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Our Oracle

“I heard the prophecy of the strength of womankind connected.

(© Charles Waugh)

In the summer of 2002, I had a pivotal dream: In it, I am standing in the center of a circle of women. Together they are a spectrum of colorful clothing: woolen robes; head wraps; animal skins; fat, beaded belts. I hear the soft rustle of fabric as the women lean in and whisper, “Yes. Go. Go!

When I wake, a realization washes over me: I have just received a powerful message of support. It couldn’t have come at a more momentous time in my life....

Ever since returning to the US from reporting in Burma and the Amazon years earlier, I longed to start a magazine that would broadcast the voices of the women leaders and refugees I had met. Their voices endlessly pulsed in my mind. But I was terrified—my own voice somehow caught in my throat. In the wake of my dream, I made an instant decision that World Pulse was meant to be, and I could not turn back. I had heard the prophecy of the strength of womankind connected.

Shortly after, World Pulse was born. With a small, brave team, we found a way to publish three editions and received an overwhelming response from women and men across the globe. Yet, as I looked out at the changing face of media, I felt uneasy.

The print magazine was not enough. Our pages could not contain the hundreds of stories from small, remote projects that were flooding in via email, and, despite enormous distribution efforts, we could not reach into the most distant lands. But most importantly, we had no way to enable unheard women to speak for themselves, or to each other.

In 2006, we made the difficult decision to pause the print magazine to focus on creating PulseWire, an interactive website where women—even those just coming online in rural and remote areas—can tell their own stories, in their own words.

With the launch of PulseWire, World Pulse is evolving into a hub of women’s empowerment, connection, and transformation. Now, these stories will also gain added visibility in print. As you read this issue, you’ll see that many stories have been sourced from the voices of our community members, and others link back to the site so that you can dialogue directly with featured leaders.

These leaders, surfacing from all walks of life, are our compass for how World Pulse will continually evolve to serve women. These voices—your voices—have become our Oracle. Indian author Arundhati Roy’s quote is now famous, and it remains one of my favorites: “A new world is not only possible, she is already on her way,” she says. “On a quiet day I can hear her breathing.”

Yet, these days I hear so much more than breathing. Late at night, I can sense a crackling of the wires, raw voices arching and sparking across the earth.

Turn the page; open your throat, and free your voice; extend your arms, and tap into the pulse of a new world.

Jensine Larsen


Auma's picture

Your dream is a reality,the world over!

I can tell my story in any way
Sometimes i talk,sometimes i cry
Sometimes i whisper,and chat sometimes.

My voice is always sure to reach
Sometimes i blow the trumpet so loud
Sometimes i scream,and laugh sometimes.

Sometimes we feel each others pulse
Cool it down when it is high,raise it up when it is down!
Sometimes we light each other's paths.

I feel not shy as i did sometimes
I felt so scared but now i don't
I will tell my story,i will tell it loud.

Leah Auma Okeyo.

Flish's picture

Thank you!

Wonderful Work! I am so proud and pleased to find World Pulse just a few days ago. Phenomenal women, that's us.
In support and with much love,
Flish McCarthy

Danielle Prince's picture

Joining in Voice

Having come across World Pulse just a few hours ago, I cannot get enough of it. The question "where have you been all my life?" encapsulates a bit of what I've been feeling. As a closet writer with the passion for writing, reading and hearing other women's stories never fully assuaged within me, I feel liberated as I cruise these web pages so full of inspiration, truth and connections.

I offer deep Gratitude to the visionary, Jensine, and the team of the Oracle. Thank you for this creation, this process, this expression.
Your work, our work, must go on.

Love, Peace, Solidarity,

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Maya Angelou

Tanya's picture

I think it's important to

I think it's important to tell you what a wonderful find this magazine/website and community has been. Although, I just checked it out a few hours back, I am delighted to see that one has the opportunity to do so much!
Undoubtedly, a lot of hardwork seems to have gone into the making, which shows your dedication and commitment to such a fantastic initiative. I love the fact that its a very simple concept, which has the potential to yield not just big but huge results if used effectively. Needless to say the content is an enriching learning curve, for all those who come across the various written pieces or interact with the overwhelming potential that has found its way on this platform.


Tanya Daud

yuko's picture

WorldPulse Rocks!!!

Jensine, WorldPulse is exactly the type of platform I was looking for!! Thank you for creating a forum where women from all the world can connect. I am so inspired by the stories here. It has opened up my mind. I'm a big fan. Your team has been so supportive and helpful. I salute you and your team. Thank you!!!

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