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A woman assaulted at the middle of busy road in Kathmandu

Yesterday I came across a link in facebook where was the story of a woman assaulted at the middle of the busy street in Kathmandu, Ratnapark at around 9 pm. First they ripped off all her clothes and then they dragged her to the whole city. The Metropolitan city police 30 seconds away from the place of the incident took 30 minutes to reach there. When they reached there the woman was naked and was beaten up very badly at vital organs as well. The other people were also there but they did not take any action against those brutal men who assaulted her very badly, she kept on shouting for help but the whole city had gone deaf. The police did not take any action against those men and the assaulted woman has not filed case against those men fearing the social outcast. So the woman’s voice remains unheard and the woman is not given justice. The men punished her blaming for being characterless but they have no right to punish. The impunity in this country is increasing day by day.

This is not just the case of one woman and there are many other cases which never come to the light. This case has not been covered by the so called “Responsible Media” of this nation. This news came through the citizen journalism which left me speechless. This story hit me as there could be other women as well, there could have been my mother, sister, my friends and me as well and if we sit still like this then who knows who will be the next victim. So we need to take action against it so I request the woman worldwide to suggest how can we work on minimizing these situations not only in Nepal but worldwide.

To view the whole post please visit the link:

The post is written in Nepali but there are pictures showing the brutal men and the victimized woman, the face of woman has been blurred.

I request all of you to provide feedback, suggestions and comments regarding this and what can be done to minimize these brutal behaviors.


Maria de Chirikof's picture

So disgraceful

Empathy is something we need to seriously bring back into the hearts of everyone. It is partly this western idea of 'self' where you put your own wants and needs ahead of the community. It is something that needs to be highlighted and explained that it is meant to destroy cultures and not "modern" at all. I get so angry at this kind of thing!

Looking at the pictures of the bystanders it seemed mostly men and how sad they let this happen. If not for their culture and community we need to explain next it will you your mother, sister, daughter or wife who is brutalized by this. To bring Pride back, in the right way, instead of this foolish and cowardly thing that is happening.

Pride in your culture can only truly begin when we never let something like this occur without shouting for it to stop. Even if it means they turn on you. Enough together will force these cowards to back off. And make no mistake, it is a cowards job to gang up on anyone.

How do we avoid it? We need to bring back the idea of community and in a real way. Maybe write a letter to the editor that this next week will be 'smile at a stranger' or something simple and easy that you don't have to go out of your way for. Then try to keep it going with other things.

Daring to speak up is the only way to stop it from happening. Until we can change the hearts and mood of the people so they can truly see that Justice and Beauty are alive and real and in their own hearts, however dulled by apathy. Turning from hate and violence to a feeling of calm is not easy but only at first, all it takes is one person willing to speak up for someone else.

Don't you hate how it sounds like that fake platitudes instead of something real? It is part of our work to create this change of mood around the world! Have you read that OP-ED Project pages? It says many diplomats, etc. read the op-eds and that is how we can reach them directly. Let's all work our hardest to be good enough to be printed!

Sorry and hugs for your country that such awful things continue to happen! We are praying with you and for you!


lanjana's picture

Dear Maria Thank you for your

Dear Maria

Thank you for your prompt response, i will go through the OP-ED project pages that you sent and will keep you updating


Dear Anjana,
I am trying several times to comment regarding you post but there is something problem in my computer. I need to type same things several times. Anyway thanks for your post. Anjana these days you seemed so busy. Do you have any exam? I am little busy because I have only 24 days class and it’s our final semester. I will email you sometimes so keep your eyes open to hotmail too.

I have also post the same post in my journal in title “WHAT AN EXTREMENESS OF ATROCITY? IS THIS HUMANITY?" There are pictures too. If anyone is interested to see the picture you can visit in my profile. I know for some people it might be hard to see the picture. This is an effective way to inspire other to learn about the situation.
I am wondering about the victims. Is there any update news about her? Where is she now? How is she?

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

lanjana's picture

Hi Sunita I have been little

Hi Sunita

I have been little busy with my work and studies nad my office is shifting so its kind of hectic and have some program for environment day,I have tried to contact the writer and the person who forwarded tht link will keep you updated if I get any more info on it. And we need to plan for our meeting on July as well


Dando's picture

Hi Anjana

I am just from looking at the photo of the woman,
it is really a shame for men in this era to act like that.
Is that surely how a human being can be treated. Those men have no regard for a woman and have no self- dignity.

I want to agree with Maria, they only way to stop this is by speaking up. In my country when some people are not happy about a certain issue, they do a peaceful demonstration.Before the day of the event they inform relevant authorities such as the police, they also invite the media especially the private media so that they carry out a peaceful demonstration. Inviting the media is the only way government is going to be aware that people are not happy and need change.

We LOVE You and will be with you till we see change.


lanjana's picture

Dear Dando Thank you for your

Dear Dando

Thank you for your suggestions, we bunch of people are doing more investigation on this issue and will certainly raise voice against it.

Will keep you updated


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