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"VOF Mentor Love Letter"

Dear Mentor
As-Salamu alakum or peace be upon you.
Let me introduce myself to you.
I was born in a big rural family composed of 6 brothers and 2 sisters. My father named me Halima after his deceased mother, who died when he was a baby. Halima means a patient person.
I am a journalist from Sudan, the biggest country in the heart of Africa and a "melting pot", i.e. rich in ethnic, dialects, religious and political diversities. Arabic is my mother tongue.

In the milieu where I was born, absence of the term "gender" didn't deny us gender awareness. For example my illiterate parents, who were reluctant as to female education at the beginning, encouraged me to the end. I had a Bachelor of Arts in French language and a higher Diploma in translation (Arabic-English). (For more details you can visit the following link: "THE POWER OF EDUCATION": (

My father who cherishes me, is now hanging between life and death and my only wish is to sit beside him as in the old days, hold his safe hand in mine and with a proud smile on my face tell him how I started this blessed journey on the Pulse World our "start over house" and how a great mentor is going to help me finish the road and hear his lovely trembling voice congratulating me in his usual way: "Mabrook".. (Congratulations) You are my baby. Alas! That is an unattainable wish.

Why am I telling you all this? Simply, I feel comfortable talking to you about my history. You are the person who will open new horizons before me. With Your instructions I will be qualified to be the voice of a large segment of women in my homeland.


Maria de Chirikof's picture


I like your letter, it is so informative and touching. I love that idea of a 'start over house' and also the image of your father encouraging you always before. How sad that he is hanging between life and death right now, hugs and love since I can imagine how hard that is for you. I look forward to seeing all your accomplishments with the help and guidance of your mentor!



Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

A nice person

Hi Maria,

Sorry for being late to answer back your comment.Thank you so much for commenting on my post.. am glad you find it as you have described. You may not know what is the effect your words have produced on me. My father who suffers from a huge brain stroke still fighting for his life, hung between life and death. We- his family- suffer so much when we see him try, in vain, to open his mouth and utter a single word. May Allah bestow his mercy on him. It seems that it is a long .. long farewell.
By the way, Me too I like the phrase "start over house".

I love your photo and nice smile. What a nice person you are!



Maria de Chirikof's picture

strokes are so hard

Strokes are so scary because there is always the fear of "the next one"! I hope your family is hanging in there and letting your great loves for each other give each other strength. How is your father? Even if he can not speak it is enough you guys are there with him and you know of his love for you all.

Take care my friend! And may Allah bestow his blessings on your family!


Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

Exchange emails

Hi Maria,

Thank you so much for your concern. It touches my soul and gives me a push to overcome negative feeling and resume daily life.
sometimes you cannot change a situation, Maria, even if you are craving to find a way out of that mess.For example, when my father needs us beside him, in need of our help and love, six of us are working abroad. We are allowed have a leave and go home and sit beside him, and we cannot exchange words over telephone, because he can't speak.
The stroke destroyed the center of speech and movement in his brain, as we were told by his doctor.

Finally I have nothing to say except that should not get despaired of the mercy of God .. I wish him urgent recovery.

I love to exchange emails and have contact with you Maria.


Kizzie's picture

Hey there, It's great to have

Hey there,

It's great to have you here:)

My grandmother was always encouraging when it came to education. Her grandmother wouldn't let her continue her education, so she made sure her children and grandchildren do their best!
Education is so valuable, I always cherished every moment at university (except science classes to be honest!) and I felt grateful for all the opportunities there for me.

Looking forward to exciting posts!

Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

Weinik ya zola?

Hi Kizzie,

Education helps in construction a house out of nothing and ignorance destroys a house of glory and honor. The first informative sentence I keep by heart since primary school. You repeat it in another way, I like so much. You are absolutely right.

Education is the foremost power that transforms one's life. As you do, I feel very grateful to education and loved every moment I spent in the premises of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Khartoum. Very dear memories, I will pay half my life to get them back.

Kizzie Young lady,
I am so busy nowadays. My sons will start their final term examinations next Monday, I will be back soon after they finish examinations. I hope you have finished yours and ready to open rock listeners with exciting posts.


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