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My Life, My Kashmir

Fatima Sultan Syed pierces the shroud obscuring one of the world’s most enduring conflicts—a brutal 60-year dispute between India and Pakistan over her homeland of Kashmir. Some, including US President Obama, say that resolving this conflict may be the key to peace for a region plagued by violence. Read More »

"Soldiers huddled in bunkers that were pushed shoulder-to-shoulder against unlucky houses at the end of the lanes. This was not a hidden conflict anymore; it was a battle fought in the streets."

10 Ways to Give to Women and Girls

There are many ways to donate to the cause. But exactly how can you use your checkbook as a transformative tool for women worldwide? Read More »

“This is the first time in history that women are funding women in a major way.”

Helen LaKelly Hunt

The Power of Prophecy

13 indigenous grandmothers gather to fulfill an ancient prophecy for the world. Read More »

“When the Grandmothers from the four directions speak, a new time is coming.”

Coffee Groundswell

For generations, women coffee workers have been treated like second-class citizens. Today, they are taking on leadership roles in every sector of the industry. It’s not only creating better coffee—it’s also dramatically improving growers’ lives. Read More »

“Coffee is an industry that is both massive—it’s the second largest traded commodity after oil—and historically male-dominated.”

Conduit for a Continent

Ory Okolloh is turning heads in cyberspace. A young Kenyan lawyer and activist whose family struggled to send her to school and whose father died of AIDS, she is bent on communicating that Africa is no sob story. Okolloh is devoting her life to letting the world know that the continent is loaded with the power of the people and their solutions. Read More »

“As Africans we need to start challenging our leaders. We need to start taking responsibility for our continent.”

Afghanistan Exposed

Even with the assassination threats she faces, Malalai Joya, often called “the bravest woman in Afghanistan,” speaks out—naming warlords and telling the international community what it must do now. Read More »

“There are many more secret heroines in Afghanistan.”

MICRO goes MEGA: Six Microfinance Experts Speak

It’s the hot topic at dinner tables and global summits alike, but is microfinance the panacea for ending poverty and boosting women’s empowerment that it is made out to be? Read More »

“The absolute number of women being served by microfinance is increasing, but the percentage of women being served relative to men has actually decreased.”

Mary Ellen Iskenderian | Women’s World Banking


Are microloans the answer to economic empowerment for the global poor? We consulted leading experts in the field to identify the top misconceptions of the microfinance movement. Read More »

Microfinance: Crafting a New Future

Peru’s first known woman welder, Maria Landa, proves that when microfinance is coupled with skills training, family support, and an entrepreneurial spirit, anything is possible. Read More »

"I see how other women’s lives are changing, just like mine did."

Using My Gift of Gab

At a young age, Charlotte Bertin couldn’t help but notice the pain and destruction that surrounds her life in South Africa. At just 14, she is already skillfully using her voice to create a world where we can trust each other. Read More »

"I will continue to use my words to help create a world where we can trust each other, where Mother Nature can trust us and we can trust her."

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