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I was reading yahoo news again and came across another story that I felt needed to be talked about a bit:;_ylt=A2KI...

It mentions how these guys were all set to blow up a Jewish synagogue and community center, and use missiles to blow up American military planes.

It talks of using an undercover person working with the FBI and how it was a year long thing before they were arrested.

What gets me is how the violence was encouraged by this undercover person. Why did this same person not encourage them to turn that hatred into something really useful like taking political action instead? We will now never know the outcome of that possibility.

I half suspect that to continue getting "war money" out of Americans they need to continually show the threat is real and keep Americans scared for their own safety.

We can not let ourselves become a nation that sees other cultures as the enemy and instead help lead the peoples to a non-violent solution. We claim to be the leader of the free world, now we must ask ourselves will we lead them to violence or to non-violence?

Choose your path wisely!



Maria de Chirikof's picture

a bit more on it...

Here is the link to the continuing coverage of it:;_ylt=A2KI...

From the sounds of it, it sounds like it was 2 guys who would not have turned to violence had it not been for the FBI wanting that 93.something billion dollars of war money. Who profits from this? Follow this money and see who it is that is behind all the hate and violence going on in the world...

93 billion dollars, that is an unimaginably huge sum of money. Not one you could spend in a couple of lifetimes of living very large!

Read this story and they even say these are not terrorists! They say they were merely thugs and we have a ton of them occurring naturally in this type of system set up by the Western Mindset, the same mindset that created the serial killers too I might add. Imagine these leaders who do things like set up bad guys to get this huge amount of money as serial killers and you begin to get the proper perspective on this whole thing.

They count on you remaining silent. so they boast of it and no one does much of anything. It is time to get involved if you are not already joining those who want to stop this insanity and injustice. This reminds me of watching the Xena episodes that had Caesar and their love of spectacle and so called blood sport. They are not Gods though, they are deluded men who we must get help for instead of listening to them.

Please call your senators and tell them to stop the wars and instead use those billions of dollars for peace! I forget where i first read it but it was a great saying:

Imagine if schools had unlimited funding and the military had to hold a bake sale each time they wanted a new weapon.

Become involved or stay involved,



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