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The Great Possibility
of China

On the cusp of the Olympics, powerful women leaders are reshaping China's future.
August 2008
The Great Possibility of China
Founder's Letter
Peter Arnold, Inc.
New China Rising: A letter from the founder

"Listening to their voices I see now a complex, honest, and dynamic picture that reveals where the untapped levers for change in China lie—a picture where hope and courage grows and blossoms."

Read more from Jensine Larsen, World Pulse Founder.

Feature Story

Xie Lihua Lichun Tian Song Qinghua
Lu Hongyan Minky Worden Alexandra Harney

Days before the Olympics, World Pulse caught up with women leaders and China experts to discuss China's greatest challenges—and her greatest strengths—at this critical time in China's history.

"I would like to be a bridge between China and the outside world..." —Lichun Tian, HIV/AIDS Expert, Researcher

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Tibetans Find Power in Word

Tibetans Find Power in Words, by Mridu Khullar (The WIP)

"With the 2008 Olympics in China beginning this week, protests from the Tibetan refugee community in India are intensifying. But since the Tibetan spiritual leader—the 14th Dalai Lama—discourages Tibetans from picking up arms, a small but powerful segment of Tibetans have picked up another weapon—their pens..."

The Silent Olympics, by Kavita N. Ramdas (The Huffington Post)

"It is important for the world to know that quietly and out of sight of the mainstream media, ordinary people from all over China have engaged in citizen activism even after the suppression of the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989. Their grassroots efforts are building a society that is likely to look very different than the prevailing state-sponsored image of homogenous nationalism, choreographed with even greater care as the Olympics approach."


Threads of Yunnan 1 Threads of Yunnan 2 Threads of Yunnan 3

These stunning, hand-embroidered items come from Threads of Yunnan, a women's cooperative focused on the economic and social development of ethnic minority women in rural Yunnan, China. Many of the more than 120 women participants have tripled their family incomes due to this project, and 10 percent of the project's yearly gross goes to development projects for the village.

To view their catalogue of products, including everything from belts to ornaments to cards, click here.

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THIS WEEK! XVII International AIDS Conference

Mexico City, Mexico | August 3 - 8, 2008

XVII International AIDS Conference

Join the virtual conversation! This week, connect directly with positive women at the largest international AIDS Conference via PulseWire! World Pulse team members Jennifer Ruwart, Anne-Christine d'Adesky, and Leah Okeyo are on-site, providing training to positive women on how to use PulseWire to blog about their needs, their struggles, and their successes.

Live reporting, interviews, and content surrounding the conference is happening right now on PulseWire! Register today and introduce yourself to our latest community members.

The Power of Movements: The AWID International Forum on Women's Rights and Development

The Power of Movements: The AWID International Forum on Women's Rights and Development

Cape Town, South Africa | November 14 - 17, 2008

Join World Pulse founder Jensine Larsen and more than 1,500 women's rights leaders and activists from around the world as they converge to discuss the power of movements. Occurring every three years, the AWID Forum is open to anyone with an interest in social justice, women's rights, and international development and promises to provoke, inspire, and enlighten.

Register by August 31 to receive the early bird discount.


China's Great Leap: The Beijing Games and Olympian Human Rights Challenge

China's Great Leap: The Beijing Games and Olympian Human Rights Challenges

Minky Worden | Seven Stories Press, 2008 | USA

In China's Great Leap, Human Rights Watch media director Minky Worden provides an essential look at China's challenges on the cusp of the Olympics. Featuring essays from 25 of the world's leading China experts, discussing issues ranging from corporate social responsibility to media censorship to health and the environment, this compilation is essential reading for anyone seeking a well-rounded discussion of China's challenges in light of the 2008 Olympic games.

Read what Minky Worden had to say about the Olympics in "Holding up the Sky: Women leaders speak on China."



Sa Dingding | Wrasse Records, 2008 | China

With the release of her newest album, Alive, Chinese-Mongolian singer, songwriter, and producer Sa Dingding emerges as an arresting voice in today's China. Draped in multi-colored flags, this outspoken singer croons in multiple languages, including Tibetan, Sanskrit, Mandarin, and a made-up language of her own. A testament to the diversity of this wide region, Dingding fuses traditional Chinese folk music with Western dance music and electronica, creating a spiritual and haunting global sound all her own.

video Watch the video for Sa Dingding's title song, Alive.

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