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Voices of Our Future

NIGERIA: Girls Are Not Used Bread

"Of what benefit is a message that makes a woman feel worthless?"

When sex education shames girls instead of empowering them, it's time for a new narrative. Read More »

Voices of Our Future

CAMEROON: Let’s Celebrate Our Daughters!

Pressured to produce male heirs, Precious Meshi Nkeih fights back by cherishing her little girls. Read More »

"If bearing only girls is a crime, then let me be the culprit!"

Voices of Our Future

IRAQ: Try Jogging a Mile in My Shoes

Note to harassers: It's not what she wears that needs to change. Read More »

"The solution is not for women to stop doing what we do. The solution is that we make our communities places that accept us for being ourselves."

Voices of Our Future

MEXICO: Women with Disabilities Assert Their Sexuality

These women don't care if they scandalize their mothers by wearing bright underwear and talking about sex. Read More »

"A lot of Mexican moms would rather hear their daughters cursing than talking about their sexuality."

Community Voices

Défendre l’Environnement en RDC

Madeleine Bwenge a travaillé toute sa vie à la préservation et à la protection de l’environnement, dans un pays riche en ressources naturelles mais enfoncé dans les conflits. Elle donne aux femmes les moyens de participer aux décisions qui impactent à la fois l’environnement et leurs vies. Read More »

« Nous devons éduquer les femmes afin qu’elles puissent prendre part aux débats environnementaux. »

Madeleine Bwenge

Community Voices

La Distance Parcourue

Il y a un an, Neema Namadamu fondait le Centre Média Maman Shujaa en RDC; aujourd’hui elle revient sur son succès croissant. Read More »

« Les femmes trouvent en elles une confiance qu’elles ne pensaient pas avoir. Elles découvrent en elles des réponses qui les accompagnent depuis toujours sans qu’elles les voient. »

Neema Namadamu

Community Voices

The Distance We’ve Traveled

A year after founding the Maman Shujaa Media Center in Bukavu, DRC, Neema Namadamu celebrates its growing success. Read More »

"Women are finding confidence they didn’t know they had. They are finding answers that have been hidden within them all along."

Community Voices

Defending the Environment in the DRC

Madeleine Bwenge has worked all her life to preserve and protect the environment in a country rich in natural resources but mired in conflict. She empowers women to participate in the environmental decisions that affect their lives. Read More »

"We must educate women to engage on environmental issues."

Founder's Pulse

Women Connect to Boost Resilience of Planet

Women everywhere are claiming power and linking networks to restore the Earth and address climate change. They are harnessing digital media and in-person convenings to accelerate the movement, operating as an immune system to boost the Earth's resilience. Read More »

"The whole world is now mobilizing in search of a new culture—a culture of sustainability."

Marina Silva

ZIMBABWE: We Can't Give Up Our Dreams of Freedom

As elections loom and the state tightens its grip on the media in Zimbabwe, Dudziro 'Chibairo' Nhengu takes a lesson from her 12-year-old son on the urgency of every vote. Read More »

"Independence came and gave my son free international television channels with the right hand, and with the left it slowly dispossessed him."

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