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"If accountability means bankruptcy, then so be it,"

I was reading Yahoo news again and came across this article:

It talks about those who suffered emotional, physical and sexual abuse and their fight for their rights. It is funny how it is set up though, where normally people would be supportive and vocal about this but the problem arises because the perpetrators are the Catholic Church. Suddenly, it seems, that to speak up would be somehow a sin against God himself.

This is a call to remind others that Jesus would be the first, loudest and most active to stop this and correct this total abuse of power. It is a travesty that they do these heinous crimes and do it under the name of God.

It seems everywhere they have gone in the world they have done this same sort of thing. So, one must begin asking oneself some serious questions about this. Is it to help and bring people to God that they go to these places? From the evidence it would seem that they go there to demoralize and ruin generations of these cultures to weaken a whole culture, so it seems it is for power on Earth for themselves that they do this. Is not our faith to strengthen our souls and bring us to a place of Peace and compassion?

I have stated many times that I was raised in the Russian Orthodox faith and have known and seen the beauty of Jesus but also that he is not my God. It seems whenever you try to say how wrong this is that you become accused of being against God when it is just the way this one church system has set itself up to demoralize and destroy people. That they dare to do it under the name of God really upsets me.

I firmly believe that everyone can get to know Jesus, or any other God/Goddess without the aid of another human. So if you are a Christian please pray to Jesus for guidance in this matter. If you listen with your heart you will see that He has been calling you to stop this inhumane treatment. I do not want Christians having to stop being Christians, that is not my goal at all. My desire is for these crimes by the Catholic Church to stop and for those who suffered (I am not one of them by the way, just a concerned and caring individual) to be compensated in a fair and just way.

In trying to bring Justice back into the world, I feel it will go faster if I speak out against the injustice I see around me. No one or no system is perfect, that we all know to be true. But when a group has been doing the same sort of things for hundreds of years then we must really stop and ask ourselves if this is right or should it be stopped? Secrecy is how they continue and we must thrust them boldly into the Light so they themselves can see their souls true filth as we see them.

I loved that one line the abuse survivor wrote: "If accountability means bankruptcy, then so be it," Is not poverty one of the things they say for everyone, except themselves of course. Imagine how we are bringing them closer to God by holding them accountable...



aliĝngix's picture

Feel an empathy

I feel connected to this event because of what happened to Alaska Natives up here. They spoke out about it, but I'm not sure how much attention it caught. I mean, was it world wide or just state wide? Anyway, I feel deeply concerned that the church is doing this, paying up for mistakes, giving bribes in hopes of what, covering the acts of it's brethren that were charged with the safety of their charges?
That cat is already out of the bag, and it is futile to keep giving out money because it doesn't solve a thing, not in the long run anyway. I think the church should stop these acts of violence and sin that is against their God's command.
Really, what are they trying to protect? Their image? Can't be that. Their followers maybe? By setting such a fine example?
You are a church, you lead the way for all who attribute their selves to this faith, and if this is the standard....I feel very sorry for the future of children under their care anywhere.
Thanks for posting. See ya around.

Maria de Chirikof's picture


Isn't it very curious how it seems to work? Like with the native children who suffered from them and took them to court for it. If they do something everywhere they go then it seems only natural that this is somehow an idea that is embraced by them as a whole, right?

I mean, how do they pick priests and such, is there no screening involved? If not,, then they have been misunderstanding exactly what a priest should do and be and if so, then we have to wonder why they let such people become representatives for them and for "God".

Too often people hide behind God to do evil and we must expose them for what they are. While no one can say how another should live, there are some things that are part of a natural law rather then a man-made one. We can tell by history how they used this 'power of God' for their own political and personal ambitions and yet it does not change. We must really bring Truth and Justice back into the world.



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