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New Prime Minister in Nepal


We are proud being a country of Buddha’s birth place. Buddha is known for rehabilitations and mediations. Buddha's land has turned into violence and conflicts. We have lost our peace from years but we still have hoped to live in the country. We love our country. We have a new prime minister in our country. Do you think we have peace in our country? No, we don’t have peace in Nepal. Instead we have more political conflict in the country. There was a "fresh political crises" as a Moaist was elected, for the prime minister, a year ago after years of civil war in the country. But the "fresh political crises" of Nepal has been fulfilled by the new prime minister.

Today while I was reading our country's, Nepal, News I have found some news to share with all of you. How do you feel about my country? Please do not hesitate to comment after reading this journal.

According to the BBC ( ) Yesterday, CPN-UML (Veteran Nepalese Communist) Leader Madhav Kumar Nepal is elected as a prime minister of federal democratic republic of Nepal. And today he has been sworn in oath program from president Ram Baran Yadav in Nepal. He is the second prime minister of Nepal. In the oath program, senior political parties leaders, security bodies, head of governments, international dipolmatic represenatatives and other high level personnel were present at the ceremony. However former Prime minister Puspa kamal Dahal didn't show up in the program.

The most interesting achievement of this program is Nepal broke the tradition oath taking in "the name of God"
and swore in the "name of people." This has bring a little hope among people. This is the first time Prime minister take oath in the name of people. There is a hope for the development of people and the country but those types of hope had came many times and remained same. Hope this time we will have strong, Courageous and helpful prime minister.

On the other hand, the Himalayan Times ( mentioned that UCPN-Maoist Secretariat Man Pun quotes telling that the Maoists will not support the new government in a titled “We won’t assist new govt.: PUN.” Further, Pun urges that “Peaceful protests to reinstate the civilian supremacy would continue through the parliament and the streets.”

Though, we have a new prime minister from today, but our country is not in peace. There is a protesting against Maoist party from CPN-UML sub organization “youth force” in the country. According to the website (, May 25 2009) Youth blamed that the Maoists attempted to attack CPN-UML leader Madhav Kumar Nepal. The Maoists have also started regular protests against the president’s decision. The Maoists want president Ram Baran Yadav to veto his attempt to dismiss the head of army.
I hope to have peace in Nepal very soon.
At present people are showing their great concern about Nepal's politics as we have a new prime minister. There are many on going protests in the country, it might be challenging for new elected prime minister to solve all the problems at once.

I believe, the new elected prime minister will be able to handle all the problems on time and hope again to have a name of our country as "peaceful Nepal."

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JaniceW's picture


Namaskar. I have been following the political upheaval in Nepal and must admit that I am confused. The reports I read do not give me a full understanding of what each party stands for and who is more responsible for encouraging or condoning the violence that envelopes the political situation in Nepal. I am curious as to what your perspective is and which party you feel will provide greater stability to Nepal, as well as bringing hope to the many still living in poverty. I know that you are busy with school but when you have some time, I would love for you to expand upon this post.

Dearest Janice,
Namaskar from Nepal,
I appreciate your suggestion and love to expand my post. I am glad to hear that you are really interested in Nepal. Not only in politcal sector but also in development and equality sector. Janice I am editing my article. Sorry for giving low information. Sure I am expanding this post. I am expanding.... yesterday I didn't have much time. Just wait for a while.
Love you

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

aliĝngix's picture

Quick Post

Oh...You said you'd edit it, so I'll just wait for that, then I will make a full comment.
I admit I am interested in Nepal and learning about it from an "insider". It's a beautiful country, and am glad you wish to share it and it's on-going with us. See you around.

sunita.basnet's picture

Hi There

I am glad to know that you are also interested in Nepal. I have editied my journal, please have a look. I cannot wait to read your comment. It's not only comment but also inspiration for me. Thank you so much for your valuable time and comment.
with Love

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

JaniceW's picture

Madhav Kumar Nepal

Thank you for expanding your post, Sunita. On the surface, it seems as if your new Prime Minister is making a sincere effort to reconcile the parties and bring peace to Nepal. It will be interesting to see the new constitution and whether it includes efforts to bring more stability to the country and put the people's interests first. I am heartened by his appeal to the Maoists to join his administration but as feelings run so deep, it is difficult to imagine the Maoists uniting with the other parties. But without unification, I cannot see an end to the violence and instability.

Still, one must remain hopeful as it does seem that this is a positive step towards reconciliation and peace building.

Dearest Janice,
According to the news, the prime minister is giving his effort to protect human rights. So hope there will be peace in the coming future. The prime minister had kept his promise in the name of "people" instead of "god". Lets wait and see how far he will be able to keep his new form of "promise." That's also true without the unification with Maoist, there is no possibility of peace in the country. Let hope the prime minister will be able to do so and pray for Nepalese.
A positive step has just forwarded and there are much more to see. Hope this will help to return the smile of Nepalese.

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

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