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March 21, 2008

A Ripple Effect: Water Solutions Span the Globe

Get into the flow for World Water Day with a fresh look at water sustainability through the eyes of women leaders. Learn from Jennifer Greene, a pioneer in a new way of thinking about water, and Melinda Kramer, a passionate networker of grassroots women water activists across the globe. No water edition is complete without Maude Barlow's fierce, clarion calls for alternative solutions to the water crisis. Finally, discover the new, groundbreaking documentary Flow: For Love of Water, and opportunities to take action and connect with communities of water activists.

The Movement of Water: A Letter from the Founder

"Just as water activists have a profound opportunity to realize the untapped leadership of women, women's rights activists must realize how essential water is to women's lives. Access to safe, pure and abundant water is one of the greatest—and most overlooked—sources of freedom and empowerment for women and their communities across the globe."

Read more from Jensine Larsen.

Featured Articles

Jennifer Greene

Our Model for the Future
by Jennifer Greene

A pioneer in new thinking about water sustainability, Jennifer Greene reveals what she's learned from listening to water—on its own terms.

"Water that is allowed to move according to its own nature cleanses itself and sustains life. This is our model for the future."

Read more.

Melinda Kramer

audio PODCAST: On the Front Lines with Melinda Kramer

Melinda Kramer, visionary director of the Women's Earth Alliance, discusses her initiative linking global women's environmental groups, and the small steps everyone can take to make a big impact in the water sustainability arena.

"We create a situation where everyone has something to give and something to learn. They weave together their skills, their knowledge, their wisdom, into something very powerful..."

Read the transcript.

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Maude Barlow

Commentary: It's Time for the UN to Make Water a Human Right, by Maude Barlow (AlterNet)

"The Covenant I envisage would include language to protect water rights for the earth and other species and would address the urgent need for reclamation of polluted waters and an end to practices destructive of the world's water sources."

video For more from Ms. Barlow, watch her impassioned appearance on "OnPoint" (OnPoint, 03/04/2008).

Take Action!

World Pulse recommends the following actions to support
water movements worldwide.

Think Outside the Bottle Pledge

Take this pledge to opt for public tap water over bottled water to support sustainability initiatives.

"The water bottle business is so destructive and unnecessary that it needs to change. The problems go beyond just waste. They often translate into injustices to women."
—Melinda Kramer

Global Giving Support Clean Water Projects with Global Giving

Global Giving currently features a number of projects dedicated to water sustainability. Browse them online and make a direct donation to the initiatives of your choice.

"In many places what we need is not a billion-dollar solution—it's a thousand-dollar solution." —Peter H. Gleick, co-founder and president of Pacific Institute, quoted from the film FLOW (see review below).

Sign the Petition Against Water Privatization

Urge Congress to renew the Clean Water Act to promote the right to universal access to clean, affordable water.

"The growth of a democratic global water justice movement is a critical and positive development that will bring needed accountability, transparency and public oversight to the water crisis as conflicts over water loom on the horizon." —Maude Barlow

Global Gatherings

TODAY! World Silent Day

Global | March 21 | 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

This global event, brought to you by the Bali Collaboration on Climate Change, is inspired by Nyepi Day, a Balinese ritual to celebrate Caka New Year. Throughout Bali, for 24 hours people do not travel, work or light the lamps at night. During these hours, Bali reduces 20,000 tons of CO2 emissions, the largest contributor of greenhouse gases. On March 21, everyone is asked to turn off electronic appliances for at least four hours to give the earth space and time to breathe.

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