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Let's Take Back the Tech!



November 25 begins 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence. Women and men around the world are coming together now to call for the elimination of all forms of violence against women. This year World Pulse is focusing on the power of technology to create awareness and take action on this issue. We are partnering with the Association for Progressive Communications to bring you the 2013 Public vs. Private: Define Your Line. Shape Your Space. Take Back the Tech Campaign. Here are several actions that YOU can take today. Choose one (or four!) and share your experience in your World Pulse journal by December 13.

Historically, violence against women has often been seen as a private matter rather than a public issue. Harassment meant to keep women out of the public sphere extends to digital spaces, where women are often silenced, shamed, and threatened. World Pulse is passionate about redefining digital spaces to encourage women to claim their voice online as outspoken changemakers.

What’s your line? Define it! Take back the tech!

Tagging TBTT

Share the actions you took
in your World Pulse journal.
Tag your post "TBTT."

How can we use technology to speak out against gender-based violence? Below are four things you can do to Take Back the Tech! The first step is to join the World Pulse online community if you are not yet a member.

Next try out these actions and tell us what your experience was: Did you feel empowered when you did it? How did your friends, family, and community respond? Would you do anything differently next time?

Take Action Now!

1. Tell Them You Care! | Love Letters to End Violence

2. Talk Back! | Burst Media Bubbles

3. Sign To Stop Violence! | Update Your Signature

4. Share the Knowledge! | Access To Information

These are only a few of the actions that you take to broadcast your voice against gender-based violence. Check out the Take Back the Tech website for even more actions people are taking around the world. Do you have other ideas that you want to share with the community? Write a post and tell us about other actions you are taking, as well as suggestions on how women around the world can use technology to speak out. And don't forget to add the TBTT tag to your submission!

Read the stories as they come in! We will be sharing them with the entire World Pulse community, and with key partners.

Together, we can speak out against gender-based violence, using technology to help us raise the volume. Join the Take Back the Tech initiative and take a stand against violence!


mayele's picture


The initiative is great .And the one thing which is really exciting is 16days given to women for the Campaign on the importance of getting information through technology.
It is wonderful to give women access to technology to enable them to raise the volume of their voices to let the world know about their challenges;rights etc. technology is a big step which will bring to light violence against women.we hope that one day every woman would use technology to express her feelings,her struggle,solutions to inspire other women of the rest of the world.thanks

Mayele , Maman shujaa and World Pulse volunteer

Osai's picture

Looking Forward


Really looking forward to what would be created during this #16days event and hoping that we can make some impact with our stories so that we actually get the change we want.

Best wishes,

Twitter: @livingtruely

jacollura's picture


This is wonderful. Already taking action...

Cali gal Michelle's picture

Thanks for posting this

Thanks for posting this ACTION opportunity! Words are words, but taking action creates change! I'm excited for this, and look forward to watching it unfold.

Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


Greengirl's picture

Forever Creative and Innovative

I love the ideology and approach to this Campaign. Very Creative and Innovative! I very much look forward to adding my voice to the Campaign.

In solidarity,

phenomenal woman's picture

Taking action is what is

Taking action is what is needed, thank you for this

"Woman" is my slave name; feminism will give me freedom to seek some other identity altogether.

ANN SNITOW, "A Gender Diary," Conflicts in Feminism


PCR's picture

is needed

when one help another both becaming strong,

we need to take action

Kika Sylvie Katchunga's picture

merci beaucoup pour cette

merci beaucoup pour cette opportunité.j'aime aussi participer à cette campagne Take Back et c'est bon de donne aux femme l'accé a la technologie car s'ajouter quelque chose qui n'etait pas


muhorakeye's picture

merci beaucoup pour cette

merci beaucoup pour cette campagne moi aussi je me suis intéresse pour y participe. nous esperont le changement grâce a cette technologie envers le femme

Muhorakeye Esperance

Iryna's picture

Changing the world for better

That's a great initiative, and I feel responsible to join it because it starts on my birthday.
Greetings to everyone!
Together we will change this world for better!


Mmaefia's picture

Women and suffering

I guess this is one of the best fora for us women...... For those who can encourage other women who are being molested in the name of culture and religion, those who are being abused because they are seen as 'inferior', those who put on a mask whilst deep down within them they are dying!

Within this 16 days, it is my hope that our contributions on this blog would help change the 'status-quo' and bring some sort of relief to the unheard and unseen.



amymorros's picture

Take It Back

This is a great campaign and will, no doubt, be a success! As a World Pulse volunteer, I am looking forward to being involved.


Mauwa Brigitte's picture


With this event 16 days, our stories will impact the world for this technology pulse we fight against: - violations of human in all its forms;
- Torture in all its forms;
- Sexual violence;
- Poor governance;
all kinds of conflicts


Mahmud's picture

Women and Girls Lead Bangladesh

We are working on tacking child marriage in Bangladesh and our approach is to make girls successful in their life to take stand for their own future. We believe that education is the most important tool to tackle child marriage. Thus we have launched "Best School for Girls" award in Bangladesh and engaging youths as change agents. We will bring positive and powerful stories of changes with voices from grassroots.


ANNE CHIRUME's picture

mon engagement

Cette campagne est la bien venue chez nous, je prend mon inscription dès maintenant. Je suis en train de murir l'idée d'une pétition pour l'accès des femme congolaises à la technologie dans le souci de faciliter leur participation à la prise des décisions. Nous faisons de cette question notre cheval de bataille pour les trois années à venir.


lintajonhera's picture

16 days too short

Let's not just focus on the 16 days. Gender based violence is a problematic issue in our society every single day. We need continuous action at individual and societal levels to effect sustainable change.


Kadidia's picture

a question

I am so ready to post my letter but I can't find the right place on the website. Can somebody help.
Thank you.


Kadidia Doumbia

Kim Crane's picture

Hello Kadida! I'm so glad you

Hello Kadida! I'm so glad you are interested in participating!

First log in to World Pulse and go to "My Pulse" on the toolbar at the top of our website. Now click "post to journal"... or follow this direct link

We are looking forward to reading your letter!

Soumya Vilekar's picture

Need of the hour

This is a very good and ideal of starting a campaign which shall run continuously for 16 days.
The initiatives and options are also very open and interactive .It will be easier for everyone to have a way of their own to express their solidarity about the cause and also stand up for this violence against women.

I wear orange because I have Overcome violence and I’m Running for change, to Advocate and Never to become a victim of gender base violence. We’re women of Gold and empowered to change."Let join to end all forms of violence against women with ORANGE as in:
O stands for all to Overcome Violence
R for Running for Change
A for Advocate for change
N for Never to become a victim
G for Gold as precious as a woman
E for Empowered to change
Let join to end all forms of violence against women with ORANGE

Cali gal Michelle's picture

This is awesome! Love it!

This is awesome! Love it!

Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


Adahmbah's picture

Thanks sweety

I'm honoured.

byamungu bahati pascal's picture


I like this. It's very nice to participate


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