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Working Creatively

As I read other entries this morning about various women and their concerns and questions. I am inspired to add to the dialogue. I just spent last night with another fellow pulsewire member as well as dancer and friend discussing a loss of female conversation. Then, I spent the morning reading and talking with women from around the world and I discovered that a huge community is available to me here. So, I thought I would share my quesions and dialogue with you.

We spent a lot of time discussing our desire for a stronger dance community in Portland, more dailly classes and a stronger female community. Any suggestions? Any insights? Feel free to share.

These topics arose because I am currently working on a solo piece at the moment about female memory. I am struggling on many folds. One being, how to construct time and space to consistently work. Any suggestions? Distraction seems so constant.

The second being, a continual debate that I am having with myself on the topic of memory, particulary dealing with the lost women in our lives. How much of memory is b/c we have deemed to be that way? And how much of memory is a haunting force that tweaks and aches to be heard? How much is lost and more than this, how is any of this relavant and/or important?
Any thoughts on the subjects, any suggestions? Any stories or women that spring to mind here?

Okay thanks for listening to my thoughts and rambles.
Happy Wednesday,


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I wonder if the way we are conversing is changing, but our need to discuss and create dialogue hasn't gone away.
I am so with you about having a community to share and bond with.

You said, Memory- lost women in our lives- memory that tweaks and aches to be heard.
I have been doing artwork around the my ancestors and memory. I have photos of quite a few generations back...women I'd never heard about until recently with anecdotal family history. My great grandmother's
photo and story struck me because I wondered if she had lost her voice. I did some collages with her face
in Kenya- I thought she might like the warmth and dry land. I collaged her in many ways, places, for different reasons.
It was amazing that I felt this bond with a woman I had never met nor heard about. Later I heard a story through my mother telling me, "She lost her voice- she was overpowered by her mother-in-law who ran the show." Somehow my body had already known this....and I wanted to set it right for her, just a little bit. I don't know if life works that way- if
we can reach back behind us and retell the stories, but I like the idea.

I'm also working on a piece regarding Native I've researched I've been struck with the amazing names
of the Native American chiefs- Red Cloud, Black Hawk, Conquering Bear-powerful, proclaiming names. Researching women- captions such as Crow woman, Puebla young girl, Nez Perce maiden. Hmm, no names. A woman without a name. How is her story told without a personal identity? And what does it do to her memory and in return how
the living bring forth her story.

Thanks for listening. I want to hear more about memory in regards to the female body through dance. I am wondering where and when your performance will be?



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just made me think of this...

Hi Anna

Reading your post made me think of a song by Po' Girl, a group of women musicians based around the Vancouver area. The name of the song is Prarie Girl Gone.
It is a story about the life of a girl whose parent's were immigrants and she grew up on the praries of Saskatchewan and eventually became a teacher....and now her grand-daughter is singing about her as she has lost her memory....

"now grandma lives in an old folks' home, such a shame cause she's still so young..
sometimes she's scared when friends and family come, don't know who we are and why we won't leave her alone....
I sing the songs that she taught to me, I see her the way she used to be,
I can still remember all her stories, I'm her living breathing memory (x2)....

just a little snippet. I am sure you could hear a bit on iTunes or something.
I hope that your dance goes well.

I was just reading your post over again, and I think this song came to mind because this woman, and her life are not lost because her grand-daughter remembering her is her "living, breathing memory" for her. So, these women that we lose in life don't need to be forgotten or lost.
keep me posted!!!

many blessings!

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality."
— John Lennon

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In response

Regarding your question about a stronger dance community---you could create a women's dance collective! Right now I'm part of a women's health collective and we found a free space to get together on a bi-weekly basis to discuss/marinate ideas/have fun. We're very rooted in alternative/wise woman models of health--away from conventional medicine. So we focus on herbalism, midwifery, etc. It's just a time for a group of women to get together in a space and share. We've also invited guests to come and share knowledge. I've found that it's a wonderful community, even though it's quite small (about 10-women strong now). I'm sure you have plenty of dancer friends with whom to begin the journey. I hope this helps! Happy Dancing!


"Only from the heart can you touch the sky."~Rumi

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