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Winning Sotokoto Marathon


Wao..! I did it. Yesterday was a day my heart was raised up with joy. I did Half Marathon and was number three in the category of 40-56.
How encouraging to those who feel that they are old. I started my runs last year which brings the women and men of good will to share out what we can with the less privileged.
I am sure someone will be touched like Janice Wong who did post us some donation to go towards helping in our cause. May Almighty bless her abundantly.
Our friends have also pledged some donations to assist in our end month visit to the needy families.
We have so many requests from the needy girls. Lets join hands and we will touch someones heart.
Through your sharing we will be able to uplift the girls lives at least with the basics needs
Yesterday, as I was going up and down the hills I knew it was for a worthy cause. It was Not easy but with a vision and a goal to accomplish I had to go to the finishing line.
Sole Sistas, Ciku and I did it for you.
Lets keep the fire burning.
Sole Sista,




Maria de Chirikof's picture


Oh, what a perfect article to read today when we are enjoying a lazy holiday here. Congratulations to all the Sole Sistas and we will help fan the flames to keep your fires burning bright and fierce,



consolata's picture


Hi Maria,
How I miss the holiday season. Its good sometime to take sometime off the busy schedule and just spoil yourself,but this should Not be too long.
I thank God that you had time to write me a line to inspire me. You are wonderful girl. Having people to chear you is encouraging.
When will you be joining sole sistas. Pliiz..Join us. You will enjoy the fun of it. Start as a fun game and with time you will be so engrosed to it you want to compete for a Marathon. You can, trust me.
Lets move together,
Sole Sista,

jap21's picture

This is an example for life

Cheers to our Sole Sistas! I feel very small when confronted with such beautiful feelings AND ACTIONS! This is an example we should all follow. Let us build up the guts to do it. Step by step, little by little, let us take action. (I should repeat this to myself often enough so I get my lazy butt to the field).

Thanks for being my example.



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

consolata's picture

Please dont

Dear Jackie,
Dont ever, ever feel small. You are huge in your small ways. I am encouraged by your beautiful line.. Step by step... Wao, that how I started. Chiku kept on telling me start by 3 km then to 5 then 10, 15 and Now 21!!. I didnt know I can go to that level. Trust me it is all in the mind.
Kindly join Sole sistas and we share the fun.
Sole Sista,

jap21's picture


I will join sole sistas... Although I don't run! With the hope of a new beginning for my body.



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

consolata's picture

Ah... Welcome

Dear Jackie,
One More baby girl...Yaaaahh...!
I feel encouraged when we have new borns in our extended family.
Jackie thats is the beginging. To shape up! Come on lets move.
Can start by walking and for sure at the end of the year you will look back and say..Waooo! You will leave the clothes you are wearing to a smaller size.
It is possible.. Try it.. we are hear to encourage you.
Warms Hugs,
Sole Sista,

jap21's picture


Promise I'll walk to school today to pick up my daughter. It is not so far from here.



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

JaniceW's picture

Woo-hoo! Third place!

Wow, that is so amazing to come third in your category. I am so proud of you and Chiku. A big hug to you both and thank you so much for all that you do for your community. You are both an inspiration.

consolata's picture

Thanks dear

Dear Janice,
How good it feels when one accomplish a goal? When I took part in this Marathon, I had told my mind I dont have any choice but to finish the race.
I have really gotten alot of support from friends who thought at the age of 40, there is nothing much we can do. As you know life start at 40, I am bound to do so many things to uplight peoples lives.
The reason I had to win the Half Marathon.
I have told friends of your kind donation and many are topping it up. Will let you know how much it will close at.
I can only say asante sana ( Thanks so much).
I am remembering you in Prayer that Almighty bless you and add you more.
Loving and warm Hugs,

Darcey's picture


Oh, Consolata, that is wonderful! What a great example of using all of you to benefit others!!
I will talk to you soon!!!!
much love to you sista!

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality."
— John Lennon

consolata's picture


Dear Darcey,
Welcome to Sole Sistas.
You will really experience the joy and Love in this group. Touching someones life by running out there is Not easy but whatever is done with love God always intervene and gives strength.
I am glad that you were touched by our action. You know what?
Because we share the same vision. Lets go and dont turn back.
How good it would feel if through our run, we are able to assist the girls who are dropping out of schools simply because they can not afford sanitary towels?
This is the reason I joined the Sole Sistas. I believe you also have a set goal to fulfil.
Lets go Darcey
Lots of Love and warm Hugs,
Sole Sista,

shiku steve's picture

first and perfect!

Consolata Iam trully proud of you! that was your first official marathon and you did it so so well.I was amazed! lazy sole sistas,you better wake up and `behave' ! I say like I mean it.We have to use our sweat to bless the needy.Those who have not joined sole sistas yet-come in and lets sweat together for the needy.Its fun and fulfilling.
Janice Wong I owe you a line or two of gratitude.Check it out soon.

Love Shiku

consolata's picture

All FOR His Glory

Dear Chiku,
Remember your kind words always... Go ,go and dont look back. Ever since I know nothing is impossible.You are search a wonderful couch. How I wish all the Sole Sistas are near. I think you could have inspired them all. You got me from far.. Remember I was just walking.. told me its okey. When I did my first 3kms I was panting and sweating I was worried. Told me to never go back. I added 2mks and from there I made up my mind to add a km each an every time am doing a run.
This has lead me to the finishing line of 21km!
My age mates, where are you? Start from someone to a full marathon. Yes its all in the mind.
Lets support each other my dear for the sake of the needy people in our community.

aliĝngix's picture


I can't imagine running in the heat and open spaces.You must be so proud of yourself! Cheers and best wishes, to what you and what you worked for too!

consolata's picture


Dear Aligngix,
The name is so so hard ..oh my God. Any how, I am glad for the encouraging line you dropped me. Though we are proud of this, I wish to also encourage you to jump in the moving vehicle and we move on.
The heat and the open space reminds us of the goal we have set. It is Not easy dear and especially at my age but know what? When we remember we are to assist girls through the pledges from friends when they see the certificate we have no choice but to run, and run to the finishing point.
I have already gotten surprice gifts from the friends and all to be passed on to the girls.
Janice Wong started the Kitty and I believe more are to join in.
Lets join hands for the sake of our girls.

jadefrank's picture


Congratulations to you and Ciku for mastering the marathon! You are both such inspirations, not just as runners, but as Sole Sistas!

For those of you reading this article who are not familiar with Sole Sistas, please check out the PulseWire Group:


consolata's picture

Thanks so much Girl

Dear Jade,
Yes we are Sole Sistas who want to touch someones life. Do you love keep fit? Dear, I started from there. Then come the idea of the girls and the way we can uplight them.
It feels good when you know you are keeping fit as you touch someone heart. Imagine I wearing a size 16 now a size 12! weweee..
My friends tells me I look 25. Many have started jogging when they realise I am really looking g..
You are most welcome to Sole Sistas..
Lets share this fun and make someone smile
Sole sista,

If you arent a runner yet,you better run to the nearest sports house and buy some running gears.You are missing the fun.

Love Shiku

Auma's picture

You did me proud!

I was sooo excited when we talked over the phone and learned of your winning! I want to shake your hands in person next week,of course with Shiku too!

Aim at the top!


consolata's picture

For the Love of the young ones

My dear, I think the comments are so encouraging I feel like I can do a full Marathon now!
I cant wait to meet you and hug again and share all what we have been doing... I trust it is soon.
Welcome to Nairobi sista.

ctestud's picture


Congrats dear this is huge!
Next marathon in Kibera? and why not a team marathon running 20km joined hands? together yes we can!
Keep up your successful path!

"The future is not a gift, its an achievement, and every generation is challenged to make its own future. We exist to support the new generations of citizens who will soon make a new future for the World: a future free of corrupt leaders and bad governanc

consolata's picture

Really ecouraging

I am so encouraging by your quote. It feels so good to accompolish a goal. I am now feeling more energised to do a full Marathon
( 42 kms) I hear someone says aaahh.. Carol it is possible.
The joy of this is what I am able to do for the girls through my friends.
Kibera Marathon should be on the list. We do a Marathon for the slum dwellers.. Think it is encouraging.
Ahh.. we re-visit the issue when we meet. hopefully soon.
Comrade Sista,

Claris's picture

Hy there

Hy I am glad to know that someone enjoyed sokottoko koz i ended up with cramps.Tell me about this soul sisters

consolata's picture

I am sorry

Were you there? Wao..!Hope you did it. Cramps are part of the run. I did have them too though I managed.
Sole sista is a group of young at heart who come together and take part in different kind of runs and then contribute towards girls
We do visit the less fortunate girls in the slums or those who need our helping hand. Kindly visit the groups and join us.
Will be glad to hezar from you.

JaniceW's picture

Sole Sistas

Claris, you can find the group at the link below. I hope you join as it's an amazing group of women who have come together to run (and sweat) to make this world a better place. I know they will welcome you with open arms.

PulseWire Community Director

Araceli's picture

I miss you soooo MUCH

Please, my sister, write me to my email.

I dearly miss you and I want to talk to you and keep working with the girls at Kuwinda. I treasure the moments we spent together and I want to see you again and again and again and again.
All my love to you and to my two beautiful nieces, and of course to your sister too.

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