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Giving In Hard Financial Times

"During difficult financial times when the checkbook and accounts are smaller in size than they’ve been, giving back with joy and creativity can help you feel larger than life."


If you had to make an adjustment in your giving, like Julia, call your favorite nonprofit organizations. Tell them about the change in your circumstances and share with them what you can do. Share that you are still committed to the organization and its work and ask if they have other ways you can be of service during these tough times.

When Julia called one nonprofit she supports, they were grateful for her efforts and for her work in staying loyal to them. She was so surprised to hear their gratitude that she asked if there were other ways she could help. They told her they were looking for volunteers to send out their annual mailing. Normally, they used a mail house but this year they couldn’t afford the expense. The development officer asked if she would be interested in possibly attending a volunteer orientation and bringing a friend or two. Julia said, “Of course!” and brought two good friends. They learned more about the group, met other volunteers, and signed up for two slots each to help get out the annual mailing.

Julia is glad she communicated. While she had initially thought of just sending in the checks with a note, she wanted to be sure that the organization knew her change in her gift pledge didn’t have anything to do with the organization and its work. In doing so, she found a new way to support them that brought together her friends and helped her make new ones.

Allow generosity to lead you in times of scarcity

Regina and Al have been a two-income household for more than 10 years. Last year, Al lost his job. This dramatically impacted their life budget. They had to cut expenses in every area of their life. Regina wanted to keep giving something to their local charities. Al felt that charitable giving was an extra that should be eliminated until he got a job. While Regina wanted to minimize stress during money conversations, she couldn’t let go of the importance of giving back, even if it was a small amount. Al did not agree.

When income is halved or decreased, this can cause significant stress on a relationship. Both Al and Regina wanted to get smarter with money: reduce expenses, change short-term acquisition expectations, and eliminate extras. The question that was in front of them: Is philanthropy an extra?

For many, when income decreases contributions to nonprofits are eliminated. While understandable and sometimes necessary, now is not the time to isolate from your community. First, Al needs a job. He needs to be as connected to his community as he was when he was employed. Secondly, community exists to serve us all. Community should serve as a safety net when our neighbors are going through tough times and when we are going through tough times.

Regina asked her husband if they could volunteer with their daughters at the community center that they have supported in the past. Al agreed. When he saw first-hand the programs for senior citizens, he knew they needed to keep giving, if even at a minimum. He saw his daughters getting involved and feeling excited about making a difference. As a family they began to volunteer more regularly. One day, a fellow volunteer asked Al about this job. Al shard he was between jobs. They talked more. The talk turned into Al emailing the other volunteer a resume. Shortly after Al had an interview, then a job.

Later, when Regina’s husband asked the other volunteer why he got him the interview he said that any guy who would give of his time when he was looking for work was someone with the right work ethic for their company.

While volunteering and giving back won’t guarantee you employment, it will prevent you from isolating, and it will provide you with a new way to connect to people you might not otherwise have met but who have always been your neighbors.

During difficult financial times when the checkbook and accounts are smaller in size than they’ve been, giving back with joy and creativity can help you feel larger than life.

About Kathy LeMay

Kathy LeMay is a generosity advisor and the founder of Raising Change. Her book The World I Want Begins with Me: Your 7-Step Guide to Making a Difference Today is scheduled for release next year.

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consolata's picture

May Almighty add you more and more!

Hallo Anastacia,
I have happened to read your post and leaving no comment will make me feel guilty. Why? You said you dont have enough money but you have the Love to touch someone...There are people with millions and they dont have the Heart to share what God has given to them.
I always remind people that we should be looking from within when we are sharing what we have. This is only when we can realise how rich we are.
We do not have to give monies. Encouraging words also counts.
When you sacrife inorder to touch someone else life, God will ensure you that you will never luck something to share with His people.
I urge you to keep up the good work and shine ti the World.
Love Consolata

katina maria's picture

few minutes

Give few minutes of you time today touch some one,visit the slums. online read about the sick and poor and smile for them without even touching them.I work for the poorest of the poor in my country what keep me going was their smile specially the children,they are always positive and believe in God no matter what happen they believe in an tomorrow.

Some people say this story is fake. But, I find solace in it and I hope you all do too:

A poor man asked the Buddha,
“Why am I so poor?”
The Buddha said, “you do not learn to
So the poor man said, “If I’m not having
Buddha said: “You have a few things,
The Face, which can give a smile;
Mouth: you can praise or comfort
The Heart: it can open up to others;
Eyes: who can look the other with the
eyes of goodness;
Body: which can be used to help
So, actually we are not poor at all,
poverty of spirit is the real poverty.

Emancipate yourself from the chains that bind your spirit.

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