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Rio+20: Make Your Voice Heard!

"Women leaders are a potent immune system for the Earth. Now it is our job to crank up the volume on the often-unheard voices so that they can become an unstoppable, vibrant force for ecological restoration."
—Jensine Larsen

The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) will take place June 20-22, 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, marking the 20th anniversary of the first 'Earth Summit' in 1992—a landmark UN summit organized in response to the growing ecological crisis.

Now, twenty years later, the UN is again bringing together governments, international institutions, and major groups to agree on a range of smart measures that can reduce poverty while promoting decent jobs, clean energy, and a more sustainable and fair use of resources.

This June, women around the world have an opportunity to have their voices heard by these governments and policymakers. We're collecting personal stories outlining women's experiences and recommendations on sustainable and equitable development in order to ensure that the Summit's outcomes represent women's priorities in achieving gender equality and environmental justice for a sustainable future.

All stories submitted on our community platform between now and June 3 will be presented by the Women's Major Group at the Rio+20 Conference. Additionally, selected entries will be published in World Pulse's digital magazine and distributed widely to international media partners.

"As half the world's population, women need to have equal opportunities and a strong voice in all aspects of making sustainable development a reality." —Michelle Bachelet, UN Women Exec. Director


We have learned to struggle for justice and rights all the time in an adversarial legal-political system. This keeps us polarized, divided and unable to see the huge blindspots in our economic structures and their long-term corruptive impacts on many levels

As Women our power lies in connecting with our innate capacity to love, give birth, nurture family, gather seeds, build community and create common grounds with shared vision, values and understanding. We need intuitive Knowledge, mindful Wisdom and clear Vision that helps us see through the power of false views, ideologies and dichotomies of the divide, disempower and rule system and step outside of it, both internally and externally.

Ask yourself what is money? Whether money (including credit) is a private commodity, a public service, a social contract, a community agreement, all of these or simply a dualistic legal construct in a secular world? How did money arise historically and how legal money power became centralized and monopolized as privatized debt under fractional-reserve banking in secular democratic governments?

Here is the seed of my Economic Vision for 21st century Millennium that is not in the agenda of Rio20+ .

Thank You World Pulse for adding my voice.

We need a global mind-shift and women can make that happen!

Susmita Barua

Paula LaPierre Kichesipirini Algonquin's picture

Global Mind Shift

I agree with you completely. We need to remove ourselves from the adversarial systems that trap us and waste our energy and resources. Please keep in touch. Are you on face book?

Paula LaPierre
Principal Sachem
Kichesipirini Algonquin First Nation
Kichi Sibi Anishnabe
Culture is a pillar of sustainable development. Make certain then that is is culture with integrity.

That is beautifully written and very similiar to my personal beliefs and experience from an indigenous Anishnabe world view. Our traditional underlying law is The Way of the Heart. We need to return to these traditional cultures that respected women and their wisdom. We need to expose the incorporations, which are secondary fictions, that are compromising the real life of real people. Our original economies were based on what the nature world provided for us locally as the first foundation. We need to return to the basics if there is to be balanace and social justice. Thank you so much!

Paula LaPierre
Principal Sachem
Kichesipirini Algonquin First Nation
Kichi Sibi Anishnabe
Culture is a pillar of sustainable development. Make certain then that is is culture with integrity.

How can that be done?.

Women across the world can play a extremely important role in building a truly
excellent world in line with the natural world.

What lessons can humanity learn from the following -

Problem/Issue –

A young girl got into prostitution. She worked in this trade for a few years and
contracted HIV/AIDS. She was in advanced stage of HIV/AIDS by the time she was 22
years old. A doctor gave her some treatment and she was later sent to her parent’s
place, which was far away from her place of activity. Before she could reach her
home and meet her parents, she died on the way. Her parents received only her dead

A girl committed suicide by jumping from the 7th floor of a building. Next day
there was news in the daily news papers. People referred to her as only a
prostitute who committed suicide.

30 million female foetecide cases in last 10 years in India - a crime against humanity.

The writer would like to dedicate the following efforts to these two girls.

What can be learned from this?
The realization is that -
Deaths, such as these, should not occur anywhere in the world.
Why did they occur?
Due to persistent adversity in the social, economic, personal, familial layers of
human life, with practically no hope of resolution can lead persons to engage in
this activity.
No support from elsewhere and no earning opportunities; nil.
Can some ways be found to prevent this from happening?
Let us define the position of human life and change of position in human society
in three broad categories as follows -

a) Position A - Higher status, respect, dignity, and financial condition in the
human society in which people live.

b) Position B - Equal status, respect, dignity and financial condition in the
human society in which people live.

c) Position C - Lower status, respect, dignity, and financial condition in the
human society in which she live.

Position A and Position C are further sub-divided into A+(5), A+(4), A+(3), A+(2),
And C-(1), C-(2), C-(3), C-(4), C-(5). Position B is not further sub-divided.

This is a classification of persons in a given society, into brackets or bands
depending on their accomplishments in life.
Specifically with reference to the two cases of death of the two girls mentioned
above, a question arises, what really is the status of the people who take money
for sex in society?

Hypothetically, a woman, who was at position ‘B’ was offered a job. She declined
the job and decided that she will make money from having sex.

The question is what happens to her life as time moves on? What direction her life
takes in the society in which she lives?

Does the condition of her life improve from this activity?
B -> A+(1) -> A+(2) -> A+(3) -> A+(4) -> A+(5).

Is there no change of position in her life from the activity
B -> B steady state

Does the condition of her life deteriorate from the activity?

B -> C-(1) -> C-(2) -> C-(3) -> C-(4) -> C-(5) .
It is obvious that the position of these people quickly move to C-(3), C-(4), C-
(5) bands.
The above two cases clearly proves that those who cater to the sex need of a
society by charging money for it, may meet with extremely tragic deaths.
Thus, these people are found to fall in the C-(3), C-(4), C-(5) bands in the
society in which they live. This means that taking money for sex definitely does
lead to tremendous loss of opportunities for achievement, respect and dignity for
these people in the society in which they live. This is what happened to the two
Now, since this activity is uniformly prevailing globally, there must be a
significant number of persons globally in the C-(3), C-(4), C-(5) bands.
When can money for sex be taken?
Taking money for sex by ordinary individuals can be justified, if and only if, the
path B -> A+(1) -> A+(2) -> A+(3) -> A+(4) -> A+(5) or steady state B paths,
results from the activity, but cannot not justified if B -> C-(1) -> C-(2) -> C-
(3) -> C-(4) -> C-(5), results from the activity.
Currently, say we have a distribution of persons in a society, as follows –
Percentages are only for illustration. They represent the percentage of persons in
a given band.
A+(5) = 0.5%
A+(4) = 1.5%
A+(3) = 9%
A+(2) = 10%
A+(1) = 12%
B = 27%
C-(1) =17%
C-(2) =10%
C-(3) = 4%
C-(4) = 4%
C-(5) = 5%
The writer dedicates the philosophy of Advanced Civilization (AC) to the two
In the AC paradigm, the individual, organizational, national, and global current
position and transition will be monitored in the A+(5) - C-(5) range. Obviously
the C-(5) band is the most undesirable and A+(5) band is the most desirable band.
In AC, using Advanced Civilization Management (ACM), one of the targeted,
desirable and consistent distribution patterns will be as follows -
A+(5) = 15%
A+(4) = 17%
A+(3) = 21%
A+(2) = 22%
A+(1) = 5%
B = 18%
C-(1) = 2%
C-(2) = 0%
C-(3) = 0%
C-(4) = 0%
C-(5) = 0%
Under Advanced Civilization, it is mandatory that
C-(3) = 0%, C-(4) = 0% and C-(5) = 0%, globally.
Conceptually, what is ACM? We imagine that Advanced Civilization is the realm of
the aliens and worlds that are far more advanced than humans here on earth.
So then how do humans here on earth become like them?
Benchmark currently the best Advanced Civilization that exists in the universe
whom we consider to be more advanced than humans here on earth = 100%
Pre-industrial revolution human civilization on earth = 34.8% AC,
Current human civilization on earth = 54.6% AC.
[Global mean AC percentage].
(Figures are not actual values; only for illustration)
Moving from 34.8% AC to 54.6% AC with respect to 100% AC must have been a
difficult process of advancement for human civilization here on earth.
In future, when moving from 54.6% AC to say 75.0% AC, women, planet earth and
global problems will be at the center. Upgrading women’s condition to be at par
with men (resetting man-woman natural state), solving problems to planet earth
from human activities and solving rest of the other global problems, in addition
to technological advancement will be required to move up to 75% AC.
Global financial requirements (in millions, billions, trillions of dollars to be
determined), the time lines (how many months, years the projects will go on), how
the money will be raised through a global taxation, investment system and money
generation system, for solving the problems and also for conducting global
activities has to be determined and as accordingly the following problems resolved

AIDS/HIV and sexually Transmitted Diseases
Wars – There is no requirement for Military equipments, Army, Navy, Air force,
soldiers and rest other army personnel. There is, therefore, no requirement for
any machine guns, bullets, bombs, tanks, missiles, war ships.(Instead the money
could be used for human, social and infrastructure development). There is no
requirement for their courage, guts and valor.
Killings – Instead a constructive transformational methodology could be used.
Drugs – All harmful drugs
Extent of usage Alcohol above normal
Women and their issues do not get the importance and priority required by them for
Tobacco usage
Broken Marriages
Manufacturing and Stock Piling of Arms and Ammunition (Instead the money could be
used for human, social and infrastructure development)
Lack of respect and dignity for human life
Imbalanced social development
Climate Change
Behavioral Problems
Glorification of Violence – False courage perceived in using weapons to kill, maim
and destroy human life.
Beauty Pageants (All human beings can, and should look beautiful and attractive)
Deficiency and defect in human psychological (mental) and physical development
The emergence of the underworld and mafia
Psychopath mental conditions
Distrust and misunderstandings
Ruining human life
Inferiority / superiority complex
Child abuse
Human Trafficking
Global Warming
The orbits of satellites in the earth’s atmosphere now have about a million
obsolete, damaged, broken, disintegrated and now useless, small and large
components, going round and round the earth at very high speeds, endlessly. All
these needs to be brought back to the earth, and reused.
Female Feticide (Female fetus is deliberately removed using doctors services
because girl is not wanted – boy is wanted)
Unnatural Behavioral problems
Imbalanced and Declining Male – Female Population Ratios: Lesser number of females
per 1000 males. Should be statistically not significant difference, which is not
the case.
Creation of Artificial borders between nations and states and fighting over them
Big Frauds
Extinctions of plants, marine and animal life forms due to severe exploitation,
and being indifferent, ruthless and callous to their right to exist along side
with humans.
Hunger and Poverty
The emergence of the concept of prostitution
A disintegrated world (how tightly or loosely cohesive the world is - based on
integration index)
Physical and mental Health problems
Lack of love and care
Psychological and personality disorders
Damages to the earth due to nuclear and non-nuclear explosions done only for
Military testing, which is totally unnecessary and a waste of money and time.
Caste System in India – What is caste? Why caste? Reasoning and justification
behind it is unknown – most probably there is no justifiable rationale behind it,
therefore, has only proved to be a cold-blooded, ruthless violators of human
rights and dignity.
The planting of mines, hundreds of millions of them, in the earth’s surface, that
were planted for military purpose, to inflict death and injury on humans, needs to
be removed.
Pollution – that is beyond (or even much beyond) max allowable limits and
governments and their municipalities are callous and indifferent.
Gradually diminishing size of Polar ice caps and increasing sea and ocean levels.
Non-availability of jobs and business opportunities
And the list goes on …
In Advanced Civilizations of the universe that humans imagine, either the problems
do not exist or are kept well within safe limits. Obviously, if we ask people from
Advanced Civilizations, they will say
“Dear earthly man, we are pleased to inform you that we do not have any of the
thousands of problems that you have, on earth, at the moment”.
Therefore, it is important that under an additive, collaborative, integrative
model, powerful global trends ought to be established for transition from
C-(5) -> C-(4) -> C-(3) -> C-(2) -> C-(1) ->B->A+(1)-> A+(2)-> A+(3)-> A+(4)-> A+
(5) in order to reverse the trends of the divisive, competitive disintegrated
model of the world.
Therefore, it is important and vital to leverage the philosophy of Advanced
Civilization. Under philosophy of Advanced Civilization, say for example, the
number of instances of HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted diseases is made equal to
0.00% at global level. Similarly, for example, the satellite wastes and obsolete
components orbiting earths outer orbits; millions of mines planted, are made as
close to 0.00%. Adopt similar approach for other problems.
Now the mean AC percentage again is a composite of a number of individual
percentages. Nations may be 64.2%, 61.3%, 55.7%................31.5%, 25.1%,…14.7%
AC and their average comes to say 54.6% AC. Each individual nation’s duty is to
formulate the road map for attaining a higher AC percentage from their current
one. So, from ACM perspective, say, a nation marked at 25.1% AC will have to
improve to 25.2% AC, 23.3% AC….and similarly for other nations, thereby improving
the National and Global mean AC percentage as time moves on.
75.0%AC onwards is for settlement of life forms, human and/or non-human life forms
to be able to live on other planets; other than earth.
The concept of ADVANCED CIVILIZATION MANAGEMENT (ACM) for solving human problems
using the additive collaborative integrative model that is based upon reason and
justice, for improving global integration, as against the current divisive
competitive disintegrated model, for solving individual, national, international
and global problems.

So, across the globe, only the temperature, heat (Global Star (Sun in the case of
earth) Burn temperature variations) and environmental conditions vary other things
remain fixed. That is to say that uniform global standards, that are common factor
to all humans could be formulated and implemented regardless of other
considerations in order to gradually solve multi-dimensional obliquity conditions
in human societies at micro, national and global levels-

Bench marking the best standards on the following factors to be followed/targeted/
aimed at by every human being, for every human being. At any given point of time.

Conflicts management
Elimination of Weapons for Human Destruction
Elimination of Harmful Drugs to Humans
Elimination of Poverty
Handling Injustice, Exploitation and Crime
World Cultures
World Languages
Science and Technology for human benefit and solving human problems
Job Opportunities
Business Opportunities
Waste Management and Recycling
Sincerely hope that the ideas prove useful for solving the myriad of human and
global problems that humans currently face here on earth.
Mr Sanjay Dixit

sanjay r. dixit

That is very insightful and i do agree with your line of thoughts. Personally i wish as we search for smart thoughts on sustainable development lets start with the basics how many people understand what it means? Do our populations know the principles of sustainable development? This is very key to any objective we aim to achieve in this endevour. If we educate the women on S.D and the role they can take up in its realisation then the shift to sustainable development will have marked its initial start off. These footprints of women and education in the field of sustainable development is wat id love to be part of @ rio discussions

I agree with you completely! I have an indigenous woman's understanding of sustainable development largely influenced by my family experience. As a woman I see SD more as a social issue, and not primarily a techological one because it is how we are socialized that will influence how fair and effecient we will be with whatever we have.....and women's roles have been ignored. I think it is important to restore confidence to women so that they can appreciate what they have done and what they still have to offer in guiding responsible use of resources.

Paula LaPierre
Principal Sachem
Kichesipirini Algonquin First Nation
Kichi Sibi Anishnabe
Culture is a pillar of sustainable development. Make certain then that is is culture with integrity.

More on Human Rights....................there is a lot of work to do...

US drone attacks kill innocents also and many of them and this is really serious
matter. Even small boys and girls playing on the roads or going to
school/returning from school, get killed in addition to other innocent people
getting killed in the process of killing terrorists. Who gets punished? No one,
because the feeling of comfort between nations is more important than justice for
the family members, relatives and friends of those who got killed for no fault of

You talk about Syria,Iran,Pakistan, and what about India?
They consider their Integrity as being above board, is it? That is as fake as a
fiction film.

There were 30 million female foetecide cases in India in the last 10 years - a
crime against humanity done remorselessly and still going on. Who gets punished,
hardly any one because the feeling of comfort of the male member of the family is
more important than the life of the girl.

Such types of people are responsible for the death of the following two girls,
about wich I had mentioned -

A young girl got into prostitution. She worked in this trade for a few years and
contracted HIV/AIDS. She was in advanced stage of HIV/AIDS by the time she was 22
years old. A doctor gave her some treatment and, was later sent to her parent’s
place, which was far away from her place of work. Before she could reach her home
and meet her parents, she died on the way. Her parents received only her dead
A girl committed suicide by jumping from the 7th floor of a building. Next day
there was news in the daily news papers. People referred to her as only a
prostitute who committed suicide.
Who said sorry to the parents of the two girls? No one. Because that does not suit
the convenience and comfort of any one.

Cold blooded and brutal assassinations in the name of caste - honor killings, etc
done, actually due to the complete failure of reason and justice, but considered
to be done on grounds of reason and justice; again, crimes against humanity that
are done in the name of justice, by brutal thugs and criminals. Those who suffered
permanent loss of their loved ones, do not get justice because the work of
delivering justice to them means causing discomfort to some powerful, respectable
and influential individuals in the society.
And what way to kill?

There have been cases where, because a girl is not wanted, the family members have
fed the infant small pieces of glass to kill her by cutting her intestines,
instead of giving her milk.

There have been cases where, because a girl is not wanted, the family members keep
the infant under the leg of a bed and crush her to death by applying pressure from
top of her and killing her.

Such is the cowardice and savagery beyond imagination. Criminals such as these
should be hung on the gallows in public. There is no need for such type of people
to live in human society and with other living creatures.

In the Indian Mythology, there is a demon named Ravana. He kidnaps the wife of
Lord Rama by alluring her, the god. He does not, however, defile, degrade, or do
any other crime against her but on the contrary treats her with respect and
provides her with the means to live well in his kingdom. Later Lord Rama wages war
against Ravana and gets back his wife in good condition.

Every year, on one day, the effigy of Ravana is burnt in public in order to
demonstrate the victory of good over evil. This is being done since centuries and
millennia. By this yardstick, the dead bodies of the perpetrators of the above
mentioned crimes should be kept hung in public for centuries and millenia that are
on the way coming, Their effigies should be burnt daily in public, every day of
the year. But instead, these people are not caught and punished or may, at the
most, minimum punishment, and as time moves on they escape from the back door
without the public noticing. But this is not done because some people who are
respectable and influential members of the society will experience discomfort.

Why is this so? Such a heinous crime against Ravana who already got his punishment
what he did. Is this the way we treat fellow human beings. We do not have even the
barest minimum dignity and respect for human life. Is this what the world learnt
from India? The so called, one of the oldest civilizations of the world, proudly

Is this how we treat our elders, and in particular to Ravana who is thousands of
years older than us? This is done because India experiences comfort, feels
comfort. Do we not treat Ravana as a member of the human family?
Why is the world struggling to stay above board with respect to Human Rights?
Because of India, who else is there to learn from – we learn only from our elders.

A global consortium of nations should be formed in order to victimize, and to
bring on their knees, brutal regimes such as Syria, Iran, India Pakistan, etc that
does remorseless mass murders made to beg in front of the world for mercy.

Sanjay Dixit

sanjay r. dixit

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