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10 Leaders Who Redefine Leadership


Mbizo Chirasha at the Girl Child Creativity launch. Photo Credit: Masimba Biriwasha

Mbizo Chirasha | Zimbabwe

Leading as an Ally

“Being a leader is first to carry others’ burdens, to do the best in sharing your skills, your passions, your creativity, and your world view–while balancing opportunities and space for both genders.”

Mbizo Chirasha Watching his mother toiling in the fields and selling tomatoes for his school fees made an impression on Mbizo Chirasha as a young boy. Mbizo grew up in a family of poor peasant farmers in what he describes in his World Pulse journal as a dust-laden, drought-prone region of Zimbabwe. When his father died, 13-year-old Mbizo and his now female-headed family were chased away from their land. At that young age, he understood that their unjust dispossession was a direct result of discrimination against his mother due to her gender. Despite incredible hardship, Mbizo’s mother worked hard to support the family. Today she is Mbizo’s hero and his inspiration.

Mbizo applies the perseverance he learned from his mother to advocate on behalf of girls’ rights in Zimbabwe. He is an internationally acclaimed performance poet, writer, and a devoted advocate for the girl child. “If women are empowered and motivated they change the face of the world,” says Mbizo. He is the founder of multiple grassroots educational projects, including Girl Child Creativity Project, which empowers girls through their exploration of the creative arts. He seeks continued networking and skill-sharing with World Pulse community members.

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jap21's picture

Hi ashtonishing ladies!

All these leaders are awesome. And I am proud to be friends with Malaya Pinas. She is one superb leader and I hope the coming year will bring her work to fruitful achievements.

I must say, I am the proud friend of Malaya´s, who is cheering her from the other side of the world!

To all these wonderful women, and to the wonderful World Pulse team, a tight hug and all my gratitude for their endurance in making a better world happen.



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

malayapinas's picture

Dear Jackie my sister, Thank

Dear Jackie my sister,

Thank you for being so proud of me and all the wonderful women here . I miss you and hope all the best in your life. Regards to Jackie! Miss you two!


Mukut's picture

Beautiful !

Amazing ! Loved it ! Fabulous leaders with fabulous stories. So grateful to know these amazing human beings.

Thank you World Pulse team.


Mukut Ray

Y's picture

I am so happy to see women

I am so happy to see women birthing new life, not necessarily as biological mothers, but as mothers to our earth.

Thank you.


amymorros's picture


Thanks Susan for welcoming so many new members of World Pulse. All these inspiring leaders are wonderful to hear about.


Susan K.A.'s picture

I love it!

Hi Amy,

I adore doing it! It feeds my soul. It's really an honor to have this opportunity to meet all of these amazing people.




"I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being."

Greengirl's picture

Astounded and Inspired

I am astounded and at the same time inspired by the different faces of leadership and the leadership drive exhibited through the seemingly little things people do to bring about change. 'Service, Action, Courage, Revolution, Love, Collaboration, Ally, Mentorship, Self expression and Listening' - These words truly spell and define leadership. It's a great privilege, honour and delight to meet and know each one of you.

Best Wishes,

Susan K.A.'s picture


It is truly a "great privilege, honor and delight to meet and know each one of you," as Greengirl says.

What a thrill to be included in this piece! My parents, husband, sons--my whole family--were so happy to read this inspiring article today. What a gift.




"I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being."

Greengirl's picture

Happy for you too!

My family and friends who have seen the article were equally happy. I am just as happy for you as I am for myself and others.

Susan, listening is a rare virtue. Congratulations!


Ayunnie's picture


This is great my dear sisters and of course brother. You have exhibited leadership in all manners. Keep up the good work as the world is in demand of this kind of leadership.


@ Nairobi KENYA
Women have impeccable character, if tapped society realizes quantum leap in development

Sarah.Happel's picture

Inspiring work

Greengirl and the other women of World Pulse listed here are paving new ways in how the world views leadership. This is leadership making progress where it counts most. Congratulations, ladies, for making a huge difference in our world.

Congratulations, World Pulse for providing a platform for the rest of us to be inspired by their work.

Sarah Happel, Principal
Intercultural Training & Leadership Coaching

malayapinas's picture

Dear Emily and Kim, Thanks

Dear Emily and Kim,

Thanks for all the efforts of putting this up together! What a wonderful job for all the women here and for one brother women advocate!

I'm so high spirited watching my picture with Jensine and the article about me.

Than you from the deepest of my soul for this!

I love you all!


Greengirl's picture

Dear Malayapinas

You hit the nail right on spot, Emily and Kim creatively pieced it all together. Thumbs up to both of them, for a job well done!
I can imagine your feeling, Malayapinas! Congratulations!

Best wishes,

Great thanks world pulse community . I am grateful doing what am doing and other members are doing .Will do the best as advocates to make and shape the world see light.Thank you to the Founder , Executive team , press team , the community of membership and Zimbabweans who help me to grow and with that support to shape the world. Together we break chains and barriers.Let me congratulate other members who are featured in 10 member leadership journal .You are my inspiration . Your commitment is amazing .

Mbizo Chirasha
International Perfomances Poet, Writer ,Creative/Literary Projects Specialist
Founder/Creative Director- Girlchildcreativity Project

Y's picture

My body is weak from physical

My body is weak from physical labor, but my fighting spirit is stronger than ever. My children and their children can no longer be harmed by my fight. I will be honored to help the efforts toward justice in any way that I can.


Optimistic Lady's picture


I salute you all GREAT Ladies and gentleman with GREAT minds! You remain GREAT visionary leaders of our generation. My dear Greegirl, Iam proud to be identified with you my mentor.You are GREAT indeed! I just love you. In fact Iam privileged to be introduced to such a spectacular platform:WorldPulse where I can speak for myself too Thanks to Greengirl and to the Worldpulse. Best wishes to all!

Greengirl's picture

Your optimism echoes!

My very amiable Optimistic Lady, I am glad I found your words here and feel really privileged to have connected with you too. It is a great delight to see that you have started navigating your way in the World Pulse community. I am not in the least surprised as your optimism echoed thoughout our training sessions, as you never missed a class. I look forward to listening to your voice through your journal posts, and please do stay in touch; and reach out whenever you need additional support. See you soon!

Much love to you,

felicitations et courage mes dames

Bénédicte Bulangalire;
fille ambassadrice pour la paix

Osai's picture

Self-Representation is key

Dear Bitani,

I like your story and it is inspiring. Self-representing yourself and not allowing others to define you is important to spreading the message you want to share in your own words, your own way and using what is comfortable with you.

Keep up the spirit.

Best wishes,

Twitter: @livingtruely

muhorakeye's picture

felicitation et courage tu as

felicitation et courage tu as fait un bon travail madame princesse

Muhorakeye Esperance

mamaAfrica's picture

Leadership is Dealership

In this trade we are in Leadership is Dealership, The Commodities that must nor run out of Stock are VISION: for without a vision a people perish, LOVE: Love covers a multitude of sin, HOPE: Keeps us alive, and SERVICE: Serves them all without Fear or Favour .

mamaAfrica's picture

Leadership is Influence

Leadership is influence. —John C. Maxwell

To the 10 leaders honored here, and the hundreds more in our community, thank you for leading in so many different, but equally wonderful, ways. Positive change happens when we each embrace our own leadership potential that is unique to us, and impact our world at every level. It's inspiring to hear your stories!

Chelsea Maricle
World Pulse Marketing and Events Manager

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