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Weirdest dream

I had the weirdest dream last night. I usually only have such weird ones when I have something like pizza or spaghetti after 7pm but didn't last night. It was one where it seemed so real yet so unreal too.

I was somehow at this one place that was a house but was really half a shop and half a sort of homeless hotsheets place. It was set up very strange where you could be trying to pass from the store to the outside world but end up in a room you had to pass by first. It had bunk beds right by the door wall and a huge bed that took up most of the rest of the room. You had to squeeze by it to get through to the way out. What was so weird was half the doors in this place led here.

Somehow I worked here as a sort of sales clerk for the homeless artwork that we were selling to help raise money for them. The problem was I could not seem to find the way out. When my shift was over I would somehow be right back at this place the next day with no sight of the outside world. The owner says this happens on purpose so we can understand how the homeless feel and why no one else would take the job. Everyone was afraid to come inside this shop in case they got stuck like I was. So we were not selling anything and would be trapped here forever until we could raise a certain amount.

The homeless who were trapped by their situation could come and go as they pleased but there was one lady and one guy who were always there. They ran the hotsheets portion of this shop. They knew we were trapped so trying to raise money for us. (The irony of that really gets to me as I type this). Somehow those buying the "services" could come and go as they please and the owner of the place decided he would do this to finally get out himself. He put me in charge of the shop.

I knew part of my new duties were to make lunch and dinner for the homeless but could never find the kitchen since no matter what door I chose in this place I always ended up in that one room. I was so scared and afraid I would never get out. I barely looked at the artwork after awhile since I knew no one would come in to buy it and I could never get out to tell everyone about it.

The scariest part was when that one homeless couple were in death like poses except they were not dead at all. I forget the explanation for this now but it was some weird thing that happens when they sleep because they are homeless people. The trouble was to find the way out I had to pass by that big bed and the way they were positioned made it extremely hard to get by without somehow getting close to them and their deathlike bodies. I wanted out so badly and was beginning to feel extremely frightened by this and wondering how I came to take such a job in the first place.

I kept thinking to myself, I am not a sales clerk, I work as a PCA. Then I remembered I was up late last night and was probably very late for my real work by now since I was trapped in this sort of nightmare world and that was when I woke up. It was just the weirdest dream I have had in awhile. I wonder how it came about. I remember our local newspaper had a feature on an artist who drew the homeless people in town and these 2 were ones I saw so that is probably where they come from. And the feeling of being trapped is what I guess I thought they were feeling when I read the article before. Such a strange one and seems like a very good reason not to stay up late trying to write in my journal when it is quiet here!



olutosin's picture


Dear Maria,

Life is so strange actually some people do not believe in God, it is part of freedom of choice though but the dream is like what I was thinking a few minutes ago, It is as if I am stucked in a place too, trying to work and provide for the homeless, so much concerned about women and children and trying to find solution to all these problems in Nigeria that most of the time become burden on these vulnerable ones and you see what ever the problem is it still boils down on women and children here. But what I actually want to point out is that there seems mot to be any genuine person who is interested in the plight of these people but I believe we have not really search well.

The more I then think, the more I feel I need to move out to find solutiona nd yet I cannot, now I solioloquised and someone beside me was afraid, I said who in our families, mine and husband, extended and nuclear, friends, colleagues, acquitances, who I can say is genuinely interested in the plight of the needy, who can genuinely vouch to work sincerely for these people for about an hour we could not pick anyone who has genuine interest around us, they all make jest of us.

There is no way out yes, the dream is weird but it was what I was thinking minutes ago, the homeless pretend to be dead, but sincerely you were working for them but they were deceiving you, that is how I feel when there is a case against a perpetrator of child sexual abuse while I run helter skelter, the parents negotiates payment of some money with the perpetrator while the advocate is tagged one who looks for case where there is none. I keep on wondereing when do I find someone like me? who can carry on in my stead, not working to make plenty money to squander, we could not find or mention one around us, everyone seeks for herself/himself alone and I said ok may be God does not want me to replace myself with someone else.

Don't you believe that sometimes, you have a boss who introduced you to a course and in no time he/she forgets about the passion whereas you are hot, ready to sacrifice your life, Maria it is weird, in real life I have played my part in an organisation but no reward at all and the efforts are not appreciated at all, everyone thought I was mad to continue, even my husband who so much believe in my passion for sexually abused victims but you see God has a way of paying back, I believe that being appreciated here is a way of being paid back for an unappreciated job done in Nigeria. The weird dream speaks to me in all ways.

Take care my love and rest too, it is good for the body and mind, we deserve some rest. Do not forget we are in good hands with God , He protects us all, Fear not as I wish you sweet dreams always.
That is what I think but we all have different ways of interpretation.


Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
Founder/Project Coordinator
Star of Hope Transformation Centre
512 Road
F Close
Festac Town


The newspaper must have shown an image of the woman too since I do not see it here but here is a picture of the guy who haunted my dream last night:

I think part of that trapped feeling was trying to write about the sexual abuse and that brought up those trapped feelings. I liked reading your comment even though I know how hard it is to feel that way and like it is just too much! Isn't it strange though how it does seem like we are thinking of something and someone else posts something like it. I guess it is our web or tapestry showing maybe?

I do love that so many of us do believe in God guiding us, though I call her Goddess. I hope we can bring about the peace we want and that our voices will help others to find and raise theirs.



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