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When we think and talk about Nepal as a Nepalese, we are proud in many things in many ways. We are proud to be the people of highest peak in the world- Mount Everest. We are proud being a country of Buddha’s birth place. We are also proud to have second largest water resources in the world. Further, we are proud to live multi cultural diversity with full of natural beauty.

But currently, Nepal is also known as the most populated country in the world. Sadly, peace land of Buddha’s has turned into various forms of violence against women. There is much news about rural Nepali women but what about women’s position in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. Isn’t there any violence against women? Today I found heart touching stories about women in Kathmandu. A woman was naked in front of public four days ago, but still today there is no news about her.

A woman was tortured by a group of people. They didn’t only tortured but also tore her clothes, make naked and round Ratnapark, a city in Kathmandu. The situation is more miserable than rural women’s situation. If you looked at the picture, I believed you will also feel so.

According to the article, “What an extremeness of atrocity? Is this humanity?” published in website illustrates that the violation against women in Kathmandu. No one knows what her name, and where she is from, but she looks like 35 years old. At first they blamed her as character less women and hit in her arm, body, leg and head.
According to the author, women was crying and requesting for a help. “Help, Help, They are killing me” but her voice remains unheard. There was no one to help her. It was surprising that police station was only 50 meter far from the incident but police were unknown about this situation.

The police station was only 30 second far but police took half an hour to reach. Police didn’t arrest any one.
No one tries to help her although there were many people. You can see in the photos.
Source of news and photos




jap21's picture

Really violent

This is the crude reality and the perfect example of violent behaviour being nurtured by a kindness-blind society. It is not the only country where this is hapenning. That is what is sad about it. That is the reason why we must all foster non violent behaviour. Wherever we go, whatever we do, let us be the living example of non violence.

Violence always starts with threatening words. Then it goes on to cursing and threatening to use other instruments besides the hands, and then it is like a virus, it spreads on people until they don't realize how violent they are anymore, and they commit crimes and murders alleging they were 'harassed'. In the very end, the victimizing becomes the victim.

This is why when confronted with violence, we must always recognize this actually IS violent behaviour, and stop.

If we can show the rest involved that we can effectively stop talking outloud, to begin talking in more compassionate ways, they do change their thinking, try it out.

It is better to start somewhere than not to start at all. So, let us begin with ourselves. Being and preaching non violence is the best way to begin our quest.



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

sunita.basnet's picture

Ofcourse, Extreme Violence

Dear Jackie,
How are you my friend. Today I got a letter from my mentor, and I am very excitied. I am also waiting to hear from her.
About the post, Yes, you are true. it's violent, and we don't want any more, but it frequently exist in our community. It's embressing Mass Media is senseless and quite and journalism citizen are raising their voice.
you are right nothig is better than something. World pulse is a way to start raising our voice against violence than not to start at all.

Jackie, When I was posting comment I didn't have enough time so today I am adding some more. Today Anjana has also post about it. you can also visit in her profile to know about the victims but there is no update news about the victims. How do you do friend?
Hope there will be peace in the world.

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

Medina K's picture


It is very difficult to see these pictures, but it helps to expand peoples' awareness of the types of horrible things that women are going through all over the world. It can inspire them to learn more in order to take the steps to keep it from happening. I think what Jackie was saying was very important and true because changing violence and nurturing peace begins within the heart...
When I was younger, I had a temper. I didn't even know that I had a temper, but it was something that I, as a child, had inherited growing up in a home with a violent parent. As I grew older and made more friends and developed close relationships with other women, it was like I had a mirror held up to me. My consciousness changed. I realized that I was becoming a person that was not who I truly am. In my late teen years, I went through deep self-examination. And it took a lot of meditation, writing, music, and art to figure out what it was that I wanted---who I wanted to be. And I recognized that although I was not physically violent, my mentality was negative. It took a lot of inward cultivation to find and develop my deeper self---the true self that has a big heart and compassion for every human being. But it took really intimate friendships and personal hardships to come to a higher consciousness. So I know, on a personal level, what it feels like to overcome violence to find peace. It is something that it must begin inside.
When angry mobs form (like the kind that perpetrated the horrendous acts of violence toward this woman in Nepal), there is no more thought or reflection. It ceases to exist. People unite with almost beast-like mentality to devour a person or people, body and soul. It's a giant bomb of negativity. And that negativity and violence is very cyclical. It is a strong cycle that is hard to break through, especially if everyone around is violent. But, I believe, it can take one compassionate person with higher vision in a group to show a different way. A peaceful way. Many times that person does it at the risk of her own life. Even if that person is persecuted for going against the ocean of violence, it is enough if it made even One other person see a glimpse of peace/love.
Anyway, despite the tumult of violence that women witness around the world, there is always hope to break free from this and embrace a peaceful vision.

"Only from the heart can you touch the sky."~Rumi

sunita.basnet's picture

Hope so.....

Dear Medina,
First of all, thank you so much for your comments and spending time reading my post. I can understand you. These pictures are heart touching and difficult to see, but as you said I believe it is an effective way to grab people’s attention. Anjana, one of the world pulse member from Nepal also write about this situation yesterday. If you want to read the post you can click here:-

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

Terry's picture

Very sad indeed!

This is so so sad, that men have the audacity to undress a woman in public and beat her up. Where did the morals and respect for a woman suddenly vanish to. It is like a similar story i read about a girl in Somalia. She was stoned to death because she was accused of adultery, yet, she had been gang raped and the society turned against her. The men who raped her were not arrested, instead, they killed her for a crime she had no control over. Where is the world heading to??? How many more stories are untold of women suffering? What are the laws of the country doing to help? the situation.

My heart goes out to that woman, the emotional and physical torture she went through is unbearable but i pray that she will be well and that justice will prevail on her behalf. Journalists in Nepal should not keep quiet, they should talk about her story daily, and maybe, just maybe, it will catch someones attention in the high office and some justice will be done.


Terry Shiundu

Dear Terry,
Yes, it’s embarrassing as a human being to be naked in public area. I also didn’t know, is it for those types of people’s satisfaction or something else? I don’t know what they want to prove by doing all these behavior? How do these people expect respect from others? Oh I am so sorry to hear about a girl in Somalia. Dear TS, I can understand you, but I don’t have your answer. I am sorry for that Instead I do have same questions?
Yes, the truth is painful. Hope so but still there is no news about her. If this is a condition of Katmandu, the capital city of Nepal then what can we expect about other remote area. How will our mothers, sisters and neighbors living?

Hope these types of situation will vanish very soon from Nepal, and there will be peace for all.

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

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