had to do a sort of relay thing to get us first out the door, to the elevator, into the elevator, off the elevator, to the top of the stairs, down the stairs to the inside locked doors, to the mail area to the outside the doors, to the car, and again back again but those times with a weeks worth of groceries. Quite tiring and I wont even mention the shopping itself. Most people looked the other way or pretended they did not see me struggling to get everything but one day a group of teens living on the same floor as me saw me and stopped to help. What usually took me about half an hour to accomplish was done in a few minutes. I think they got embarrassed at how grateful I was to them!

It is true that a little thing like helping her up the hill can renew her faith in people!



dr edonna's picture

Doing More

Wow! That prepared you for homeschooling them all. Yes, parenting makes us all stronger. Then there are the moments when you are doing it all and loving it, like when I was still nursing my three year old, and the 4 month old, each were on a breast, with my two hands because of having them in slings, I was on the phone organizing and international event with a bottle in another babies mouth, of that I was proud of myself. This was one of my hectic mother proud days! What I felt bad about was not being able to do more, like give her a little money for food.


What a powerful voice you have! Your compassion and encouragement are so inspiring. I want to invite you to share this post with a group on PulseWire called Cradle, which provides a space for mothers around the world to share advice and wisdom about raising children. The group would greatly benefit from your words!

Here is link to join the group:

Feel free to post anything you would like in the group journal, including this entry or anything else you have already written. I look forward to hearing more!

All my best,

dr edonna's picture

Ankhs to you

Ankhs, to you for your gracious words, I have taken your suggestion and added another posting, a prayer to the Divine Mother, hope you also enjoy it. I wrote it three years ago.

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