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Will you please read this? (everything I ever needed to learn I learned from myspace)

Anne Christine are you there? Do you hear me?

(picture Barbara Streisand in Yentl)


I am not trying to win any contest at this point.

What I am trying to do is find out if anyone here uses the groups or if people are just using them as bulletin boards.

If there isn't anyone in need of the Web 2.0 Social Media for Social Change group then I guess it will die off on it's own. But I'm not ready for it to die because I don't even think it got to have a life of it's own!!!

When I have used Myspace groups I have reached 1,000's of people.
One of them is called Effexor Withdrawal Survivors Group right now it has 144 member and no new posts since July but it ebbs and flows and appears to have helped a few people get through a rough patch.

My Happy Bunny group has 2469 members. I don't know how many people it's "helped" but all I did was start the group and throw up some pictures and off it went.

Add me as a friend on there and find out for yourself. (click add and then use my full name goldie davich)


Corine Milano's picture

Hi Goldie, Groups are

Hi Goldie,

Groups are something that users are really just starting to figure out. Do you have any point by point suggestions on how the community can get the most out of group activity? Perhaps some really focused and detailed suggestions would be helpful in getting the ball rolling for not just your group, but all groups!

Corine Milano, Assistant Editor

--"We will surely get to our destination if we join hands."
Aung San Suu Kyi --

Goldie Davich's picture

Point by point

Focused and detailed? I can't do that right now because I am checking this on my break.

My group is ABOUT getting the ball rolling...

For those of us who have used online communities before it is a challenge to explain the complexities yadda yadda...

I am getting kicked off this computer as I type

gotta go more later!!!
Goldie Davich, PulseWire Online Intern

Cynthia Casas's picture


Loved the Barbara Streisand allusion.

Cynthia Casas

acdadesky's picture

effexor withdrawal happy bunnies?

Hi St. Goldie,

I think we will have some active discussions starting up but I also think we need to start them with the questions that are burning up for us.. I'm diong this for my groups, and inviting people on PulseWire and not yet on. Several people have joined in past days in order to be in the WNZ group and Beyond 16 Days just got it's first new member. So hang in.. I'll be happy to be in your group, too :).

but stating my preference here... put me in Happy Bunny camp, not Effexor Withdrawal... know what I'm sayin?


Anne-christine d'Adesky
Director of Global Advocacy
3345 22nd street,
San Francisco, CA 94110

Mobilizing Women and Girls to Fight HIV/AIDS

Goldie Davich's picture

Myspace as a model for success

The groups that started on Myspace have taken on a life of their own. They offer a platform for specific conversations to take place.

Even though my "happy bunny" group was really just a joke it EXPLODED and I couldn't believe how many people joined -- UNSOLICITED.

My "effexor" group was started years ago and was really my way of helping peole late at night from my computer when I was in the middle of a personal hell. IT was for me, an online support group. IT's just an example of how a little bit of love online goes a long way.

The people who are hip to using online communities like Myspace will find any and all of the groups on PulseWire helpful and interesting.

I am finding out that it really is my challenge to turn on the few that have showed an interest (some I think might not know they NEED to be interested) in my Web 2.0 group. I want to turn them on to what will help them take their PulseWire Group or online organization to the next level.

Now I gotta go to my rehearsal!!!

Take care AC!!!

Goldie Davich, PulseWire Online Intern

Maria Jett's picture

Rich Conversation, Ladies. Congrats!

Actually, this conversation brings up one of my primary "burning questions," and I am very grateful to see collaboration beginning here.

Working together productively online is actually an extremely complex and important endeavor, and not one that's accomplished easily or by chance. For the user, however, it can't be a complex experience; user options must be very straightforward. (Something I learned from myspace, Goldie!)

As we exercise and develop our groups feature, the detailed suggestions is precisely what we are looking for. Thanks for pointing us there, Cori.

Keep your suggestions rolling in, please!

I would love to hear EVERYONE's suggestions and thoughts, by the way!

In gratitude,

Maria Jett, Online Community Director

Goldie Davich's picture

Quoting Maria Jett

"Working together productively online is actually an extremely complex and important endeavor, and not one that's accomplished easily or by chance." -- Maria Jett

I find the complexities of working together productively online are best explained by participation.

Swimming upstream to spawn is worth going through the turbine for. And that is why all of these AMAZING BRILLIANT human beings are on PulseWire. They want to figure out how to use this place to their causes advantage.

I want to help.

Goldie Davich, PulseWire Online Intern

Maria Jett's picture

You're so right about participation.

Which is why we are so excited to listen to the voices of our users! Collaboration makes everything better, I'm sure of it.

Just look at Wikipedia, after all. "Knowledge is Power," as the good folks at Schoolhouse Rock taught us, so for me it's the epitome of collective empowerment through participation.

No, not everyone in the world has access to it... but many do, and so many more will, with access and translation efforts accelerating worldwide. It's not a university degree, but it sure is powerful!

I have more love for this process every day... and I feel confident that together we'll make PulseWire into a space that's powerful and meaningful like no other.

Thank you, everyone.

Maria Jett, Online Community Director

BrianFiore's picture

The state of a group

Goldie, I hear ya and I also hear and agree with the thoughts of others on this topic. I would also add that with experience comes vision. I think that in web2.0 groups, the vision of the group is important, however, vision can be overwhelming sometimes. This is why it is important to not burden users but encourage conversation even when the topics may stray from the vision. Know what I mean. Once people begin to maintain regular convos then the vision really starts to come in. So I ask this? How can we emphasize different group visions without overwhelming a group audience with expectations


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