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Laboring for Change

This story is part of a series exploring maternal health and reproductive rights across the world.

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ARGENTINA: 500,000 Reasons to Legalize Abortion

As women’s reproductive rights come under threat in the US, activist and devoted single mom Nasreenamina reminds us that the right to choose is a universal issue with dire consequences for many.

"I am tired of hearing the cliché ‘children are the future.’ Mothers are the present."

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“The real crime is the inequality of our society. The real sin is our indifference towards a health crisis that affects mostly lower class women.”

It was November 1, All Saints' Day. As Buenos Aires woke up slowly to a midweek holiday, I joined women from all corners of the country in a movement of green flags blowing in the wind. We were preparing to march to Congress to support a bill that would legalize abortion.

My fellow activists and I filled three train cars, with more women joining us at each stop. Amidst the chatter of women's voices, the noise of the rails, and the swaying of the train, I thought about the decision I made many years ago.

When I became pregnant as a teenager and my boyfriend abandoned me, my parents asked me what I wanted to do: Have the baby and keep it? Give her up for adoption? Interrupt the pregnancy? They gave me all the options and made sure they were there for me no matter my decision. All of these choices had consequences, but I felt safe knowing that I was not alone.

I decided to keep my baby for two reasons. First, I wanted her with all my heart. Second—and this is essential—I understood that the people around me were willing and able to help. I had the support of my whole family. I had the skills to raise my daughter, continue my studies, and provide a good upbringing for my child. In my situation, the choice not to abort was easy.

I am a single mother with a wonderful daughter. But my situation could have been very different. In fact, for many of the women with me on the train, it was a very different story. What would I have done without my family’s support? This is the question that led me to stand up and march to make abortion legal, safe, and free.

Favoring Justice

According to the National Campaign for a Legal, Safe, and Free Abortion, 500,000 abortions are performed illegally each year in Argentina. That makes 500,000 reasons to seriously question our level of honesty as a society.

Recently, the Supreme Court of Argentina—in a decision that favors a basic sense of justice—stated that abortion in cases of rape would not be punished. This declaration means that the rape victim, as well the doctor who performs the abortion, cannot be jailed or prosecuted. Notably, this court sentence also states that the decision to abort is personal and between the woman affected and her doctor.

The recent decision to legalize the practice in cases of rape has two beneficial effects: It recognizes the right of women to decide on a pregnancy resulting from the commission of a crime, which is an improvement on women's autonomy over her body. It also sets an important precedent that again opens a national debate about abortion in Argentina.

While this decision is a step forward for Argentina’s women, it remains that access to free, safe, and legal abortions is a must—not only for those women who have been the victims of rape, but also for women who decide that abortion is the right choice for them.

Today, forty percent of all pregnancies in Argentina are interrupted. In most cases the procedure is done in awful, unsanitary conditions. Clearly criminalization does not prevent women from getting abortions. Nearly 80,000 women each year are hospitalized due to post-procedure complications. Botched abortions are the leading cause of maternal death in Argentina, representing 30% of maternal deaths. In many cases, abortion complications and deaths are not reported to authorities. For every woman who seeks medical help due to complications, seven others in the same situation do not seek help.

A Matter of Equity

On the train, Mariana*, a young mother of three boys, turned to me to share her experience.

"I got pregnant with my fourth and my partner just left," she said. "He threw me out of the house. I didn’t work. He didn’t take any responsibility. No woman imagines her life with an abortion. It’s absurd to think women desire abortion. I borrowed money. I took what I had in the bank to pay for it. It hurts me—people’s judgment—because they don’t know anything about me."

It’s estimated that in Argentina an illegal abortion costs around $1,000 US. Who could get $1,000 so easily? Women access different practices according to their financial status. An abortion in an expensive, discreet, and private clinic is different from the dirty room in a marginal suburb that poor women like Mariana are most likely to encounter.

‘Crime’ and ‘sin’ are words used only against the poor women who are most likely to die or go to prison as a result of their decision to end their pregnancies. When abortion is practiced in a fancy place, it is not called a crime and carries no blame. It's called "removal of tissue." Abortion remains illegal for high-income patients, but money changes everything: It pays for safe abortions and also the silence of physicians. It bars some people from sanitary risk, legal judgment, and social punishment.

Denying women decent health care is a lucrative business in Argentina. The 500,000 illegal abortions each year represent a five hundred million dollar industry—money that could instead be used to improve social assistance and motherhood support programs. . . .


I don't think making abortion legal is the solution, if you listen to different stories you find out that all those who have had an abortion would love so much to have their babies but something was not right. Why shouldn't we deal with the "not right?" instead of jumping to legalizing abortion?

womenofindia's picture

I don't understand this,

I don't understand this, people are more worried about womens killed in illegal abortion, but what about the babies in their wombs, they are not just a piece of paper or something that just tear them off when you want because of any reason. They have life, they can feel, they have pain. So when you do abortion they are killed, they are cut into pieces. Can you imagine the pain they go through.

If we get a small cut in our body we cry, we show our emotions, can you imagine just because your parents can't afford to get food for 3 times they cut us into pieces. These are babies they don't know to react or show their emotions. They are dependent on their Moms for everything even for breathing.. For them Mom is everything they are the saviours, Mom is the world fr them...Killing is a crime and don't think this a solution to any problem. Abortion is not a solution. Proper education is necessary... education is required for the society that if someone is a single Mom its not a crime, If you don't want kids use contraceptives, be mature in relationships... don't be blind in relationships..If you had conceived by your fault in relationship be bold to take its responsibility rather doing abortion and getting next boyfriend/husband

But once a life is born don't kill it for Gods Sake. its not the fault of the baby that any of the boyfriend/ husband ditched the gal and left. There are thousands of people who are not blessed with a baby. If God has given the gift of life accept it or if there is no chance of supporting it give it for adoption/ orphanages. They 'll make their own life .. But don't kill infants who don't even know to run away with their life or scream when you go to kill them(ABORTION)

Huma's picture

Hi NasreenAmina While I

Hi NasreenAmina

While I respect the views expressed in the other comments following your article, I agree with you and say that abortion should be legalized. I think you raise valid points to illustrate the need of women to have more control of their own bodies. I am worried, like you are, about the illegal abortions happening not just in Argentina, but other countries where abortion is illegal. Sometimes circumstances are not right; women cannot support both themselves and their babies.
It is recommended that if you're on a boat and it's sinking, you should always, always make yourself safe and secure before attempting to help anyone else, because you won't be able to help anyone if you're not alive. Similarly I think pregnancies that women are not ready for will cause that woman to sink, and the child to sink along with her.

Stay strong,

Y's picture

Unwanted Infants

I applaud your honesty and courage. Below is a post from my blog on faith and family:

I am the unwanted infant whose mothers had no joy in their eyes.
I am the child who was rejected when every child should be prized.
I am the child who is so needy that I will do almost anything to be held.
I am the child in whom fear of abandonment always dwells.

I am a mother who struggled to give my children a safe place,
Not having an internal well of community and spiritual grace.
I am a person who still struggles for a reason to continue to live,
Now that nobody seems to want or need what I have to give.

I speak out for all the vulnerable, as if it were my pain;
It feels so very painful, as if the rejection is mine again.
The grief for others I mirror becomes too much for them,
And, once again, I've used up the compassion of a friend.

I hurt for every child not loved while being conceived;
Those born to the selfish are those for whom I grieve.
Some have babies for their religions, some for status;
These are child abuses that we don't often discuss.

Children do not, to their own conception, consent;
"God" does not dictate to whom children are sent.
We use our animal bodies, without Sacred Spirits;
As the child's unloved soul dies, nobody will hear it.

When a mother's soul is dead through addiction or depression,
The child feels the deadening as his or her own rejection.
Fear, too, is experienced by a child as rejection or rage;
For another generation of fear and anger, this sets the stage.

Jesus had no soldiers; we need no soldiers for the true Christ;
To continue converting followers through fear is a great vice.
We must stop forcing children on those who cannot love them;
To lead a child to despair and rage is the greatest human sin.


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