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Laboring for Change

This story is part of a series exploring maternal health and reproductive rights across the world.

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ARGENTINA: 500,000 Reasons to Legalize Abortion

In addition to financial burden, women who seek abortions face social stigma. Feelings of grief, guilt, isolation and punishment are ghosts that torture women’s lives in many of these cases.

“If this sorrow is mishandled it becomes pathological, with bio-psychosocial implications like psychotic depression with suicidal consequences,” says Grace Estefania, a psychologist who works in a public hospital. “Since most of the women who have abortions are alone or young, the risk takes dangerous levels. The stigma of the ‘clandestine situation’ increases the guilty feeling, because it’s socially criminalized. It’s not possible to address a proper therapy and control the situation. We don’t have a law that allows us to do that.”

What is the real crime and sin here? Since 1983, 3,000 women have died as a result of illegal abortions. I think the real crime is the inequality of our society; I say the real sin is the indifference towards a health crisis that affects mostly lower class women. In Latin America, mired in poverty and inequality, we put the burden and the blame on poor women who suffer or die from clandestine abortions while at the same time excluding them from other cultural and social services.

Why are we, as a society, criminalizing these women? Like the Gospel story, we are holding a stone in each hand, ready to punish the adulteress. But who could cast the first stone when the evidence reveals that we have our share of guilt in social inequalities—of which abortion is one of the cruelest expressions?

A New Paradigm

I think of my pregnancy and the early years raising my daughter. I had people behind me. My baby was a communitarian commitment. I owe my life to my family, my friends, and my neighbors. I had professors at university who allowed me to attend classes with my baby or leave early when I had to take her to the doctor. That’s how motherhood must be valued, no matter a woman’s social origin or marital status. Motherhood and child care are social responsibilities and all of us have a share in them. I am tired of hearing the cliché ‘children are the future.’ Mothers are the present.

We need a new concept of citizenship where women reclaim control over our bodies. We need early education that teaches responsible sexual behavior. We must implement clear policies on family, sexuality, and motherhood that, on one hand, prevent the situations that lead to an abortion and, on the other hand, provide a healthy and safe environment to receive an abortion when this is the path a woman decides to follow. True democracy must address our health, protect life, and support our decisions. Abortion is not a religious or philosophical dilemma. It is a public health emergency we have to face without hesitation. We need public policies based in equity for exercising our sexual and reproductive rights.

I got off the train and joined the mass of women behind a large canvas that read, "Educación sexual para decidir, Anticonceptivos para no abortar, Aborto legal para no morir,” meaning we need sexual education to make suitable decisions, free access to contraceptives to plan pregnancies, and—in cases where things don't go as planned—legal abortion to protect our lives.

The church’s threats of Hell haven’t prevented abortions. It is time to stop pointing fingers and take charge of the society we have. This is a historic moment for women to recover empowerment around our sexuality.

While the green flags of the march waved above my head, I knew hundreds of thousands of women were facing critical situations with damaging consequences very difficult to reverse.

On All Saints' Day, we gathered to make the forceful statement that we don’t want more of our women killed by illegal abortions. Those women could be our sisters, cousins, neighbors, friends, and co-workers. They could be me, my daughter, or even you. I have been blessed, which is why I support those women who have not been so blessed.

As a teenager, I chose to become a mom. Last November, I chose, with the same commitment, to march with other women to support the motion to decriminalize abortion. I want women to be able to seek help openly and without shame. The hypocrisy is killing us.

*Names have been changed to protect the well being of women who kindly gave their testimonies

About This Story

This article was produced as part of a writing assignment for World Pulse's Voices of Our Future digital empowerment and citizen journalism training program.


I don't think making abortion legal is the solution, if you listen to different stories you find out that all those who have had an abortion would love so much to have their babies but something was not right. Why shouldn't we deal with the "not right?" instead of jumping to legalizing abortion?

womenofindia's picture

I don't understand this,

I don't understand this, people are more worried about womens killed in illegal abortion, but what about the babies in their wombs, they are not just a piece of paper or something that just tear them off when you want because of any reason. They have life, they can feel, they have pain. So when you do abortion they are killed, they are cut into pieces. Can you imagine the pain they go through.

If we get a small cut in our body we cry, we show our emotions, can you imagine just because your parents can't afford to get food for 3 times they cut us into pieces. These are babies they don't know to react or show their emotions. They are dependent on their Moms for everything even for breathing.. For them Mom is everything they are the saviours, Mom is the world fr them...Killing is a crime and don't think this a solution to any problem. Abortion is not a solution. Proper education is necessary... education is required for the society that if someone is a single Mom its not a crime, If you don't want kids use contraceptives, be mature in relationships... don't be blind in relationships..If you had conceived by your fault in relationship be bold to take its responsibility rather doing abortion and getting next boyfriend/husband

But once a life is born don't kill it for Gods Sake. its not the fault of the baby that any of the boyfriend/ husband ditched the gal and left. There are thousands of people who are not blessed with a baby. If God has given the gift of life accept it or if there is no chance of supporting it give it for adoption/ orphanages. They 'll make their own life .. But don't kill infants who don't even know to run away with their life or scream when you go to kill them(ABORTION)

Huma's picture

Hi NasreenAmina While I

Hi NasreenAmina

While I respect the views expressed in the other comments following your article, I agree with you and say that abortion should be legalized. I think you raise valid points to illustrate the need of women to have more control of their own bodies. I am worried, like you are, about the illegal abortions happening not just in Argentina, but other countries where abortion is illegal. Sometimes circumstances are not right; women cannot support both themselves and their babies.
It is recommended that if you're on a boat and it's sinking, you should always, always make yourself safe and secure before attempting to help anyone else, because you won't be able to help anyone if you're not alive. Similarly I think pregnancies that women are not ready for will cause that woman to sink, and the child to sink along with her.

Stay strong,

Y's picture

Unwanted Infants

I applaud your honesty and courage. Below is a post from my blog on faith and family:

I am the unwanted infant whose mothers had no joy in their eyes.
I am the child who was rejected when every child should be prized.
I am the child who is so needy that I will do almost anything to be held.
I am the child in whom fear of abandonment always dwells.

I am a mother who struggled to give my children a safe place,
Not having an internal well of community and spiritual grace.
I am a person who still struggles for a reason to continue to live,
Now that nobody seems to want or need what I have to give.

I speak out for all the vulnerable, as if it were my pain;
It feels so very painful, as if the rejection is mine again.
The grief for others I mirror becomes too much for them,
And, once again, I've used up the compassion of a friend.

I hurt for every child not loved while being conceived;
Those born to the selfish are those for whom I grieve.
Some have babies for their religions, some for status;
These are child abuses that we don't often discuss.

Children do not, to their own conception, consent;
"God" does not dictate to whom children are sent.
We use our animal bodies, without Sacred Spirits;
As the child's unloved soul dies, nobody will hear it.

When a mother's soul is dead through addiction or depression,
The child feels the deadening as his or her own rejection.
Fear, too, is experienced by a child as rejection or rage;
For another generation of fear and anger, this sets the stage.

Jesus had no soldiers; we need no soldiers for the true Christ;
To continue converting followers through fear is a great vice.
We must stop forcing children on those who cannot love them;
To lead a child to despair and rage is the greatest human sin.


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