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Voices of Our Future

Kill Off That Violent Gene!

Though Sri Lanka's civil war is over, writer and Voices of Our Future correspondent Manori Wijesekera sees a long road ahead before her homeland is freed from its culture of violence. Read More »

“There is no longer any shame in hitting or beating a woman."

Voices of Our Future

Lavish Dinners in the Face of Hunger

As President of a country where more than half the population suffers from chronic hunger, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo spent tens of thousands of dollars on dinners while in the US. Filipino Voices of Our Future correspondent Malayapinas responds. Read More »

"The Filipino women’s movement, together with other movements here and abroad, must protest against corruption, arrogant displays of power, extravagance, and puppetry in times of immense hunger and poverty."

Voices of Our Future

Excuse Me! I Am Not His Shadow

Voices of Our Future correspondent Lindy Wafula urges Africa's women to follow Hillary Clinton's lead and rise from the shadows. Read More »

"Power shall not be given to us on a fine silver platter. We must fight for it and vow to stay no more under the shadow of patriarchy."


Giving In Hard Financial Times

Generosity advisor Kathy LeMay on making giving a priority, even when it seems impossible. Read More »

"Don’t worry if you can’t give as much as you used to, in either time or money."

Visionary Leaders

A New “Irrefutable Truth”

With the changing economic climate, investing in women and girls is now more critical than ever. Global Fund for Women CEO and President Kavita Nandini Ramdas explains why. Read More »

"Most women in the developing world are quick to point out that they have been enduring an economic crisis for generations."

Founder's Pulse

The New Silk Road

It’s standing room only at Bloomberg in the financially embattled city of New York. I am pressed between rows of hedge fund managers, financial analysts, and investors as the National Council for Research on Women unveils a new report on women in fund management. Read More »

"The hot commodities are are the shared values of caregiving, healthy ecosystems, community, and beauty."

Visionary Leaders

Mothers Matter

All Eugenia Itme needs is a rock, or something she can use to hop on her bicycle. Then she’s pedaling three hours up the steep Peruvian Andes to Pueblo Libre to ensure expectant mothers are cared for properly. Read More »

"Women won’t have to fear that the day they give birth could also be the day they meet death, robbing another child of a mother, another community of a leader."

Founder's Pulse

Butterflies Over the Graves

It is my last day in Cambodia. I am sitting in a crowded courtroom staring through bulletproof glass at the man who presided over the killing and torturing of more than 16,000 people in Tuol Sleng prison. Read More »

"Yet, at every turn, the clear, valiant voices of so many women pierced this layer of sorrow."

Visionary Leaders

As Economies Falter, How Do We Move Forward?

As economists worldwide grapple with the hard reality that 46 million more people will be added to the global poverty count this year, women and men in these affected communities already are doubling their efforts to soften that landing for their families. Read More »

"We have some distance yet before we cross the victory line."

Visionary Leaders

Best Chance to Make Foreign Policy Work for Women

During her confirmation hearings, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stressed the importance of prioritizing women and girls, who are at the greatest risk of being poor, and make up nearly 70% of the world’s hungry. Read More »

Clinton must make international assistance a foreign policy priority and ensure that this assistance benefits the world’s women.

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