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ZAMBIA: A Deep Scar in My Heart

As a young child, 21-year-old Bwela Nchimunya Moombe lost her sister to HIV/AIDS. Today, she is an outspoken advocate for the rights of women in her community. Read More »

"I call on the men in our community to step up and wage this battle against AIDS with us."

Founder's Pulse

The Global Girl Tipping Point

Behind the statistics, girls worldwide are using digital media to speak their minds and bare their souls. The force of their voices are staggering—the reality of their untapped potential for global leadership impossible to ignore. Read More »

"Girls are living proof of the ripple effect of access to education and technology."

Community Voices

SUDAN: “Agri Yumma, Agri!”

The strength of Anab Mohamed’s forward thinking female relatives inspired her to make the most of her education. Now she carries that legacy forward through her own outspoken advocacy for girls in her community. Read More »

"When women become aware of the value of education, they become powerhouses inspiring others to seek schooling despite overwhelming challenges."

Community Voices

TONGA: It's Time for Girls to Stop Taking a Backseat

After enduring limitations from society on the sole basis of her gender, Ana Ake is acutely aware that the future of her small island nation will depend on men and women rising together. Read More »

"In order to do this we must see men as our allies, our partners through thick and thin."

Community Voices

NEPAL: Pen and Poltergeist

Haunted by girls who have been silenced by poverty, early marriage, and pregnancy, Sangita Thapa wields her own power of expression to channel their yearnings. Read More »

"It’s a battle for emancipation that each one of us must fight in solidarity with those who can’t fight for themselves."

Community Voices

ZIMBABWE: Little Light, Lighting Big Torches

For Pelamutunzi, being a girl meant ridicule, adversity, and fear. Today, empowered by her hard-won education, she is advancing a new definition of girlhood in Zimbabwe. Read More »

"It is time for girls to rise up and swim in the pool of unity."

Community Voices

AFGHANISTAN: The Cost of My Freedom

When Zahra Saifey went off to university, she knew she would gain knowledge. She didn’t know she would shed the security blanket of her restrictive background to claim her autonomy and radically alter her worldview. Read More »

"Before going to university, I was blind. I could not see the world as it is."

Founder's Pulse

Defusing the Maternal Health Bomb

"The governments the world over must treat maternal health as they do with a defense force in readiness for war or a nuclear launch." Read More »

"The most potent weapon against the crisis of maternal death includes providing girls and women with access to an education and empowering information."

Founder's Pulse

The Viral Rage Against Rape

Women are beginning to use the web to curb the epidemic of sexual violence – and to defy simplistic hype. Read More »

"It is time to turn up the volume on the women and men who are speaking solutions."

Community Voices

AFGHANISTAN: A Letter to My Harasser

Harassed in the streets of Afghanistan, Noorjahan Akbar fights back. Read More »

"Not you, not the Taliban, not this government, not my brother or mother, nor can anybody else convince me that I am less than a man."

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