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Women sex life

Women sacrifice alot for the sake of their marriage one of this is sex many women do not enjoy sex and others fake orgasms just to please their men. I myself dont like sex and I dont fake it i say it loudly. One thing that men do not understand is that our bodies respond differently from theirs research shows that men think about sex every 25 minutes of their lives women dont and men assume that once they have sex its automatic for their partners to enjoy just like them. A man can be turned on just by looking at a naked women while to us women its not true.Sex is psychological because when a woman has some worries she may not react positively to it. Men need to take time to learn how women bodies function so as to please them better. Women enjoy foreplay and men should take time on fore play this should not take less than 15-20 minutes. Most African men are not romantic they expect women to be turned on once they go to bed they start immediately not giving their women time to prepare and enjoy it making their women to feel used and not loved what do you think can improve women urge for more sex?


justina's picture

in total agreement

i agree with what you said that men need to understand women better. and i think that one problem that African men, like you said, is that they lack romance. they do not want to have enough foreplay, and expect to have penetrative sex, the moment you are in bed.

i believe in foreplay, and i believe that it can start even by flirting with your partner, even before you enter the bedroom. now, i also believe that, some long term relationships and marriages, lack flirtation (not sure if this is the word), but, this include, just smiling in a certain sexy way to get your partner's attention, playing with hands, and all this things that we do at the beggining of the relationships.

now, we should also understand that, when i smile at my partner, that does not mean that i automatically want to have sex. and also, if my partner smiles at me and wants to have sex with me, that does not mean that his/her smile automatically turn me on. what i mean is: there is a lot involved in letting your partner to want to have sex, and we all must study each other very well, and understand our movements.

i invite everybody to visit the concent is sexy website to see and learn how to get concent from your partner, and make sex sexy and not just sex.


feminist is fun!

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At least I am happy to know that there is someone out there who understands me thank you for taking time to read my post i hope to hear from you.

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You got to love sex!!!

Gals! gals !gals! you got to love sex.It is one of the most exciting and fukfilling `reunion' element God gave man.Let you man know what you dont like and let him also know what you like.Who said men hate romance? Explore his sensitive parts too.Sex is two ways traffic! and if you insist on using one-you will just get jammed up! If you do not enjoy sex and got no gyno problem,there must be something very amiss-check it out.

Love Shiku

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Thank you very much for your comment and taking time to read my post you have no idea I really appreciate alot and I know it will really take along time for me to come to love the dawn thing the sound of the word along really drives me crazy but anyway I will try my best again thanks alot.

It is kind of hard to talk about such things openly but it is a very valid point and one woman need to think about. It is very weird to think or talk with your friends about learning how your body responds to pleasure but it is an important part of being a woman. You can always try next time you are in the shower to touch yourself, your arms at least to learn that your body does like pleasure and can feel it freely. Touching different fabrics is also one way to sensitize your fingers and yourself to feelings of touch. Like a well worn cotton shirt has a softness that is much different then the softness of a silky fabric, learning to feel these differences is one way to understand subtle pleasures you can feel as a woman.

Taking pleasure in scents and colors is another way to bring that whole sensual awareness into your life. You can recognize the differences in scents without being told so know you can also understand your body without being told by others what feels good to you. One mistake that is often made my men is forgetting that woman are also turned on much more in the mind as well as the body. An awareness of simple sensual pleasures like the color, feel and scent of a flower is an example of the mental stimulation. Or one more woman can relate to is chocolate, I guess. The scent and taste of it, the way it melts on your tongue, these are all mental things that our brain responds to in a way that lets our body take pleasure in it too.

I think often a man will not think about the woman much until he wants sex then tries a few moments of stuff like 'here is dinner and flowers, now lets hop into bed' and expect the same results as if he were constantly caring about her. I think showing men that it is our thoughts that get us going and make us want sex will help them understand why we want caring and nurturing relationships.

What a hard topic to talk about without blushing! But I think it is important since I can imagine many woman in a bad relationship and worried that the fault somehow lies in them when that is so not true. Thanks for posting this,


monimambo's picture

Thank you

Thank you very much Maria De Chirikop for your sentiments I will try my very must to take note of your suggestions thank you for taking time to read my post I appreciate alot I know this is what world pulse is all about have a nice tyme mum hope to hear from you.

justina's picture

like Steve said, sex is a two

like Steve said, sex is a two way thing, and we should learn to communicate. you know, sometimes it might not be easy to communicate, and i am not sure whether this happens to everybody, but i find that, instead of telling my partner to touch me in a certain way, i think about them as ...(oh, man, he's too boring. he can't even touch me like this), and that does not build. it only destroys. i think we have to learn to communicate, and let our partners know what we like when it comes to sex, and what we don't like.

feminist is fun!

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