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Conceptualizing the internet, changing the world , vision, and us


Hallo Hallo Hallo:)

I will begin this post with an introduction. So over the past few months I have been conducting extensive research in web 2.0 technology, what drives this almost philosophical movement online? In addition to this tech research I have also been studying into our websites three topical areas HIV/AIDS. Water Resources, and Human Trafficking. A few important questions come to my min d. The questions that come to my mind are: How should we really utilize what we have at our hands (PulseWire)? What kinds of change can begin to happen? I’m just one person, how can I do anything about these global issues? Where do I begin? How can Web 2.0 effectively be used to change the world? What is effective change… can it even be measured? What the hek is web 2.0? I’m intimidated by all of these professionals, how do I meet people? The list really goes on.

Let us begin with this… Web 2.0 for all intensive purposes is the second generation of the Internet and its connectivity potential… "an idea in people's heads rather than a reality. It’s actually an idea that the reciprocity between the user and the provider is what's emphasized. In other words, genuine interactivity if you like, simply because people can upload as well as download." The truth is that it is not so much an idea as it is and it is what it is. Web 2.0 consists of social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Stumble upon, blogging, video blogging, mobile connectivity, social networks, wall posting, and possessing the ability to upload and download items, images—you name it. In my mind web 2.0 is the opportunity granted by the internet and various websites for people to relate to each other however they choose to, whether it be as one would at a coffee house or how one would interact with peers in a play. You can do anything and potentially connect with anyone!!! Exciting right?

The question that really has been impacting my thoughts recently pertains to how we can really begin changing this planet through our social community. I view PulseWire as kindergarten—Right now we are all new to this site and each other, we cannot possibly be best friends with everyone. However, like in kindergarten we all need to begin hanging out with each other a bit, chatting, throwing around ideas, just communicating, getting the ball rolling, posting, and commenting so that we can develop into a new formative stage. Once we have begun this process, slowly but surely each one of us on the website will begin to discover which people we each want to deepen contact with. It’s not easy but hey neither is kindergarten, right? It is through these ties and checking ResourceExchang, Journals, and voicesRising that we start to move forward. This is a form of change. Also, the ability to hear the needs of people and share what you can share is the cornerstone of change itself. Change happens through relationships and as far as I am concerned—we live life to maintain relationships. The planet will change if we say it will and start doing whatever we as individuals can. Everyone has something to offer from wisdom to ideas to physical items. We all have largish networks of peers who may have things to offer; we all have individual characteristics and progressive minds. We’re all change agents and we need to all work together to start forming solutions. Share, Exchange, Inspire, Grow, Breath, Focus, Drive, Open… take these words to mean what you will.

Web 2.0 allows us change agents to be in the same classes which means we can present ideas together, be activists together, share feedback and ideas together. Exciting! Just like anything else… YOU make web 2.0 do what you want it to do. Once you see how it works, the possibilities are endless for driven people like all of you on PulseWire. Effective change can be measured by how much input you brought to the table and only you can determine that.

How do I meet people? Post a journal, open up, say what is on your mind to someone, don’t be timid… this is the beauty of the social internet. Comment on other peoples journals and help another feel heard. Pay it forward and you will receive as well. Friend a stranger. For all you know, this person may change your life tomorrow, be optimistic. Change and friendships take time but with time beautiful progress is always made.

Now that I have just babbled for a bit I want to hear how you the readers see change happening through the utilization of PulseWire or Web 2.0 or anything, shit write you mind off? I want to know why this site is so appealing to you and how you want to use it? I want to know what the internet means to you all; how you see it progressing forward? I want to hear you reactions to current events...Just spout off. This is no survey… This is a chance to get the ball rolling and for you to unleash thoughts; we can all brainstorm together as a community.

Brian Fiore

P.S. On a totally tangential side-note… Has anyone here seen the movies amores perros and or Faye Grim? HAHAH. Also, Go HAWKS! Also, How scary is google. I mean... dang! I actually think google is going to eat the world! ahhh!

P.S. Attached is radioheads new album for downloading... maybe if it worked.



Goldie Davich's picture

tangential side-comment

Have you seen "no country for old men"?

Radiohead is a champion of Web 2.0

I am down with what you have to say about PulseWire.

Google scary? If by scary you mean all powerful, all knowing, and brilliant.

Then yes. Scary awesome.

Goldie Davich, PulseWire Online Intern

BrianFiore's picture

Hahaha much appreciated

I have seen "no country for old men" and in fact I loved it. Actually, the movie stays true to the book--hence no soundtrack and minimal dialog along with a totally uneventful cap off. I loved it though! The antagonist is terrifying. Man o' man I love Radiohead and their new album rocks... reckoner is an incredible song! By the way to all who read this... pardon the typos in my last posting.

Where are you all at share with us if you choose.

Brian, PulseWire

Goldie Davich's picture

by the way...

Would you mind starting a conversation about Google in the Web 2.0 group.

I would like very much to engage in a dialog about our excitement, fear, appreciating, and disappointment with Google.

What do you think?

Goldie Davich, PulseWire Online Intern

Gene's picture

Great Interface

Thanks for being here to help people with Web 2.0.

I have had trouble gettin my profile picture changed. It is an image 350x500 px or so and has to be uploaded first. I checked the box where is says delete, but maybe the default image cannot be deleted.

I am thinking now, I should have started a new topic (I am not sure if I can even START a new topic or of ouly you can start them, But this one more time, I will leave it here.

Good Luck with this venture


BrianFiore's picture

Goldie You are a rockstar

The answer to you last question is yes,
I would love to start a conversation pertaining to google and web 2.0!

Hey Gene,

I added my comments to your posting on you journal entry. Also, the best way right now to keep site interactivity alive is to keep journals flowing and dialog threads responding. They say humans have 10 original thoughts a week. Take from this potentially off comment what you will.



Gene's picture

Get Dialogue Flowing

Brian, I see you enthusiasm and actually trust. You are trusting that the chaos we case with blogs and comments goes somewhere. I will put the rest on my Journal Page.


Cynthia Casas's picture

I loved reading your post

you're spot on with just about everything except . . . google. I still have hope that it can be a force for good. at least there'll be to keep in check.

keep those beautiful and random thoughts coming, bro.

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