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May 14, 2008

Human Trafficking: Survivors Lead Solutions

Stepping Out of the Shadows: A Letter from the Founder

Founder's Letter
"This edition is devoted to the women and child leaders who have broken free from the vicious cycle of human trafficking and are blazing new paths to safety and empowerment for others. Women make up 80 percent of trafficking victims, children 50 percent, and it is their leadership that will show us a way forward."

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Featured Articles

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Surviving the Pains, Reaping the Gains
by Cecilia Flores-Oebanda

Survivor and visionary Cecilia Flores-Oebanda was herself a child laborer, selling fish and scavenging to help her family. Now, she is working to put an end to child domestic work and all forms of human trafficking. Here, she discusses her journey from laborer to award-winning activist.

"During my days in the mountains, I carried a gun wherever I went—now I am armed with genuine commitment and undaunted bravery to fight for what I believe."

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I Am Like So Many
by Rani Hong, as told to Rhyen Coombs

Rani Hong didn't know she was a survivor of trafficking until years later, when she learned the truth on a visit to India. Today she advocates for the rights of trafficking survivors and provides victims with a safe place to heal.

"I have always said if we survivors come forth and tell our story—reveal the truth of what happened to us—it will help people understand the realities of human trafficking. We can't stay silent. If we do, we stay in the dark and allow the traffickers to continue the destruction of innocent lives."

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Frontline Voices

Modern-Day Abolitionists

Feel the force of women thought leaders pioneering effective models against trafficking. Click here to read their inspiring words and calls to action.

Beatrice Okezie Hasina Kharbhih Keiko Otsu Mu Sochua Sunitha Krishnan Christina Arnold

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The Countertraffickers
© Bela Doka,
The New Yorker

The Countertraffickers: Bringing Trafficked Moldovans Home, by William Finnegan (The New Yorker)

"It is critical for countertraffickers to track the changing tactics of their adversaries. They are dynamic, and so we must be dynamic...and we must always remember, at our trainings...that they may be there, too. Traffickers may be listening."

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Sign the Euro 08 Campaign for Protection of Survivors of Trafficking

Sign the Euro 08 Campaign for Protection of Survivors of Trafficking

Sign this petition to show your support for increased protections, including safe shelter, specialized assistance, and counseling, for survivors in Europe.

Test Your Knowledge: Take the Modern Day Slavery Quiz

Take this interactive quiz to examine your understanding of slavery and increase your knowledge and level of awareness about trafficking issues.

Global Giving Support Grassroots Project Leaders with Global Giving!

World Pulse has teamed up with Global Giving to connect you directly with project leaders working to find solutions to human trafficking. Visit this page to find out how you can support these programs.

Spotlight: ASSET India Foundation
by Ramya Ramanathan

"My family and I wept when the children touched our feet and thanked us for helping them work towards a better future."Ray Umashankar, founder, ASSET

Global Gatherings

Advocate for the Rights of Trafficking Survivors

Washington DC | October 8-9

Not For Sale

Sign up today to join the Not For Sale team in advocating for more effective implementation of T-Visas, which are designed to protect women, children, and men who are survivors of human trafficking. Currently, this legislation does not do enough to protect survivors and has been poorly implemented. Participants will:

  • Take part in advocacy workshops focused on the principles of "smart activism"
  • Listen to the wisdom of a trafficking survivor
  • Discuss human trafficking with leading public officials and the NFS team
  • Learn how to "map slavery" in your local region
  • Advocate for an improved T Visa program

Reservations are limited—sign up today to reserve your spot!

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