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Voices of Our Future

NIGERIA: Girls Are Not Used Bread

"Of what benefit is a message that makes a woman feel worthless?"

When sex education shames girls instead of empowering them, it's time for a new narrative. Read More »

Voices of Our Future

CAMEROON: Let’s Celebrate Our Daughters!

Pressured to produce male heirs, Precious Meshi Nkeih fights back by cherishing her little girls. Read More »

"If bearing only girls is a crime, then let me be the culprit!"

Voices of Our Future

IRAQ: Try Jogging a Mile in My Shoes

Note to harassers: It's not what she wears that needs to change. Read More »

"The solution is not for women to stop doing what we do. The solution is that we make our communities places that accept us for being ourselves."

Voices of Our Future

MEXICO: Women with Disabilities Assert Their Sexuality

These women don't care if they scandalize their mothers by wearing bright underwear and talking about sex. Read More »

"A lot of Mexican moms would rather hear their daughters cursing than talking about their sexuality."

Voices of Our Future

Halting the Beasts of Syria

As Hummingbird watches horrors and crimes against humanity tearing apart her homeland, another crime is unfolding: silence from the international community Read More »

"These are not the actions of terrorists or armed gangs. This is called extermination."

Voices of Our Future

DRC: A Woman’s Revolutionist Mind

After soldiers targeted her daughter, Neema contemplates a radical and miraculous response: love. Read More »

"Why have I been afraid to speak about love and forgiveness?"

Voices of Our Future

DR CONGO: Fighting Evil from Inside Hell

In one of the world’s worst regions to be a woman, radio personality Chouchou Namegabe is inspiring a revolution of strength and healing. She speaks with local World Pulse correspondent BlueSky on what it will take for women to break the silence on Congo's rape epidemic. Read More »

“I remember when we didn’t have a word for rape in Swahili.”

Voices of Our Future

NIGERIA: Think Outside the Oil

Dependence on oil wealth has led to violence, corruption, and widespread poverty in Nigeria. Simi Lawoyin hopes to shift investment to another of Nigeria's natural resources: its youth. Read More »

"Enterprise must become a weapon with which we fight, a tool with which we rebuild our nation, and a bridge with which we connect with the world."

Voices of Our Future

BRAZIL: Time to Break the Silence on Abortion

When her father was excommunicated from the Catholic Church for performing a potentially life-saving abortion on a 9-year-old girl, Thais Moraes recognized the need to open up discussion on abortion in Brazil. Read More »

"The archbishop affirmed that rape was a dreadful sin. But abortion, he said, was even worse."

Voices of Our Future

AFGHANISTAN: Saffron in the Opium Fields

Opium produced in Afghanistan for international markets has wreaked havoc at home. Marvah Shakib explores how a common kitchen spice could provide one possible solution. Read More »

“[Opium] is the only means of survival for thousands of women-headed households."

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