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The powerful connections from last year's World Pulse LIVE speaking tour convinced us we needed to enable even more people to participate this year! Our 10-year anniversary event in Portland, Oregon on October 9 will be available globally via live streaming (watch for details soon on the World Pulse LIVE page). Not only will you be able to watch the event from anywhere with an Internet connection, but you will have an opportunity to pose your questions to the speakers ahead of time! Select questions will be read from the podium and addressed by our panel at the event.

Leave your questions as comments on this blog post. If you're not yet a member of our online community, join now to comment and participate

The event on October 9 (at 6pm Pacific Time, UTC -8) will feature a conversation moderated by Allison Frost, senior producer and occasional host of Think Out Loud on OPB Radio. We are excited to announce the following special guests:


Beatrice Achieng | Uganda

A Voice for Girls' Education
World Pulse 2011 Voices of Our Future Correspondent


Chi Yvonne Leina | Cameroon

A Voice Ending Breast Ironing
World Pulse 2011 Voices of Our Future Correspondent

Kara Lozier

Kara Lozier | US

A Voice for Connection
World Pulse Listener

Jensine Larsen

Jensine Larsen | US

CEO and Founder of World Pulse

What would you like to ask these amazing women leaders? Your questions will make this a truly global conversation!

Click here to learn more about the event.

**For those of you available to attend in Portland, Oregon, tickets to the event are still available and on sale now!**


Kangabe's picture

Women empowerment

I have been asking my self on how one can define women empowerment. Can any one define it for me. How is the woman who is empowered supposed to behave and act in community Socially, Economically, Physically, Spiritually and financially.

What are the characteristics of women who are empowered?

Does it mean that if you hold a big position in government and you have enough money you are empowered? What about the situation where you have everything it takes and you are beaten and harassed at home by your husband everyday? What about if you are well placed and you have no children and you are old and without a husband, does it mean that there you are empowered?

Please let us discuss this at length .

Kangabe Edith

AchiengNas's picture

Empowered Woman

Hi Edith, my own definition of empowered woman sounds like this;
A woman who has realized her sense of belonging/her vision/her voice/her way foward >>> towards her dream and she is constantly working upon it by serving others, working with others and sharing her journey with the audiences - locally and or globally.
I think I am empowered, I think you are empowered too, I think everyone who raise their voices are empowered.
You don't have to hold a government position to be empowered, you don't have to have enough money/be rich to be empowered, you don't have to live a stable happy life (have enough money, good job, children, husband, nice home by the sea, good weather everyday...) to be empowered.
For whatever change you want to see in the world and in your life, you need Passion, Connection, Determination and Control to move forward >>>>
Thank you.

I believe everybody has the potential to live a better life. Given the Opportunity, Education and Motivation ANYONE can become someone admirable. Nobody is a NOBODY, everybody is SOMEBODY.

ikirimat's picture

More insight

I want to agree that the issues Kangabe is raising about women empowerment are critical. Empowerment is not about an education,money or position in society. As long as the men, husbands and communities feel that women empowerment is not for them BUT for the individual empowered woman, then we shall continuously have women battered, abused....many women are living in terror and misery.

In the Sexual Health Improvement Project (SHIP) we have initiated 'Boys for Girls' Rights' Clubs in some schools where boys are champion and promote girls' rights in schools and communities. We believe we should nurture the boys who are the future husbands, men, fathers to respect and appreciate girls from their childhood. So far they are doing a tremendous job. We need to do this for our children now, even in our homes.

Grace Ikirimat

"It takes the hammer of persistence to drive the nail of success."

Mauri's picture

Three questions about future

Imagining the World belongs to new generations, I understand teaching could be one of this generation's heritages of greater values - you know: our generation was given birth and loved by the preceding, and our "right" way to pay this back is not (only) to whom preceded us, but to whom will come next.

This said, I wish to ask you all what do you feel, and think, about this point.

I see girls and poor people tend to receive less education than they deserve in many places in the World. And this tendency is enlarging even to coutries formerly "rich" under financial crises.

My second question/wish is about a need so much many of us long for: a change of culture and scale of values in which all people is respected not just "despite" their gender, but "also because" of it, as all many other facets which make we all humans so different - and so similar - one to another.. This longing is growing, along with resistance to it, especially under times of eonomic constraints and crisis.

Third question, and last. I've read the draft of IPCC 2013 WG1 AR5 summary for policymakers (the full report is under preparation and will be delivered soon - matters of few days I imagine). Anyone interested may download it at

The contents made me thought and (really) cry. I knew part of the conclusions since 2012, especially about Anctarctica ice cores, thank to two friends climatologists - but this did not mitigate the shock. The situation is really bad, worse than we imagined in lack of information. Climate change looks much more than confirmed, and a significant effort is now going in campaigning to convince the problem is real, facing the more or less interested skepticism by some private lobbies and governments. If we all, people of Earth, will continue on this path "we" (and not our far nephews) soon will discover no sustainable future is possible.

Would, could, might we all try something to get more aware, and undertake some positive action?

I understand these are big questions. I'd love, really, to know your thought and feeling about this. Meanwhile, I realize no single person could give a final answer. Issues are too much complex for a single human mind and heart. But together, maybe, we can! The stake is too much important. Our care should go way beyond (now, at this point) any financial and short-term profit consideration.

Love - and much hope


Lwesso's picture

Le groupe Maman shujaa

Nous sommes curieux de savoir ce que le comité directeur pense de nous.Nous aurions voulu fêter avec les autres membres de notre communauté ici dans notre centre Médiatique Maman shujaa de Bukavu.Est-ce que le comité organisateur a quelque chose à partager avec nous?



bonne fête à toutes! je suis

bonne fête à toutes! je suis heureuse d'entendre parler de cet événément auquel j'aimerai bien participer mais pour cause de financeement je ne pourrai pas. mais alors qu'est ce que vous nous preparer aussi nous membre du centre mediatique mama shujaa de bukavu? bonne fête encore!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bénédicte Bulangalire;
fille ambassadrice pour la paix

muhorakeye's picture

Bonne fête je suis heureuse

Bonne fête je suis heureuse de cet' événement ça montre le courage et l'effort de femme au monde nous souhaitons d'y participe malheureusement le moyen sont limite . nous vous souhaitons de nous pense ici aussi

Muhorakeye Esperance



mes voeux les meilleurs sur notre communauté!
je nous souhaite la bonne fete d'anniversaire!
nous serons ensemble dans la joie d'existence mais comment nous maman shujaa nous participerons sur cette manifestation ? pense aussi à nous!
et bien bonne fête d'anniversaire à toute personne qui pense et soutien cette plaque forme!


Mauwa Brigitte's picture


Nous femmes congolaises, nous sommes ravies pour les efforts fournis, aujourd'hui, nos voix sont entendues dans le monde. Et une fois de plus courage; continuons ensemble pour d'autres visions. Joyeuse anniversaire.


HOPE tOWELA's picture

Am seeking for advice .

I belong to the Catholic Womens League and we have some duties we do in church and around our community, but I have realised that we have never raised any issues or help Women against gender violence on women and children, or even girls who are being raped almost everyday in our country.

I feel as women we need to join other women and support them in this noble cause. Please help me on how to go about it or how I can come up with ideas to make CWL and other people aware especially my fellow CWL memebers , to know the importance of belonging to an organisation or community that helps supports women , because these women who are suffering are our sisters and children and we are somehow affected by their stories.



WASH Advocates is a Washington, DC based nonpartisan and nonprofit advocacy initiative focused on increasing awareness of the global WASH crisis. Part of our portfolio includes highlighting the importance of WASH to women/girls' health, education, and economic empowerment. Women and girls are disproportionately impacted by a lack of safe water and adequate sanitation in their communities. We have several questions for the panel:

1. How can technology be used to combat menstrual hygiene taboos in developing communities?

2. In what ways can technology be used to help women cut down on water collection times?

3. Has Intel invested in any water or sanitation specific technologies in developing communities?

4. For Beatrice: How can WASH be incorporated in your efforts of grassroots development?

5. How do you envision women's access to technology strengthening health outcomes in developing countries?

6. Mobile technology has become a hot topic. How does mobile technology play a role in improving health outcomes for women, namely menstrual hygiene issues and access to safe water and sanitation facilities?

We welcome your thoughts and insights.

lydiagcallano's picture

Power of WP stories

World Pulse has a large collection of stories from women across the globe. Still, there are hundreds of untold accounts in the field.

Voicing out is an effective way of relieving the victims psychologically. But there is another use of their stories. Their cases could be subjects in research undertakings through which empirical data could be gathered to support the causes of victims. There is power beyond their sad stories.

My question: Is World Pulse open to the idea of engaging in research using the stories voiced online? If yes, is the organization willing to let its members or a partner organizations to conduct it?

Ma. Lydia G. Callano
Iloilo, Philippines
+63 33 3158137 or 5138830



just to send you the salutation from drcongo osodi women soth-kivu, and to solicit your support of the program women and orphans in congo


lydiagcallano's picture


Emmanuel, thank you for telling about your efforts on alleviating the plight of women and orphans in Congo. May I know the name of your program?

Ma. Lydia G. Callano
Iloilo, Philippines
+63 33 3158137 or 5138830

Kim Crane's picture

Thanks everyone!

Thank you for all your wonderful questions! Be sure to tune in to the live stream at 6:45pm PT (UTC -8)

Valéria Barbosa da Silva's picture

The strength of our voice!

I wonder what has been done for greater participation of women without the knowledge of a foreign language other than native?

This was and still is my biggest problem, which limits a more effective exchange of information.

Anuarite's picture

Bon anniversaire à

Bon anniversaire à tous!
j'aimerais savoir comme notre centre Maman Shujaa participera à cette activité.
Merci beaucoup pour le soutient que vous ne cesse de prodiguer aux femmes du monde entier.


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