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The Drums begin their beat

Last night as I lay in bed and wondering what exactly I would say in an email to the Bolivian Morales about stopping the violence. You can read Jackie's post here:

But a wonderful feeling started as I tried to form the words to use. I would say how I was an indigenous people too and that I was glad to hear about him and that while he has shown he can stand toe to toe with "the big boys" that it is time to show our true power as an indigenous peoples. That he can not allow himself to be seduced by the wiles of "them" and now all the indigenous peoples are calling for him to be a man. I said if he would stop and listen he can hear the drums. "They" have been doing this for thousands of years and are experts at it by now but our peoples have been around since Time Immemorial and listen to our hearts beating and the drums begin a beautiful and sometimes overpowering beat.

I said these are our Alaskan ones and in my thoughts were a group playing and it switched to an African tribe and then a Bolivian one picking up the beat and then a Japanese drummer comes in with their incredible and powerful drumming, an Irish one picked up the beat and once other European tribes saw they were accepted got out their own drums and joined us too. It was like I was floating all around the world being called by the drums to witness everyone joining in.

The peoples wanted me to tell of our true power in that it lies in in ability to lead without violence. Not that each tribe doe not have it's "dark side" and here everyone one as one looked quickly to the side and either gave the smallest twitch of their eyebrows or the tiniest nod of their chin to show they do know but we do not talk of such things. That we are not just that, we have a greater power in non-violence and to send your boys home to rest and renew their souls with Peace.

The drums picked up peoples from all over, even ones who did not own any drums were wanting to join in and the farmers overturned their milk buckets and sat and beat them and others did it with their wooden buckets, all calling and saying we are with you for Peace. Show the power of our peoples by leading the way and become a Man.

Become a Man.

That was how I saw it when I listened to the beating hearts/drums of the world and listened to what to say to Morales. It was funny since all over the world people joined in and I saw how beautiful it was and the beating of their hearts turned into the beating of the drums that turned back into their heartbeats and then into the drums again. Write this down and submit it they said to me and I saw something like this journal entry here. I would say as an indigenous woman that as I learn to be an Aleut woman he must be a Man. The beating of the drums was so light and beautiful at times then very tense and powerful. I do not know if you have ever had the chance to hear any group drum but it is a very incredible experience! One of the last ones my girls and I went to was a Japanese Taiko (not sure how to spell it) one. I highly recommend going to one if you can.

It is amusing to me since I have had this journal in my heart for awhile about The Drums begin their beat and thought it was meant for me to wake up all the souls with this song. But I see where it came from now and why I could not find the right words before when trying to express this thought. the time is now.

The Time is Now.

That is another part that I saw pictured as that so thought it was funny. Can you imagine an indigenous person from long ago tuning in to me here last night wanting to find the words of Peace and writing about this and the 'them' from long ago finding it and fearing what it could possible mean (web2.0, internet, emails??!!). But the feelings and heartbeats told me to explain it is the time before that time. I guess that makes sense to someone somewhere but I am not sure exactly what it means. I know it was peace and love I felt and also that I was supposed to express how we are not weak in Peace. That the men know to attract a filly he needs to be strong and good and even more so when trying to woo a filly from another tribe to leave her world and join his. That the woman know to attract the strongest and best that we must be strong and good too.

For awhile I forget what I was supposed to be doing and just listened to them all beating their drums and traveled all over the world. I loved seeing even the poorest ones with nothing special to use as a drum finding whatever they had around to join in alongside the richest ones who had a whole group drumming as one. So as weird as this may sound, here is the message the drums told me...



aliĝngix's picture

Music to my Ears

That's a nice vision, filled with music from many cultures and lifestyles that says we truly are all united even though we are all different. Thanks for sharing Maria, and keeping the beat of the drums. I think you said your dream quite eloquently. ^v^
See you around.

jap21's picture


Dear María:

I just had the time of my life listening to the drums with you! Thanks for being .... exactly as you are. I wish that someday, somehow, I will be able to meet you in person to hug you and say thanks for this beautiful moment.

Love you lots,


Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

Maria de Chirikof's picture

I know!

I would love to meet you too! We should try to find out how many want to meet, maybe at the end of our journey in VOF together, I think I read they will be flying one of you to America so maybe we can find out the date and try to organize it where we can fund raise and get all of us together then. Wouldn't that be a dream come true to meet and at least shake the hands or hug the woman who so inspire us?! I think it is 5 months so hopefully will be enough time to figure out how and to raise the needed funds to bring us all together.

I will try to find a link to some of my culture music, I know it is around and probably can find it on YouTube so will have my daughters look for me since they like that place. It was such a beautiful feeling, floating all around the world and seeing the peoples wanting Peace and to get it started for us all. The poorest ones in rags used their thighs to drum with us, so beautiful since it was all in harmony. I do wonder which tribe refers to us as "fillys" since I did have a feminist moment where I was like "umm, fillys? I can't use that word!" and they said 'shhh, just listen"


malayapinas's picture

Hi Maria! What a beautiful

Hi Maria! What a beautiful piece! Peace is all what we dreamt of, peace that is based on justice . Thanks for posting !
Have to smile reading your reply to Jackie. Yes ! that would be great idea, to see each other in person. Just keep our fingers cross!



Maria de Chirikof's picture


Thanks for your kind words!

Make a post in the classroom and see how many want to come and we can figure out fund-raising to do and see what we can accomplish. It would be great to meet everyone, that is for sure!


Tina's picture

Strong in Peace

This is a powerful and moving vision and you have written of it so eloquently. I enjoy your writing and how it makes me feel and think about the world so much.
Time past and time now is definitely connected. You seem to have a strong connection to your heritage and to your ancestors that allows their wisdom to come through you and speak to all of us today. I wonder how much of your indigenous culture and spirit you have been exposed to and how much simply lies within your heart. No matter, it is beautiful and your visions of drums and heartbeats echo within me.
I really do hope we get the opportunity to meet in person one day. I feel we would have MUCH to talk about.
In spirit, In unison, In love
Your friend

Maria de Chirikof's picture


Wouldn't it be great to meet, I asked malayapinas to stat a thread for us since I am sure we can find the way to do it together! The cost is scary but each working toward it wont make it too hard and especially for those in the US who have better access to raise funds, we can do this we just need to figure out how!

My father would not let us learn to speak it or learn anything about it at all. My mom spoke it with her cousin who we would go over to her house a lot growing up but I never picked up any of it. My best friend was Eskimo and my other best friend was an Aleut but none of us knew our culture that well. I think it was the Eskimo one who understood Aleut and her own language but not sure if she even speaks it now or not.

My girls and I plan to get into it more this summer and figure out what to do first and how to do it since I work odd hours so it is hard to find a group that meets when I can go too. I told them it lives in my spirit but I need to get into touch with it more then I currently do...

I so hope we do meet!


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