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“Thank you for giving us the confidence. The power of knowing our right is the key that unlocks our voices”—Achieng Beatrice Nas, 2010 Correspondent, Uganda

At World Pulse, we believe that women will transform the world.

From the Ivory Coast to Columbia, women are rising up and demanding change. Our voices and leadership are driving a new global agenda that is inclusive, rights-driven and equitable.

Each year, through Voices of Our Future, we provide critical training in new media, citizen journalism and empowerment to this new generation of grassroots women leaders driving the revolution for change. Over five-months, thirty women are given the skills and knowledge they need to actualize and vocalize their visions for themselves, their communities and the world.

It all begins September 6th, as we launch our month-long application process. During this process, women from around the world receive learning materials via our online classroom introducing them to the frontiers of new media and women’s empowerment. They are asked to complete four short writing assignments, which are evaluated by our volunteer Listeners and staff --the 30 most impressive women are asked to join our training program starting in November.

Benefits of the full program include:

  • New media and citizen journalism training by renowned experts, including program partners The Press Institute and The Op-Ed Project
  • Personal mentoring sessions and support from a Vision Advocate
  • A personal editor to help hone your unique voice
  • Opportunities for publication through World Pulse and partner media organizations
  • Opportunities to connect with grassroots women leaders from around the globe
  • Increased visibility for issues and challenges faced by you and your community

In the last two years, over 1,100 women from 103 countries have applied. Join the growing wave of empowered voices across the globe!

"I felt inspired to apply because I could immediately see how being part of such an online community would not only empower me more in my peace-building initiatives but also get me to stop procrastinating with my dreams. What's more is that I know that the World Pulse experience is not one that leaves me standing alone." Rahel Weldeab, 2010 Applicant, Eritrea

To apply, go to the Voices of Our Future Application Group, and click on the orange “Join this Group” button. If you are not already a member of PulseWire, you will be directed to the registration page. Make sure to sign up by September 5th!

If you are interested in volunteering for the program, please check out our opportunities page.


Diane Dillon's picture

grassroots voice

I would very much like this position. I have written for newspaers, been interivewed on radio and TV. I have been a socila jusitce and human rights acitvisit for over 30 years

afrothaty's picture


I really, really want this position!

Sista-kenya's picture


Greetings All

Really looking forward to this challenge, I to have been involved in Human Rights as opposed to human wrongs, all my life..

olesya80's picture

How is it possible to apply?

How is it possible to apply? Or is it just chosen randomly?

mrbeckbeck's picture

Join this group!

I'm glad you're interested in applying! If you join this group ( you will find all of the details, and be ready for September 6th when the month-long application starts.

See you there!

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Manager

Zephyr's picture

I hope for this position

I'm so excited and I already made register for next program .
When we can start to post assignment.

mrbeckbeck's picture

September 6th!

Hi Zephyr,

The Application officially begins on September 6th. Between now and then you have time to explore the site and connect with other inspiring women from around the globe.

Keep your eye on the Applicants Group for more information and updates!

Looking forward to hearing your voice,

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Manager

NI NI AYE's picture

Highly Recommended !

Dear Sisters

I would like to highly recommend that this program is waiting for you to help you improve your leadership skill and extend global network among experts in variety of development fields. Don't miss the big opportunity sisters ! See you there!

Best Regards


VOF 2010


Congratulations on Very Happy Teachers Day through ten years journey!

Stella Paul's picture


Dear Ni Ni

Those are really inspiring words! Sometimes, a few words like these can do wonders to lift up one's spirits and fill with hopes for future!Thanks so much for doing that!



Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

NI NI AYE's picture

My pleasure

Hi Stella

It was my pleasure to speak for the World Pulse and I also thank you for your acknowledgment . It is true that our spirits are raising through here and keep in going with our encouragement . Hope to see you online my friend !



Congratulations on Very Happy Teachers Day through ten years journey!

Rosie PIOTH's picture

Hi, Je trouve ceci trés


Je trouve ceci trés intéressant, et je tiens à y prendre part.J'espères donc être sélectionnée le moment venu!
Merci d'y avoir pensé!



Rosie PIOTH's picture

Hello Rachael, Please can you

Hello Rachael,
Please can you help me?
I've got some difficulties to get in touch with another VOF 2011.
Also I want to give answer and tell you who's my hero, but i(ve got same difficult to reply.
How can I do this please?

Thank you for your reply!


mrbeckbeck's picture

Hi Rosie...

Hi Rosie...

I would be happy to help you, and I'm not sure what problem you're having exactly.

In order to post your answer about your hero, you need to be logged in to your PulseWire account.

Then, go to this page with the question ( From here, scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will see the space to "Post new comment." Enter your text, and click "Submit" and you're done!

If you have more questions, you can contact me directly!

Looking forward to hearing more from you,

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Manager

Rosie PIOTH's picture


Hi Scott,

Thanks a lot for your reply!
I'll try again to post my answer.

Thanks again,


wachuka's picture

please keep me updated

I have registered to join the group.However I have't seen where I can register for the course
Who will assist me


Hello Mary,

Thank you for your interest in the Voices of Our Future program! It looks like you haven't yet joined the Applicants group for this year. To do so, go here ( and click the orange "Join this group" button. Then, follow the rest of the instructions on that page.

By registering for the group, you are registering for the course! The learning materials and assignment will be posted for the first week on September 6th.

I look forward to seeing you on PulseWire!

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Manager

Claire Wambui's picture

Im a newbie!


I'm new to world pulse and I'm highly impressed by the calibre of work that is on the website. How I wish I had joined earlier. This not withstanding, I'm glad for this platform that brings together women from all over the world regardless of their background.
Seize the opportunity!

adurodija's picture

I need help

I cant find the first assignment, can you please help out

mrbeckbeck's picture

Check the Applicants Group


I have just posted a link in the applicants group. Please check my post "Week One is Live!" for all the details.

Thank you,

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Manager

cheruu's picture


I would like to be considered due to my diverse participation on women empowerment. Currently am working on role of gender policy and women participation in local governance in Kenya in my masters program

mrbeckbeck's picture

Hello Cheruu

Hello Cheruu,

Thanks for your interest in the program, however we are currently in the final of four weeks of the application.

Good luck with your Masters program, it sounds very interesting. I hope you can use your PulseWire journal to tell us more about your work, your research, and your vision for policy and governance in Kenya!

Take care,

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Manager

i will love to apply for the do i go about it.yhanks

mrbeckbeck's picture

Maybe next year

Thanks for your interest in the program. Right now we are completing the fourth and final week of the application. Sorry! Next year you can apply by joining the Applicants group. For now, I hope that you'll enjoy exploring PulseWire and connecting with other women changemakers.


Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Manager

I was so excited to learn about WorldPulse through its Voices of Our Future competition, and even more excited once I joined and experienced the supportive community!

I posted my 1st Voices of Our Future challenge ( incorporating an interview I did with an Iraqi refugee in Syria – a child whose father’s finger was cut off following the US-led invasion of Iraq. The response from WorldPulse participants overwhelmed me.

Then I read WorldPulse’s Terms of Service for those participating in Voices of Our Future (, which included a very disturbing clause that says by posting on WorldPulse, I consent to WorldPulse’s taking this sensitive interview and altering it in any way it chooses and posting it elsewhere without compensation to me, without my permission – or even without notification to me – forever!

So, I had to ask myself: Would WorldPulse edit this interview, take some of the sensitive quotes out of context and post on – for example – a pro-war blog?

Probably not.

But, this little girl trusted me with her interview – not some anonymous web site – or anyone who might buy this web site years or decades from now. Don’t I have a duty and responsibility to this little girl to protect her story from potential bastardization? What right do I have to post her story somewhere where I relinquish how her story might be told?

I immediately contacted the CEO of WorldPulse (from whom I have yet to receive a response) and the head of the Voices of Our Future challenge. I have had a courteous interchange with Rachael, but the upshot after 3 weeks of exchange is that WorldPulse’s Terms of Service will not be changed any time soon, even though I’m told my email sparked attention.

I’m conflicted. On one hand, I want to get out the stories of these forgotten refugee women and children ( to a wider audience, and I selfishly want to become one of the finalists of the Voices competition so I can become more adept at getting these important stories out.

On the other hand, these women and children trusted me with their most vulnerable stories. What right do I have exposing them to even a sliver of possibility of misrepresentation?

What if WorldPulse is sold next year, or next decade, or several decades from now? By posting on this site, I give up my rights to control how my writing is used – forever! Here’s the clause from World Pulse's Voices of Our Future Section 7:

Content Ownership. …However, with respect to content any participant makes available for inclusion on publicly accessible areas of the Site, including without limitation any and all Entries [to VOF], each participant hereby grants …the worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable and fully sub-licensable right to distribute, reproduce, publish, publicly display, publicly perform, modify, adapt, translate, and otherwise use such content (in whole or in part), and to incorporate such content (in whole or in part) into other materials, in any format or medium now known or later developed, in Sponsor's sole discretion, without notice, payment, attribution or other obligation to such participant of any kind.

I’m torn. I do not believe WorldPulse would steal my work, but, if that‘s the case, why would they post on their TOS that they can? If they believe in empowerment -- as I believe they do – why require their members (us!) to give up our rights to our work in order to post on their site?

So, my question to you, my new friends in my community who share the divine femininity: What should I do?

Kelly Hayes-Raitt

Kelly Hayes-Raitt

Jensine's picture

About World Pulse’s Terms of Service

Hi there Kelly (and other members of our community!) -

I wanted to write to thank you personally for raising this issue and address the concerns regarding our Terms of Service. It is important and exciting to us to have an open forum about our policies and receive feedback from our community! I have been working closely with Rachael Maddock-Hughes and our legal team since you have raised the issue several weeks ago to ensure that these questions are answered.

As Rachael mentioned in an earlier email to you, your inquiry is very timely and we appreciate your concerns. In fact, in the past we have internally discussed our desire to adapt our Terms of Service to be more compatible with our mission. However, your recent questions have prompted us to launch a thoughtful in-depth inquiry. We want to ensure that our Terms of Service are serving our global community of women in an empowering way, while taking care to balance World Pulse’s legal protection. I would like to note that the current Terms of Service are very standard in the online community industry, and that our legal team recommended them to us as a means of protecting World Pulse from legal action. We are now beginning to conduct research on the best practices in the sector. Ultimately, given what I have seen so far, I have a feeling that World Pulse will likely be pioneering a unique TOS to serve our community that does not currently exist. Our inquiry and development may take some time, but it is a priority for us.

In the interim, although our current Terms of Service states that we can use content posted on the site without notice, payment, attribution or other obligation to users, in actuality we have a very responsive and pro-community set of internal practices and policy around this. As a matter of integrity and ethics World Pulse always endeavors to check with community members before using their content, quotes or posting their story in our editorial content. We have no plans to treat your entry any differently than any others, and no plans to use your content in any manner that you do not approve. Our community’s confidence to entrust us with their voices is sacred to us and it is our very reason for being.

I would also like to point out that our Terms of Service protects not only World Pulse, but our community as well. There have been multiple cases where we have had to go in and change user names and information in retrospect to protect the safety of community members. We of course check in with the community member in question, but given the urgent nature of some of these issues, may not be able to get immediate approval for all changes that are needed.

Once again, thank you Kelly for vocalizing your concerns. This is the true spirit of World Pulse! In the past we have worked closely with the community to set internal policies around community safety and harassment, and I know that we will continue to welcome community dialogue on many World Pulse policies into the future. I do hope that you, and others, continue with the program – we appreciate your voice and are grateful for your participation!

In partnership,

Jensine Larsen
Founder & CEO
World Pulse

Jensine Larsen
World Pulse

Beejay's picture


Many thanks Jensine for the clarifications. Sincerity and clarity of intentions will help this movement grow and expand.

I appreciate your timely and succint response. Keep up the good job.


Beejay Fabamise, Nigeria

Sanjay Dixit's picture

Women can change the world

Women can change the world for the better by keeping nature in proper/correct perspective.

sanjay r. dixit

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